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Nautical Wedding Ideas

Our shells are very popular as a decorative feature for beach themed weddings. Scatter these white wedding seashells on the tables or arrange them as a centrepiece in decorative groups as a great nautical wedding idea. Some of our brides write the names of the guests on seashells to use as placemarkers. You can even give these wedding shells as seashell wedding favours or wedding gifts for guests. Any of the shells on this page make great nautical wedding decorations and are often used by wedding planners. So if you are looking for seashell wedding decoration ideas, nautical wedding ideas or shells for table decoration, we hope you find inspiration for your beach themed wedding here.

We've listed a selection below of the most popular shells that we sell for wedding planning. If you require larger quantites or have any questions, please ring Jamie on 01202 285163 or email us at


Flat White Pointer Starfish

White Pointer Starfish Craft Shells

A much smaller and flatter starfish but popular for craft ideas or just a cute little present for friends. They measure 5 to 7 centimetres and are virtually flat. We have talented craftspeople making picture frames and mirrors with these. They look pretty scattered in amongst larger starfish in a shell decoration themed home or as seashell wedding decorations too.

5 to 7 cms

£1.25 each
£10 for 10
£16 for 20

Also available at the larger size of 8 to 10 cms

£1.35 each
£11 for 10
£25 for 30
£40 for 50

Or the largest size, size of 10 to 15 cms

£1.50 each
£12 for 10



Tiger Cowries 5-8 cms - KT4013

Tiger Cowrie

Tiger Cowrie Shells

Very interesting to look at and these dome shaped tiger cowrie shells have been used as currency in several parts of the world over the centuries, although we prefer payment in sterling. Tiger Cowries are probably the most popular seashells for sale in our shops bought by adults for children and one for them to listen to the sea in. Please e-mail or phone for bulk orders.

5-8 cms (2 to 3 ins)

£1.95 each
£15 for 10



Scallop Shells - approx 12cms across

Scallop shells

Scallop Shells

The fishermen take their boats out upon the seas off the coast of the British Isles where some of them fish for scallops. Most of those large scallop shells end up in restaurants throughout Britain and this makes for a very ecological reason to use the scallop shells for other means in the home. Our customers clean them and use these scallop shells as a dining plate, with tea lights, as soap dishes or as shell craft objects ..... they're beautiful. The scallop shell is a British beach shell from our home waters so sits comfortably in our homes as seashell decorations - make use of a few. Please Dorset Gifts customers - these large scallop shells are straight from the ocean so may need a little cleaning. E -mail us for a bulk buying discount.

99p each
£8 for 10
£15 for 20
£25 for 50
£40 for 100



White Shell Pack - DG4054

White shell pack

White shell pack

We frequently get asked for varied mixed seashells in white and for many uses ranging from corporate table decor and weddings to children's party gifts. This year we have put together a shell pack in white which will perfectly cater for all needs. Each white shell pack measures 13 cms across. We have cellophaned them so they can easily be presented as gifts and also opened up for scattering. Please refer back to these seashells individually on our website but each pack will approximately contain a 6 cms white pointer starfish,  a 13 cms English scallop seashell, a couple of 3 cms pearlised trochas, 4 to 5 heart cockle seashells measuring 3 cms, 3 x 3cms  white strombus seashells and several 2 cms white tibia seashells. All in all the perfect combination and one put together with you, our customers in mind!  Maybe we should do these in green and brown too, but for now it's the "white shell pack".

These mixed white seashells are very popular as wedding shell packs for people planning a beach themed wedding or for use as wedding favours.

The pictures show the pack opened to reveal the contents showing the mixed beach seashells and starfish. Contents always white or pearlised but do vary due to newer batches.

13 cms across

£4.95 each
£13 for 3

Please e-mail for bulk purchases



Heart Cockle Shell Garland

Heart Cockle Shell Garland

Heart Cockleshell Garland

Cockle Shell Garland

Our heart cockle shell garlands are always in demand and are approximately 25cms across and 18 cms in height. They are made of hundreds of beautiful small heart cockle shells so what better shape to work towards than that of a heart? These are popular as a decorative line in pairs and sought after as wedding seashell themed party decorations or as beach wedding ideas too. These Heart Cockle Shell Garlands look great in the centre of a table so if you are looking for nautical wedding centerpiece ideas these fit the bill. They come complete with a small hanging attachment at the top. Please email if requiring more than six for a bulk purchase price.

