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Seaside Ceramics and Nautical Tableware including nautical mugs for nautically themed kitchens or dining rooms


Shoal of Fish Mango Wood Tray - DGS7434

Shoal of Fish Mango Wood Tray

This Shoal of Fish Mango Wood Tray is another design leading item from our suppliers and we seem to never have enough. Made from mango trees on the exterior with a decal enamelled inside design. Measures 39 cms in diameter and 2 cms deep.

£49 each



Mango Wood Mackerel Tray - DGS7436

Mango Wood Mackerel Tray

This mango wood mackerel tray measures 39 cms in diameter and 2 cms deep – a feature item in any nautically themed room. The centre mackerel design is decal enamelled and the base is made from sustainable mango wood. Classic design in our opinion and as the gift for a 5th Wedding Anniversary should be wood, this 'would' (ahem!) make a good choice.

£49 each



Blue Shallow Crab Bowl in Mango Wood - DGS7430

Blue Shallow Crab Bowl in Mango Wood

Sustainable mango wood bowl – fast becoming the wood of choice due to the demand of mangoes and a life cycle of 15 years. Measures 20 cms in diameter, 10 cms deep with a decal enamelled interior. This would make a lovely mango wood gift.

£22.50 each



Mackerel Nut Mango Wood Bowl - DGS7281

Mackerel Nut Mango Wood Bowl

Decal enamelled mackerel design mango wood nut bowl measuring 10 cms wide and 7 cms high, weighing 140 grammes. Beautiful mango wood is best rubbed with olive or sunflower oil to maintain its integrity. The enamelled top with the beautiful finish just needs a wipe with a damp cloth or soapy water. A unique item with a unique mackerel design. If you are looking for a mango wood gift, look no further.

£9.95 each



Cromer Crab Mango Wooden Bowl - DGS7278

Cromer Crab Mango Wooden Bowl

Another hip nautical crab on a mango wood base and making interesting and useful decoration for the seaside kitchen – that was a mouthful – the finish is decal enamel and best kept clean with a damp cloth. Measures 20 cms in diameter and 10 cms high, made of sustainable mango wood – we believe that mango wood could be more sustainable than bamboo but don’t quote us.

£19.95 each



Octopus Mango Wood Nut Bowl - DGS6843

Octopus Mango Wood Nut Bowl

Not necessarily for the use of nuts exclusively. We have an excellent new range of sustainable mango wood culinary plates, trays, bowls and nut dishes. 10 cms by 10 cms by 7 cms in height for these beautifully designed octopus bowls. The surround and base is mango – these trees can reach up to 130 feet in 20 years, that’s taller and faster than our son William. The mango tree was domesticated over 4000 years ago but we haven’t used any wood that old. A very sustainable wood. The bowls are decal enamelled and the usual superior finish our customers expect from Dorset Gifts.

£9.95 each



Ceramic Beach Hut Plate - DGL5615

Caeramic Beach Hut Plate

A ceramic nautically themed beach hut plate – 24 cms high, 16 cms wide. This Ceramic Beach Hut Plate is certainly large enough for a medium sized cod with chips. An unusual ceramic seaside gift.

£9.95 each



Ceramic Whale Jug

Caramic Whale Jug

A novel idea, this useful Ceramic Whale Jug is an unusual piece of crockery is going to stand out in the beach hut. The Ceramic Whale Jug is a perfect addition perhaps if you are looking to compete with the Joneses in the hut next door! Measures 22cms by 18 cms by 10 cms and is of course ceramic.

£14.95 each



School of Sardines Trivet - DGS6176

Our range of trivets has been enhanced by the addition of the school of sardines trivet measuring 28 cms in height and 20 cms in width. The depth is approximately 2 cms and these are made of silver coloured metal.

£14.95 each



Mackerel Coasters x 4 - DGS7270

10 cms square mackerel coasters made of MDF so easy to clean! These are sold in fours and each the same design.

£9.95 each


Wooden Whale Chopping Board - DGS7291

Wooden Whale Chopping Board

Wooden whale chopping board, well….it has been cut for you to resemble a whale and measures 31 cms in width and 15 cms in height. These wooden whale chopping boards could be used as serving platters in the beach hut too!

£19.95 each


Ceramic Fish Plate - DGS5666

Ceramic Fish Platter

An interesting idea, our fish plates in four dishes can measure 31 cms by 11 cms but you could always stretch them out a little. These are ceramic and the picture was our third attempt to get them in the right sequence. We are looking at these ceramic fish plates and thinking tapas, hors d’oeuvre, allergies ... they’re going to work. A nice ceramic nautical gift.

