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We buy seashells from the two most reputable shell suppliers in the UK and are probably now their biggest sea shell shop clients. All our natural seashells for sale come with ecological certification and are sustainable. Our best selling starfish are washed ashore and our children understand the importance of preservation as well as we do. Charitable donations through our shops are weighted towards the RNLI and marine conservation. We only sell online a small proportion of the seashells we sell in our shops, so if we're too far to pop down and visit, please call Jamie on 01202 285163 or email at if you can't find what you're after but you know it's out there and want to purchase from a reputable shell supplier. We have large corporate accounts and frequently sell our decorative seashells wholesale to beach wedding themed parties and interior designers. If you are looking to buy seashells, as market leaders of seashells for sale and wholesale shells in the UK, we promise to see you right!!!

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