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Ship's Lanterns, Nautical Lamps and Nautical Lighting


Navigation Electric Lamp

Nautical electric lantern


We have these nautical lamps in green, red and clear to cover all the options.


£49 each




Nautical Wall Light

Nautical wall light


The theme is inspired by guiding and navigation lights  and we don't only have these in red for port but also in green for starboard and Masthead which is clear.  The nikel plated casing measures  6 inches across and the E14 bulb is not supplied with product. These are not suitable for outdoors and unless you are requiring a call out from your local lifeboat best not used as navigation lights either.


£39 each





Port Lamp Copper Effect - 25cm (95420) with Tea Light

Nautical Lighting - Port Lamp Copper Effect with Tea Light

Port Lamp Copper Effect with Tea Light

We have sold these to city home owners, second home owners, restaurants, hotels and a theatre company! Our port and starboard lantern lamps are great nautical lighting gift ideas and well worth feauturing in a "beside the sea" themed room. Remember, port is red and starboard green! This fast selling lamp together with its Starboard sibling below is offered at a discount if you buy two. For larger orders please email for a special price.

These nautical ships' lamps hold a candle tea light which is accessed via the bottom of the lamp and which emits a lovely glow against the red and green colours of these lamps.


Single Port Lamp £19.95


Starboard and Port Lamps £35




Starboard Lamp Copper Effect - 25cm (95422) with Tea Light

Nautical Lighting - Starboard Lamp Copper Effect with T Light

Starboard Lamp Copper Effect with T Light

We have sold these ship's lamps to city home owners, second home owners, restaurants, hotels and a theatre company! Our port and starboard lantern lamps are great gift ideas and well worth featuring in a "beside the sea" themed room. Remember, port is red and starboard green! This fast selling nautical lamp together with its Port sibling above is offered at a discount if you buy 2. For larger orders please e mail for a special price on our ship's lanterns.

These nautical lamps hold a candle tea light which is accessed via the bottom of the lamp and which emits a lovely glow against the red and green colours of these lamps. So if you are looking for a nautical t light, these copper lamps are the quitessential item.


Single Starboard Lamp £19.95


Starboard and Port Lamps £35



Masthead Lamp Copper Effect - 23cm (95428) with Tea Light

Masthead Lamp Copper Effect with Tea Light

These masthead nautical ship's lamps hold a candle tea light which is accessed via the bottom of the lamp and which emits a lovely glow.

Please enquire first at Dorset Gifts to check these lamps are available as we are only currently able to hold several in stock.




Ships Bar Hanging Nautical Glass Tea Lights - DG15242

We have many themes in ship and nautical lighting - a few are ubiquitous, many are not and some are unique. These rope hanging "Ships Bar" glass tea lights fall in to the latter category and alongside the best selling shades of blue we have the unusual but realistic clear glass. These came in to existence (and stock) when a nautically styled old inn on the river in the West Country chased us up for a tea light fishing float. We got these designed and have called them "Ships Bar" ever since. Great for outdoors, decking or on the boat. Good size too at 17 cms across and 13 cms in height - this excludes the hanging rope. So all you need now are the tea lights!  Best selling line and often in short supply.





Nautical Roped Knot Lamp - DGKNOTLP

Nautically themed rope lamp made of sturdy thick hemp rope. Comes with linen style fabric shade. All fittings are for the UK which differ from Europe and the USA. We have always sold the nautical rope knots separately but what a good idea to combine with a lamp shade.

The nautical rope knot with shade measures 49 cms in height. The depth and width with the shade both measure 30 cms. The actual rope knot measures 19 cms in height and 16 cms in width. This includes the wooden base.

Great inexpensive decor for nautical bedrooms, living rooms, in fact Nigel from the Portsmouth Hoy has just walked in to the shop and asked for two for the pub so let's add "great nautical decor" for restaurants and pubs. Might do a deal with him to include one of their marvellous Sunday lunches.



Rope Knot Lamp - DG8920

This quirky rope knot lamp has been the best seller for living rooms over the last couple of years and adds charm and style to nautically themed homes. It also makes a good nautical bedside lamp. Although these come with our shades we do find that our customers often change these especially when ordering a couple so if shades not really required please let us know. We sell some great nautical lights in our online store so please take time to browse through the alternatives.

44 cms in height with shade and 16 cms wide.



Twisted Rope Lamp - DG8918

Medium sized rope lamp and part of a successful well received range which have been selling well for three years now. These measure 45 cms in height and are 20 cms in width. UK fittings for electric sockets so not suitable in EU or USA unless with adaptor. It’s a good look especially for nautically themed bedrooms and houses. We call them “twisted” so they are “twisted twisted – by the pool” It’s getting late here listing these items.



Traditional Nautical Rope Lamp - DG7916

An addition to our other rope lamps our is this rope lamp in a traditional style for all you traditionalists. if you’re mnot a traditionalist please scour through our non traditional lamps of which there are a great many. The height with shade is 42 cms and width and depth is 18 cms. Are you traditional in the type of lamps you prefer in a nautical scheme? This could be for you.