£9.95 each


Octopus Tentacle Servers - DGSJ6171

Octopus tentacle silver metal salad servers - measuring 26 cms in length. Perfect for a squid salad we think. Nautical tableware and a unique gift for seafood lovers.

£14.95 each


Home is Where Your Anchor Drops Apron - DGL6572

Cloth printed apron measuring 75 cms by 75 cms and suitable as a his or hers item. Looks best when cooking fish.

£12.50 each



Captain's Apron - DG6570

Captain's Apron

One is not always enough! Emblazoned with "Captain"  and laying down the rules before dinner has been served. These Captain Aprons are a standard size measuring 75 cms in height and 70 cms in width. Excellent attire for the beach hut, boat or nautical kitchen.

£12.50 each


Small Ceramic Cottage Lantern - DG5636

Small Ceramic Cottage Lantern

Smaller ceramic cottage lantern. 12.5 cms high excluding handle,  8 cms wide and 7 cms deep with an open hole at the back to place t light. Would make an unusual ceramic gift.

£9.95 each


Quayside Ceramic Plate - DG5635

Quayside styled ceramic plate measuring 30 cms by 16 cms at highest point - unique nautical styled dining.

£11.95 each


Quayside Ceramic Planter - DG5640

Chunky substantial ceramic planter consisting of a row of Quayside houses. Oh the many uses for planters - granted you could grow herbs in this but they really can stretch your imagination! These large planter measures 33 cms in length by 16 cms in height and 9 cms in depth. A 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift for someone?

£24.95 each


Ceramic Pauline the Pink Flamingo - DGQT5683

A pink ceramic flamingo measuring 26 cms in height and we've never had a flamingo on our website - certainly not in ceramic pink.  Great detail and a cool look to remind you of Africa or the Discovery Chanel.

£11.95 each


Ceramic Starfish Bowl - DG5662

Another winner from this line of ceramic tableware which includes the fish, ammonite and seahorse plate.  Nice sized turquoise bowl  which measures  20 cms by 7 cms. Plenty of room for a big bowl of corn flakes!

£9.95 each


Ceramic Lighthouse Tea Light Holder - DG5675

Ceramic tea light holder and the lighthouse extends to 28 cms in height and 12 cms across the base where to the back is an open space to place t lights.   The design is quite elaborate with scallops, starfish and othger sealife making up the nautical look.

£19.95 each


Ceramic Sidney the Stork - DG5682

Here we have Sidney, we were going to call him Margarine,  the ceramic stork and he's a beauty - 27 cms in height and a photogenic long legged bird! Light ceramic with metal legs, we sold the one in the picture two minutes after taking the picture and putting him on the shelf  here in our shop.

£14.95 each


Ceramic Turquoise Fish Plate - DG5658

And to compliment the ammonite and seahorse ceramic plates we had to introduce a fish. Not sure what type of fish it is. These items have been imported from China  (china from China) so probably a fish that frequents the Bohai Sea. Measurements will be helpful (20 cms by 13 cms).

£5.95 each


Ammonite Plate - DG5656

We thought about putting a few prawns or a slab of smoked trout on this beautiful ammonite nautical ceramic item ( for you to get a sense of scale  of course ) but it got messy. Ceramic, part of a nautically themed range and measuring  20 cms by 17 cms.  Our one and only range of sea themed tableware delivered to your door and hopefully intact.

£10.95 each


Turquoise Seahorse Ceramic Plate - DG5655

Beautiful and measures 25 cms by 13 cms - you could get more than a starter on this! Made in ceramic and excellent nautical tableware - the picture's not great as it's raining where we usually take photographs so may end up being better than expected!

£5.95 each


Ceramic Beach Hut Planter - DG5642

Ceramic beach hut planter with a nice weight to it and the planting area is divided in to 2 compartments - 36 cms long and approximately 10 cms in height, 7 cms deep. This years colours!!!.if you're quick. New nautical decor and this is part of a range so do look at similar items which could also freshen up that nautical look.

£19.95 each


Blue Whale Tray - DG5665

A sensible size at 19 cms in length and 12 cms in height - pretty tableware showing an etched base in turquoise. Attractive nautical ceramic seaside style tableware for a serving plate.

£6.95 each


Ceramic Two Beach Hut Planter - DG5653

The long awaited ceramic seaside planter in beach hut effect. One of our favourites this year  and measuring approximately 19 cms in width and 14 cms in height. In pastel colours and although a planter we are expecting to be some other creative uses for these coastal ornaments.

£13.95 each


Ceramic Beachside House Lantern - DG5654

Another chunky ceramic house with a handle ( measurements exclude the handle ). It's definitely a house and definitely looks great alongside the chunky ceramic cottage. This measures  20 cms in height and 17 cms in width. A handy large opening where the back door could have been to place some tea lights or a candle to light up the many windows at the front and side.