£20 each
£35 for 2


Heart Cockle Balls - DGHB

Heart Cockle Balls

Fine heart cockle balls for sale and 4 inches in diameter these are a bit bigger than a tennis ball or the size of an impressive orange. Heart Cockle Balls are a great sea themed decor, ever popular as wedding table decorations or shell wedding centrepieces - these heart cockle balls also roll quite nicely!

£5.99 each
£10 for 2


Turbo Silvermouth DG4143S - 5 to 8 cms  

Turbo Silvermouth

Turbo Silvermouth

These Turbo Silvermouth shells are the pearlised versions of our other turbo shells so silvery in colour and with that swirl our turbo shells all seem to have. We also have Turbo Silvermouth shells in larger sizes, but the 5 to 8 cms are the most popular for ocean themed decor and work nicely in displays with our pearlised trochas. If ordering in quantity please email us for a price quotation. Please note that with all our seashells, colourings and shapes will vary as they are, of course, a natural product. These turbo silvermouths however are fairly regular in style and appearance. A popular one for wedding decor again this year.

£2.95 each
£25 for 10


Green Turbo Silvermouth - 5 cms  

Introduced in memory of my great Auntie Mavis who had a four piece bathroom suite this colour installed in her ground floor flat in Shepherd's Bush in the mid 1970s. Oh, also requested by several nautical wedding planners as the particular shade of sea green which these Green Turbo Silvermouth Shells exhibit is sought after and we must say, these mixed with Pearlized Turbo Silvermouth create beautiful seaside decor/seashell display.

£2.95 each
£25 for 10


Pointer or Finger Starfish

Pointer Starfish

Pointer Starfish

Finger Starfish

Pointer Starfish

Pointer Starfish

Starfish for weddings - Minimum 7 inches

Our pointer starfish can be purchased if required in an assortment of colours. We often use these as part of our window display and most bulk purchases are for nautical or shell themed weddings. Super little gifts which look great anywhere in the home too. Larger sizes available with best prices by request. We aim to not be beaten on prices for our shells and starfish and will attempt to beat any price comparisons submitted to us. Please e mail for bulk purchases.

Popular as beach themed wedding decorations.

Available in Blue, White or Red

£2.95 each
£25 for 10






Smaller Pointer Starfish
We also have pointer starfish available in a smaller size - minimum 5 inches.

£1.95 each
£15 for 10





Sand Dollars

Sand dollars, washed up on the shore and bleached by the sun - perhaps they do look like American dollars but they are in fact a form of squashed sea urchin that wanders along the ocean floor face down eating all in its path - and is a relation of the sea cucumber and starfish. Sorry to have dispelled any myths regarding these being silver coins lost by mermaids. Oh, and the interesting pattern on them, that's their feet! Great for nautically themed events.

Approximately 4cms in diameter

£0.50 each
£4.50 for 10
£8.00 for 20


Egg Cowrie Shells

Egg Cowrie Shell

Egg Cowrie Shells

Our egg cowrie shells are from the same family as the tiger cowries but clearly very white with some colouring inside the lip. The neutral colour makes these egg cowrie shells a favourite of "grown ups" whilst the tiger cowries on this same page are generally purchased by and for little people in our shops. These egg cowries are great as wedding white shell favours and we recommend them mixed and displayed with pearlized trocas. Popular as wedding seashell decorations.

7 to 9 cms

£2.95 each
£25 for 10



Pearlised Troca Shell 5 to 7 cm

Pearlised Troca Shell

We love our cone shaped pearlised troca shells. They're hardy, heavy, chunky pieces and if a customer picks a dozen shells in our shop there's always one of these in the pile. These pearlized trochas are a little smaller than some of our other shells although we periodically have larger pearlised troca shells in stock. These sell very well as the silvery colour mixes in well with other shells in a display collection. They are very popular as wedding shell decorations. Please e-mail or call to buy seashells at bulk prices.