No. 67 Float Lamp - DG7910

It’s No. 67. It’s made of wood. It’s 50 cms high with shade. It’s great value. It’s recommended. It’s got real rope décor.



Dock Post with Rope Lamp - DG7904

Wooden nautical lamp to look like a wooden dock post with fisherman’s rope. Stands 69 cms high with shade and is 35 cms across. Unusual nautical décor and we have seen these looking good in fishermens’ cottages.



Tall Wooden Red Lighthouse Lamp - DGL7906

At 154 cms – it’s a lighthouse and you will be needing a big area for this beauty in traditional reds. Other measurements are 42 cms by 42 cms and it runs off a socket so you will need electricity running in to your house if you want the lighthouse on. It comes with a smashing shade.

£149 each



Seagull Lamp Shade - DG8902

Our seagull on a post lampshade is on here to cover all eventualities. Looking good with a lifering, post, boat and ... seagull. We do get asked for everything on these so this is a four in one. Stands 58 cms high with shade that is included. It is 35 cms at widest.



Boat Shelf with Three Drawers and Lamp - DG7922

Standing 157 cms including lampshade and 42 cms at widest, this lovely nautical piece is 42 cms deep too and there are three drawers at the base of the boat. You have shelves, you have drawers and you have lighting, now all you need are socks (from our nautical range).



Scallop Style Lamp - DG8910

Scallop style lamp with shade and measuring 49 cms in height with shade and the width and depth is 35 cms. This makes a good nautical bedside lamp. A little different and best seller this year so far.



Tripod Lamp - DGBAT1562

Nautically themed tripod lamp

This nautical look tripod lamp is a statement piece for any nautically themed lounge or bedroom.

150 cms



Fishing float lamp - DG7902

Fishing float lamp

This fishing float lamp is is a great item of coastal style lighting or coastal office lighting. The number 2 float is 35 cms high and the overall height with the shade is 64 cms. We're also happy to just supply the base and for you to pick your own shade. If you request this when ordering we will refund 15% of the price.

35 x 35 x 64 cms



Lighthouse Lamp - DG7897

Rather nice blue and white lighthouse lamps, how about one on each side of the bed? You'll never be shipwrecked, nor sink should the en-suite flood.

Shade included

47 x 27 x 27cms



Coral Effect Lamp - DG7919

This nautical lamp fearures a pice of resin faux coral as the stand.

35 x 35 x 49 cm


£45 each


Shell Lamp - DG7923

Shell Lamp

This Shell Lamp has seashells in the see through base and is a sea themed lamp that comes with the shade. This lamp measures 50 cms to the top of the shade, and depth/width is about 30 cms. Great selection of seashells mainly from the Philippines are displayed in the cylinder and take nautical lighting to new heights, shipmates. What are we going to come up with next?  We predict this will be a best seller this year and will display very effectively with our larger or smaller seashells on the seashells page. What would we display with this? Why, a frog shell of course! Would look great in a coastal themed office or as a nautical bedside lamp.

£55 each
£99 for 2




Nautical Rope Floor Lamp - DG7937

New for 2015 and wait for it, a whopping 150 cms in height so have we given you enough rope? Take two if it's close to payday as these look great in pairs. Another good selling line for the discerning designer or end user of nautical and maritime themed furniture.  

£99 each
£190 for 2




Rope Lamp - DGBAT1224


135 cms



Lobster Trap Lamp - DG7903

Lobster Trap Lamp

Our lobster trap lamps have been selling in good numbers since 2014 and this as well as all our other lamps comes with the shade included in the price.  At 62 cms in height you could almost get a real lobster in there.

40 x 40 x 62 cms



Oil Lamp Effect Table Light - DG7915

Oil Lamp Effect Table Light

30 x 30 x 46 cm


£39 each


Rope Table Lamp - 23401

Rope Table Lamp

This Rope Table Lamp is another example of nautical lighting with a maritime theme to light up any room near or far from the sea.


Single Rope Table Lamp £59


Pair of Rope Table Lamps £99



Anchor lamp - DG7900

Ship's anchor lamp

Attractive ship's anchor lamp with an anchor design base and an anchor stencil on the lampshade. This coastal lighting style lamp will definitely mark you out as a nautical type!

30 x 30 x 52 cms



Lighthouse lamp - DG7906

42 x 42 x 154 cms



Beach hut lamp - DG7907


This attractive Beach Hut Lamp is popular with beach hut owners and wannabee beach hut owners everywhere. The seagull perched on top of the lamp base adds an extra nautical air.

20 x 20 x 40 cms



Lighthouse lamp - DG7908

30 x 30 x 60 cms



Anchor and Rope Lamp - DG79326

Nautical Lighting - Anchor and Rope Lamp

Nautical anchor lamp

Standing at 41 cms in height our wooden anchor lamp has a little rope to add to the seaside look and of course comes with the shade. For overseas customers, we do electricity a different way to you all, so you will need to wire in an adaptor, just saying. One of our best selling nautical lamps and pictures show the day and ambient evening views of the product! These Anchor and Rope Lamps also make a fine nautical lighting gift for someone with a nautically themed home.