£18.95 each


Ceramic Seaside Cottage Lantern - DG5622

Lovely nautical ceramics and one of our chunkiest is the ceramic seaside cottage with a handle you can use to move it and plenty of room for tea lights or a candle.  Lots of windows for the flickering lights.  22 cms high and 10 cms wide and deep. A nice coastal ornament.

£19.50 each


His Mermaid Mug - DG5893

His mermaid nautical mug

To go with the "Her Captain Mug" and also made from an excellent porcelain is our "His Mermaid" mug. One of each would? How romantic is that? We are working on nautical tea bags to go into our nautical mugs!

£11.95 each


Her Captain Mug - DG5892

Her Captain Nauitcal Mug

Her Captain Mug - it's all in the writing. Porcelain and the "Her" bit is up on the top of the anchor. There's a "His" Mermaid one on the site too! The 'Her Captain Mug' makes a nice romantic nautical mug gift!

£11.95 each


Wife’s Permission Campfire Mug - DG6285

Captain nautical mug

"I am the Captain of the Ship and I have my wife's permission to say so" Campfire effect nautical mug but made of porcelain. Strangely, this is microwave and dishwasher safe, two useful kitchen appliances that have saved us men some time in the kitchen! An excellent funny nautical gift.

£11.95 each


Captain’s Word Porcelain Campfire Mug - DG6287

Captain's nautical mug

Currently just listing the best sellers in our Campfire range of porcelain nautical mugs - not the tin ones that scold your hands and leave, well..a "tinny" taste to your tea!. These are made to look like the originals but microwave and dishwasher safe - as observed  on all good camp sites! The message on this attractive mug is in a sea faring mid blue - "The Captain's Word is Law".

£11.95 each


Grumpy Old Man Campfire China Mug - DG6294

Grumpy Old Man Campfire China Mug

We have a few of the best selling campfire mugs for sale on here but these are made from a good quality porcelain that is dishwasher and microwave safe! So not the tin we all remember but certainly with that effect and the strong selling and potentially accurate statement on the mug - "Grumpy Old Man".

£11.95 each


Ship Faced Tumbler - DG5877

We have a range of these in our humble shop on Poole Quay but this for some reason is a constant best seller - we are sure the nautical play on words helps. These hold an impressive 235ml so present the opportunity to add plenty more rum  from the bottle! A funny nautical gift.

£8.95 each


Lighthouse Egg Cup - DG78680

Best selling nautical egg cup. Ideally suits a medium free range organic egg from the West Country but most shapes fit. Go to the beach on an egg.

£3.95 each
£7 for 2




Starfish Egg Cup - DG52575

Our starfish egg cup is a similar design to the lighthouse egg cup above. You can buy one of each for £7 below.

£3.95 each
£7 for 2




Lighthouse Egg Cup and Starfish Egg Cup - DG78680 and DG52575

Get both egg cup above at the knock down price of £7.

£7 for the pair


Crab Salt and Pepper Pots - DGK8769

All our salt and pepper pots sell well, these crab pots have the advantage of a china base to compliment the pots, which are also made of china. The base is about 15 cms by 10 cms and the pots themselves are 8 cms.

£2.95 each set
£5 for 2 sets




Pair of Lighthouse Salt and Pepper Pots - DG12007

Measuring approximately 7 cms  by 3 cms  and made of china probably in China. The price is for the pair which contain no salt or pepper but no doubt will. A nice addition to your collection of coastal homeware for a nautically themed kitchen.

£4.95 for the set


Beach Hut Salt and Pepper Set - DG12004

Our beach hut salt and pepper pots have been strong sellers for several years and recently updated to make them a little more sturdy. They are made of china  and measure 7 cms in height and 3 cms  width. The price of course is for the pair.

£4.95 for the set


Lighthouse Storage Tubs - DG12002

The price is for two and one of each colour, one red and one blue. These lighthouse storage jars, made of china are a unique idea and measure 19 cms in height and 15 cms at widest. The picture shows clearly how they open and these storage jars will be a nice addition to your collection of coastal homeware.

£14.95 for the pair


Beach Hut Milk Jug - DG52517

We think a lot of milky tea gets drunk in beach huts up and down the coast. Our selling agents say customers like gifts that are useful and practical these days, gifts that add value. And so the beach hut milk jug at 10 cms was born. More tea shipmate?

£6.95 each



A Pair of Nautical Egg Cups - DGLP92442

Priced of course for the pair, we have always done well with nautical ceramics and these sea themed ceramic egg cups, 5 cms high, are worthy of the best organic free range eggs (and are large enough !)

