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Rustic themed gifts

Rustic Blue and White Beach Hut Bird box - DG 15422

Blue and White Beach hut birdhouse

Beach hut bird box.


£2.95 each
£5 for 2



Rustic Wooden Photo Frame Keepsake Box - DGTY8519


By popular demand, well not really, but occasional marketing sound bites should be used. We like them! 13 cms high and across and 9 cms deep. They have a lovely little picture frame on the lid and storage area below. We constantly sell out of these in the shop but have stocked right up for internet sales. Pretty nautical décor and made of wood. Look good alongside the rustic beach wooden storage tray.

£4.95 each



Rustic Beach Storage Tray - DGTY8527


Our No.76 rustic beach wooden storage trays are 6 cms  in height and 30 cms long, then 20 cms deep. These have nice work on them in that they have a wooden starfish and roping with real shells at the front too. What could you put in these? We fill them with seashells in the shop and they are pretty decorative seaside items for the home. Great price and popular product!

£6.95 each



Wooden Beach Hut Chest with Three Drawers - DGTY7217


Beach hut storage boxes have been good over the years, even beach hut moneyboxes. These beach hut chests with three drawers (do you like the way we have staggered them open? were best sellers this year in the shop and very keenly priced for such a good quality product. Just short of 30 cms in height and 20 cms wide - the three drawers could certainly hold several useful items in the bathroom or beach hut!

£9.95 each



Rustic Nautical Lifering Hook - DG15460

A little chunkier than our earlier designs and nice blending of the blues! These are of course, hand painted wood with real rope and a great weathered effect. Three sturdy hooks which protrude about 7 cms and the back boards have two brass hangers to attach to a wall. We think two sets next to each other do the trick too.

47 cms long x 15 cms high 

£12.99 each
£25 for 2



Thermometer Anchor - DG8712

Measuring 25 cms long and 17 cms across at the widest point, here we have a hanging anchor nicely adapted to double up as a thermometer. It comes in rustic blue and white and is one of our best sellers.



Rustic Finish Lighthouse and Napkin Rings - DG 15126

Decorative lighthouse and napkin rings made of wood.

19 cms

£5.99 each
£10 for 2




Rustic Blue and White Nautical Lamps - DG 15445

Beach Style Rustic Blue and White Nautical Lamps

Rustic Blue and White Nautical Lamps


These are a new line for us this year that have sold very well in our retail shops, the beach hut and lighthouse designs have so far proved to be the best sellers but as a collection of four lamps in a nautical room they create an interesting nautical interior design seaside lighting feature. We have included pictures with the lamps aside in order for our buyers to appreciate the work in the base. We sell these with the shades, which have been lightly wrapped in cellophane in the images shown. You could of course replace the shades as they are a standard fitting, but we think the secret is more in the light fitting than the shades which are of a good quality. These lamps come with shades, standard plugs and just require a bulb - we recommend an energy efficient 16 watt bulb if you're buying all four for a larger room or 20 watts if using for a beach style bedroom or smaller nautical themed living room. Great details and sure to be a fast seller online.


£29.00 each
£55 for 2

Designs A and D are no longer available.





Two Hanging White Anchors with Blue Hearts - DG4320

Two Hanging White Anchors with Blue Hearts


And. the price is for two of these lovely white wooden anchors with painted blue hearts. These are small anchors with the main body measuring 10 cms in length and 7 cms across. With the hanger they measure 20 cms  and these Two Hanging White Anchors with Blue Hearts make an inexpensive subtle small touch of nautical decoration for the home.

£4.95 each




Beach Hut Style Shelves - DGS6036

A compact beach hut style set of shelves measuring 44 cms in height, 35 cms in width with a depth of 10 cms. Classic seaside nautical décor and whilst not the largest set of shelves to grace your accommodation, definitely a set you should find a suitable place for. Weighs just over a kilo with fixings on the back.

£19.95 each