Dorset Gifts
A family run business trading in Dorset since 1982


Fishing Boat LED in Wall Hanging Frame - DG15569

Fishing boat with LED in a wooden effect frame and measuring 32 cms in length by 22 cms in height. easy to hang or place on a surface – just requires an AA battery and no need for an electric socket.

£29 each



Lighthouse LED in Wooden Effect Frame - DG15566

Light up LED lighthouse in a wooden effect frame and just requiring an AA battery to light up the frame.  This measures 30 cms by 18 cms  and is light and easy to hang on the wall – no need for an electricity point, just occasionally change the battery.

£29 each



Seaside Scenes with Yachts and Lighthouse in Glass - DG15304

Popular glass seaside scenes measuring 33 cms by 23 cms as a picture with a coastal theme. These  are light and the picture is on thin glass so ideal for conservatories or bright areas where the sun can catch the colored glass.  We have more of these in our shop on Poole Quay but just have the best seller online.

£16.95 each



Our Biggest Light Up Lighthouse - DGSD15565

We have been selling lighthouses for 20 years, actually the chap who owned our shop before us sold them for 10 years and rumour has it that the original owner of our shop was a lighthouse man opening the shop in 1982 and rather than selling lighthouses he accumulated scrumpy from the Purbecks and concentrated on  bottling the strong stuff. He'd probably seen enough lighthouses. This one is substantial hence difficult to photograph and stands 37 cms, the LED shines through the top and needs a double AA battery if you want to display it all lit up.  It's about 7 cms wide, It is made of resin with a wooden effect and arty pastel colours.

£39.95 each



Silver Coloured Metallic Seahorses - DGSD11512

Silver coloured metallic resin seahorses and this item stands 15.5 cms in height  and approximately 9 cms at widest. Great seahorse decor. The kids love them and so do the adults. Seahorses are certainly close to us along the Dorset Coast – this item has been listed during the Covid 19 pandemic and one positive to come out of the situation is that because boats have not been allowed out for recreational purposes the seahorses have thrived and increased in numbers along Poole Bay and Studland. Seahorses… even silver coloured ones – they are beautiful.

£9.95 each



Our Largest LED Light Up Trawler - DGSD15568

And here comes our largest light up trawler, measuring 39 cms in length and approximately 22 cms in height. These are limited to one shipment and we really don't think your seafaring friends and neighbours will have found one of these. If it's too big we have a slightly smaller one DGSD15567 but if you have the room this one will catch the bigger fish. In great rustic colours and there has been attention to detail – batteries not supplied and this is nothing to do with being mean and more to do with problems sending batteries.

£39 each



Fishing Trawler with Light Up LED - DGSD15567

It's a striking picture of our light up LED trawler in the sunshine but come the night this rustic trawler has a trick up its sleeve – beneath the hull is a swith attached to an AA battery and the windows will light up. It's 25 cms long and approximately 22 cms high.  Attractive useful nautical styling.

£29.95 each



Red Maroon Lighthouse and Cottage LED - DG15564

This lights up  – a double AA battery beneath the lighthouse lights up the very top bit of the lighthouse  which stands  27 cms in height and 9 cms wide. A sturdy resin nautical ornament in rustic blues and reds. One for the window sill.

£24.95 each



Fishing Boat Clock in Wooden Style - DG15557

Fishing Boat clock with wooden effect style and measuring 34 cms in diameter with wall fixing on the back – the perfect finish for any nautically themed room.

£17.95 each



Lighthouse Wooden Effect Clock - DG15558

Double AA battery required and you will have an operational 34 cms diameter wooden effect lighthouse clock to finish off a nautically themed room. We also have these with a fishing boat theme.

£17.95 each



Rustic Weymouth Sail Boat - DG15561

Unique looking sailboat made of tin and wood, with a rustic style and measuring 31 cms in height. Shoppers occasionally ask us the relevance of the names of our boats, rightly enquiring if this boat is particular to Weymouth. We have never seen one of these in Weymouth, neither in the shops nor on residents' window sills. It's just a badge for the boat and when we pack it makes the morning or afternoon a little bit more interesting pausing to think that we have never seen one in that particular town. It's a lovely place to visit.

£14.95 each



Rustic Trawler Boat Frame - DG6998

Competing with the light house box frame is our rustic trawler box frame – and it's currently winning. Made of wood and measuring  22cms by 22cms with a depth of 5cms. Lots of detail and nice and light so very easy to hang up – a fixing on the back.

£9.95 each



Christopher the Corpulent Seagull - DG6579

We think he's been on the chips, and are bird lovers so we aren't going to give you his waist measurements. He stands 24 cms in height and is made of resin and wood – a fine looking specimen and all those chips were paid for but not by him.