£5.95 each



Ship Salt and Pepper Pots - DG78019

Our little ships standing 8 cms high make perfect salt and pepper pots and being ceramic they don't float but will stand up to a good shake! A good seller and pretty nautical table décor to boot. Priced at £5.95 for the set.

£5.95 each


Cowrie Place Mat

Cowrie Place Mat

Cowrie Place Mat

These placemats are made of beautiful cream coloured cowrie seashells and look great scattered on the table. Well they look great scattered on our table but on your table they may be positioned correctly and they range in size from small to fairly big. The diameter of the smallest is 10 cms, medium 15 cms and large are 22 cms. Cracking decor for any nautically themed table.

Small  £1.50 OUT OF STOCK
Medium £2.50
Large £3.50




Silver Coloured Metal Starfish Trivet - DG770

Starfish kitchen trivet

These metal starfish kitchen trivets will work wonderfully for those piping hot seafood dishes! No need to ruin the oak any more and we think 3 or 4 starfish trivets scattered around the table increase  the effect. The starfish trivets also look the nautical part on their own, but the three little rubber bungs underneath mean that this starfish is doubling up as a Timothy trivet. The metal silver coloured starfish kitchen trivet is a nice piece of nautical kitchenware.

20cm diameter

£12.95 each
£22 for 2




Ollie the Octopus Trivet - DG6177

Octopus Kitchen Trivet

Never burn your work surface with a hot pan again. This attractive Octopus Kitchen Trivet will guard against scrorch marks and looks good as well.

21 cms in diameter and these weigh in at approximately 240 grammes. Part of our best selling nautical trivet range.

£17.95 each


School of Sardines Trivet - DG6176

Measures 28 cms by 20 cms and weighing 276 grammes. We do very well with these trivets – especially at Christmas and have several other types, made of metal and a lovely nautical practical gift.

£23.50 each


Large Swirl of Fish Trivet - DG6246

A bit bigger and more unusual than our other trivets. And we have several which make great nautical presents. We think this would be great to serve fish on! Measures 28 cms by 20 cms – weighs 305 grammes.

£24.95 each


Round Fish Trivet - DG1975

Round Fish trivet

This round fish trivet would grace any kitchen and save your surfaces from being damaged by hot saucepans. Although it features a fish motif, don't feel that its use should be limited to fish dishes. We've tried it out with a pan full of hot pasta and it works perfectly well! A stylish piece of nautical kitchenware.


£14.95 each


Shoal Fish Trivet - DG1977

Shoal of Fish design kitchen trivet

This attractive trivet with a shoal of fish design would look great on any kitchen counter and will protect your surfaces against heat damage. Obviously not all heat damage - hot saucepans and frying pans mostly. It wouldn't be much help if you directed a blow torch at your kitchen counter, although it might leave a nice burnt stencil design of a shoal of fish on your worktop. We're just musing here - don't try this at home. Anyway, back to business, this shoal of fish trivet makes a nice piece of nautical kitcheware for your kitchen.

20cm x 20cm

£14.95 each
£28 for 2




Striped Single Fish Trivet - DG1978

Striped Fish Trivet

Do you feel that the trivets above feature too many creatures of the piscean persuasion? No problem, here we have a trivet which features a single fish. Even a pescaphobe couldn't object (much).

25 x 15cms

£14.95 each


Racing Yacht Trivet - DG3276

Racing yacht design trivet

For the yacht enthusiast who is also a dab hand in the kitchen, we have the perfect gift. This racing yacht trivet is rightly a good seller and the raised yacht design will save your expensive worktops from heat damage. Nice nautical kitchenware.

£14.95 each


Nautical Egg Cup - DG76611

Our ceramic nautical egg cups or egg plates as our free range friends like to call them have that nautical look and they're at a special price!

£2.99 each
£5 for 2




Mackerel Platter in Mango Wood - DGS7432

Mackerel Platter in Mango Wood

This Mackerel Platter in Mango Wood measures 33 cms in length and 13 cms wide. Always best to get your tape measure out when surfing our website. Made of mango tree wood. Due to sustainablilty this wood is quickly becoming popular with consumers, you, and the retailers, us. Decal enamelled design of mackerel in the centre.

£24.50 each




Three Fish on a Dish - DGS7287

Mango wood dish

Something else for the kitchen… this mango wood dish measures 28 cms by 19 cms by 2 cms. Finished in decal enamel with a mango wood base. Mango wood… the trees in Buddhist culture symbolize happiness and good fortune so expect some luck and no salmonella when eating the fruits of the sea from this beautiful object. This is of course, a joke and not medical or culinary advice.

£22.50 each