£2.95 each
£25 for 10


Carved Pearlized Trochas

Carved Pearlized Trochas

Carved Pearlised Trocha Shells

Carved Pearlised Trocha Shell

Spiral pearlized trochas have been carved to create this unique spirally effect - worth a couple of these in amongst other trocha shells to compare their versitality! Great as wedding shell decorations.

5 to 6 cms

£2.95 each
£25 for 10


Green Turbo Borghese DG4067

These Green Turbo Borghese Shells are also known as turban shells, because we are told they are the shape of turbans, and because the Latin genus is "turbo" which in Latin means "spinning top"!  There you have it, it's complicated is this shell naming process and always a good excuse for occasionally sending out the wrong items. Green turbo Borghese are found in shallow and deep waters pretty much the world over but most common between the Polar and tropical regions.

We've included these on our wedding shell page as apparently mint green is THE colour for weddings this year!

8 to 9 cms - £8.99 each
9 to 10 cms - £12.99 each


Nautilus Shell - Pearlized

Nautilus shell - Pearlized Large Shell

Nautilus shell - Pearlized Large Shell

Nautilus - Pearlized

Pearlized Nautilus shell

Our wonderful Nautilus shells are described in detail above and these pearlized Nautilus shells have had their outer layer removed to show the "mother of pearl" inner layer. Nautilus is from the Greek word for "sailor" and these pearlised nautilus shells are so perfectly proportioned that they have become symbols of symmetry. Nautilus shells are popular as wedding table centrepieces.

We sometimes have larger sizes available so if you require prior images or larger Nautilus Natural shells please email us at

Minimum 13 cms





Murex Ramosus Sea Shell

Murex Ramosus Large Shell

Murex Ramosus sea shells are abundant in Indo Pacific Seas and are the "whitest" shells we sell and hence popular as features on wedding tables. The large size makes the Murex Ramosus certainly big enough to hold a tea light in the middle of the pink lip. The Murex Ramosos is also probably the shell we all remember most from seaside shell shops we would browse in as children. These are not completely white and have a pink colouring around the lip. Most murex are predatory tropical sea snails living amongst rocks and corals. In ancient times a purple dye was extracted from the snail's glands and used to colour royal robes. There are hundreds of species of murex but our ramosus shells remain the most sought after and we are offering these in two large sizes as well as a smaller version on our "shells" page. A wonderful shell for displays.

Murex Ramosus 20cms - £19.50
Murex Ramosus 15cms - £9.50


Pearlized Troca - DGSH54

Pearlized Troca Large Shell

These are stunning larger specimens of our pearlized trocas and really are the most beautiful shells. The Pearlized Trocha makes a great stand alone feature shell but will create an amazing display with smaller pearlized trocas (on our shells page) or with sputnik urchins. Great as nautical wedding table decorations.


£20.00 each
£35.00 for 2


Pink Sea Urchins

Pink sea urchins

Pink sea urchin

I did have a very well dressed lady pick one of these up in the shop and ask me if it was a street urchin. Well... almost, and why are they called urchins, which is another name for hedgehog? It's quite confusing so we've grouped all our street urchins (or shall we call them Dorset guttersnipes?) together to make it easier for the well dressed lady and you, our internet late night shoppers. These pink sea urchins are very pretty in a light shade of pink with a minimum size of 4 cms diameter. Pink sea urchins do look fetching in small groups and mixed with our sputnik sea uchins. Bubblewrap will outweigh the urchin! Popular as beach themed wedding decorations.

£0.99 each
£8 for 10
£14 for 20


Heart Cockles - Craft Shells

Heart Cockle Craft Shells

Another great shell line for craft work or to put in glass vases or other display ideas/areas around the home. These really are beautiful tiny little heart cockles in a brilliant white ribbed shell. The cockles have of course long been eaten so are of course not included in the sale! The heart cockle is a tiny white seashell so well over a hundred in a 200 gramme bag.

200 grammes - £6.99
500 grammes £9.99



Moon Shells for Craft Work or Interior Design

Craft Moon Shells

These beautiful delicate smooth white shells are slightly larger than other moon shells you may see for sale. At about an inch in length and half an inch wide there will be about 30 in a 200 gramme bag. These tiny seashells are quite beautiful displayed in many ways around the home and are used for decorative shell work as well. We once had a customer decorating a large garden home entirely on the inside walls with shells and he used a few moon shells!