£9.95 each



Faux Sea Fruit Coral in Resin - DGL7636

Fruits of the Sea resin coral in a shade of white – one of the rarer types of resin coral we have sourced and this is limited in supply. Measures  22 cms across and 17 cms high with a layered look to it. We have an excellent range of sea resin coral, well worth a browse not only for a land lubber but also your tropical fish.

£17.95 each


Resin Clam Shell in White - DGL7635

Clams are winners in resin and can be displayed as in the main picture or in the gallery picture – to your nautical taste. These measure 16 cms in width and 11 cms in depth standing at a height of 7 cms. We like these as nautical seashell display amongst real seashells and of course these can be displayed in aquariums and gardens too.  Other larger resin clam shells are for sale on our e commerce site too.

£11.95 each


Checkered Bonnet Seashells x 3 - DGL4057

Minimum size per seashell is 5 cms and these very beautiful checkered bonnet seashells have quite striking markings – each one is unique and each one is from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Great in cluster groups and at a winning price.

£3.50 for three





Cyprea Talpa Seashells x 3 - DGL4086

We do very well selling feature seashells in threes as a lifetime (or what seems like a lifetime) of retailing these and other very beautiful seashells has made us notice that when selling seashells as pretty and colourful as the cyprea talpas they make a great grouping, as from all sides they have beautiful markings. Look at the underside of the one on the right or the tops on the two others.  These are from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Minimum 5 cms.

£3.50 for three





Mother of Pearl Polished Lip Shell - DGL4041

These stunning Mother of Pearl Lip Shells are sold individually at £2.95 and measure around 5 cms. The pictures show the outside and inside of these and they have a golden colour to them whilst more pearlised on the inside. One of the most frequently stolen shells in the shop so nice to be selling them online  far away from temptation. Very beautiful, unusually featured seashells in craft work.

£2.95 each





Fruits of the Sea Clock in Metal - DGL9035

We like this one, it's run and run in the shop – the background is essentially “fruits of the sea” and the rubbed down metal frame gives it a sea weathered look. Measures 30 cms in diameter and takes an AA battery we are not alowed to send through the post. Hook on the back and protrudes 7 cms out from base to front – great item and more rewarding to look at than your iPhone when seeking the time.

£14.95 each



Camper Van in Choice of Four Colours - DGKT2583

Not the largest of campervans but the wheels do go round. Measuring 8cms by 4cms, die cast and comes in 4 hip colours. Great for sea themed décor, not good for eating and a nice addition to your nautical theme. Discounts on more than one. Moving parts so not suitable for children under 3,  very suitable for ageing hippies.

£4.95 each



Beach Hut Style Bucket – 13 cms - DGKT5102

One of  two  tin buckets for sale in our shop and online. There have been some creative uses for these and this smaller one measures approximately 13 cms in height and diameter at the top.

£4.95 each



Beach Hut Tin Bucket 16 cms high - DGKT5103

A tin bucket measuring approximately 16 cms in height with a diameter across the top of 20 cms. Lots of uses for these, we have one use but are keeping it a secret. Colourful beach hut design right round the bucket.

£7.95 each



Ships Bar Hanging Nautical Glass Tea Lights - DG15242

We have many themes in ship and nautical lighting - a few are ubiquitous, many are not and some are unique. These rope hanging "Ships Bar" glass tea lights fall in to the latter category and alongside the best selling shades of blue we have the unusual but realistic clear glass. These came in to existence (and stock) when a nautically styled old inn on the river in the West Country chased us up for a tea light fishing float. We got these designed and have called them "Ships Bar" ever since. Great for outdoors, decking or on the boat. Good size too at 17 cms across and 13 cms in height - this excludes the hanging rope. So all you need now are the tea lights!  Best selling line and often in short supply.





Dorset Sea Salt - DGDS1

Dorset Sea Salt is hand harvested along the Jurassic coast specifically in the Portland area - it's a quality product made using traditional methods.  We are selling 125 grammes jars of Natural Sea Salt at £4.95  and Chilli Salt,  Garlic Salt and Tomato, Olive and Basil for £6.50.

Natural Sea Salt - £4.95
Chilli Salt - £6.50
Garlic Salt - £6.50
Tomato, Olive and Basil - £6.50



Moores Luxury Fruit Cake with Brandy - DGT50

The company of S.Moores was established in 1880 and is purveyor of the finest fruit cake in Dorset  combined with a forever tin measuring 18 cms in diameter and containing approximately 1200 grammes of their legendary luxury fruit cake with brandy. We like to think you would get 12 servings  from the tin and each serving if you were inclined to be a team player and only take 100 grammes will amount to 400 calories - that's how good it is. If you have 13 at your dinner party perhaps the last person to finish dinner could instead have the iconic empty tin. Allergy advice and other nutritional facts on the bottom of the tin.