200 grammes - £6.99
500 grammes £9.99




Bubble Shells for Craft Work

Craft Bubble Shells

Our bubble shells are sold by weight and often used for shell craft purposes or indeed placed in glass jars around the home for nautical visual effect. About an inch long and half an inch at their widest these beautiful delicate little seashells are light and white - only weighing about a gramme each, so you'll get approximately 200 in the 200 gramme bag.

200 grammes - £6.99
500 grammes £9.99




Single sided polished river mussel shell 15 cms long - DG4005

These are a spectacular size and polished on one side for display either way up, but we think these are best displayed on their own, not with a bar of soap! As these are one half of the river mussel shell they display beautifully with the inside flat on a surface and displaying the whole side of the polished outer of the shell.

£4.99 each
£9 for 2


Beach Driftwood Pieces - DG7813

Not shells but popular as table decorations, beach driftwood pieces for all kinds of work and these come in nice chunks - the smaller being about 3 inches and thicker and the longer pieces measuring in at around 6 inches but they're thinner. A great assortment for all kinds of uses and nicely dried so quite light - ten pieces will weigh just over 100 grammes. We'll take requests for certain sizes but we'll usually selll a cross section and good varied assortment. Craft makers tend to like the smaller pieces as out on the Dorset coast it's easier to come across larger driftwood. I have a story about once taking my kayak over to Brownsea Island and finding all manner of beautiful driftwood so I filled the hull and paddled the mile or so back to Poole Quay but didn't quite get through the shipping lane upright - much easier just adding driftwood to your cart!

£0.60 for 1 piece
£5.50 for 10 pieces
£10.00 for 20 pieces



Pink Murex Shell 2 to 3 ins

These have always been a popular shell for table decor / weddings etc, so although we are selling larger ones on the website we have sourced a good supply of 2 to 3 inch pink murexes which we are selling on at a wholesale rate if you choose the quantity offer. All our pink murexes are between 2 and 3 inches and if taken in batches of 30 these will enable you to create excellent seaside decor at a very reasonable price. Further description of our murex shells and larger examples below. For larger quantities please email us for a quotation. We intend to never be beaten on price and love the pink lip to these pretty decorative seashells.

£2.95 each



Coral made of Resin

And so the story goes, when my importer first  displayed our lovely coral at a West Country trade show he was nearly lynched as it's so beautiful some customers thought it was the real thing. There were a few stand offs and he replaced the word "resin" with "fake" as in that part of the West Country "resin" is a word more popularly associated with a class 2 drug.

It's extremely lifelike and exceptionally beautiful and we also have the resin clam which looks stunning either way up. It's also a great accompaniment around real seashells and as standalone nautical decor or as nautical wedding table decorations.

It's going to be a winner this year for truly unique nautical decor and wedding displays. Endless uses in fact!


Resin Lace Coral - DG7693L

Resin Lace Coral

If you are looking for faux white coral, you'll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful example.

26.5 x 8 x 23 cms

£17.99 each
£35 for 2



Resin Clam Shell - DG7695


A nice sized replica of a clam shell made from resin.

31 x 26 x 10cms

£27.95 each
£50 for 2



Resin Lace Coral - DG7693S

Resin Lace faux coral

This beautiful faux resin coral is so realistic, you won't be able to tell it apart from the real thing.

19 x 7 x 17.5cms

£8.99 each

Currently out of stock. Our large Brush Coral is a good alternative.


Resin Brush Coral - DGPMP


12.5 x 7.5cms

£10.99 each
£20 for 2

OUT OF STOCK - currently trying to source more


Resin Brush Coral - DG7696S




15 x 10.5 x 13cms

£12.99 each
£25 for 2

OUT OF STOCK - currently trying to source more


Resin Cats Paw Coral - DG7694L

Resin Cats Paw Faux  Coral

This resin Cats Paw Coral is proving to be a real winner with people looking for realistic fake coral to decorate a bathroom or nautically themed room. This Cats Paw Coral in resin is one of our best seling fake coral lines and makes a lovely faux coral for aquariums.

24 x 20 x 11cms

£14.99 each
£25 for 2