£15.95 each


Moores Tropical Fruit Cake with Rum - DGT40

Do you like ginger, papaya, pineapple, dates, figs, mango, orange, coconut and a splash of rum? We thought so - presented in one of the iconic Moores tins, a company that established themselves near the coastline of Dorset while Queen Victoria was relatively young and rum would have been smuggled in to the country by salty sea dogs. Weighs approximately 100 grammes with the tin. The tin is 18 cms in diameter. Ingredients and allergy advice on the tin.

£16.95 each


Moores Blue Logo Biscuit Selection - DGT52

The traditional iconic Moores Logo - Established in Dorset in 1880 - with 400 grammes of scrumptious biscuits split in to 4 flavours.  Dorset ginger,  butter crunch, chocolate chip and walnut crunch.  A lovely tin which will gracefully adorn any kitchen. The top of the tin measures 20 cms  by 20 cms.  I've got through half of these doing the write up. All nutrional values on the tin.

£13.95 each


Dorset Fishing Boat Tin Biscuit Selection - DGT58

Beautifully packed in a tin biscuit box with striking artwork by Lynette Merry. We have always been of the opinion that Moores' biscuits set them apart anyway but their packaging is quite stunning. On to the biscuits - these tins contain three packs which are barley and oat crumble, lemon and stem ginger and double chocolate chip, 150 grammes of each and allergy advice on the tins. A great little add on to your nautical shopping and these tins aren't going to be discarded once the biscuits have been devoured.

£13.95 each


Ships Glass Bottle - DG15231

There are no messages in our ships bottles, these days we are putting LED lights in them instead. Great sellers alongside our LED glass floats and these can be purchased in one of four colours. These come with LEDs and create a classic nautical look - a lot of beer and rum  was drunk on those pirate ships in bottles like ours.

29 cms long and 8 cms wide


£14.95 per bottle





Terebra Shell Decorative Shell Ball - DGL4210

These are stunning and comprise of at least 20 terebra seashells with complimenting nassa type seashells mixed in for effect. The overall colour is a blend of caramel and these could make a centre piece in a seashell collection. The terebra shell, commonly called a screw shell,  are often used for shell crafting and are popular with designers. These measure 5 inches in diameter - approx. 12.5 cms. Occasionally some of the terebras will have a blunt end but not visible enough to affect their super look.

£5.95 each



Metal Swordfish Plaque Wall Art - DG17431

Dappled sunlight in the background to show how our metal swordfish plaque glimmers on the wall. Measures 31 cms in length and a hook already built in to the back.  These are really for indoor use but will last a while outside. We often get asked if our items are suitable for the exterior and mainly they are not, but it's always possible to put a weathershield on to the item for it to last a little longer in the garden. The background paint is Sandtex and called - Mid Stone - we are putting it everywhere.

£9.95 each



Light up Blue Trawler with LEDs - DGC2193013

Blue and white trawler  measuring 22 cms in height and runs on 2 AA batteries. Quite a chunky item with resin starfish on the sail. A useful white attached base if you are of the opinion that these yachts could be personalised.

£9.95 each



Craft Shell Pack - DGC2163115

A great little starter kit for potential seashell crafters or perhaps a seashell spread. Usually these will have some pectins and smaller shells therein as illustrated and they weigh in at 200 grammes.  The pack contains aapproximately  50 seashells largest about 4 cms and getting smaller. The size of the packet with the header measures 16 xms by 6 cms.

£1.95 each



Four Numbered Nautical Hooks - DGPMP1234

Our subtsantial nautical wooden hooks measuring approximately 20 cms in length and 9 cms wide.  We thought of selling them individually but had a brainwave and are offering all four for £5.95. Limited stock as you are getting all 4 for the price of 1 - confusing?

£5.95 each



Porcelain Trinket Box with Silver Anchor - DGS6258

Porcelain trinket box made suitably nautical by the inclusion of a silver anchor to lift the lid. The picture was taken on a stormy afternoon on Poole Quay and it was quite a challenge to get the picture illustrating the lid partly off the main body, in fact – it’s now somewhere in the depths of the harbour now. Measuring 8 cms in diameter and 9 cms to the top of the anchor.

£5.95 each



Large Decorated Lighthouse in Wood - DGL8751

Wooden large lighthouse with beach themed decorations including wooden floats. Measures 37 cms in height and base diameter approximately 12 cms. We have introduced a few lighthouses with LED lights run on batteries, however this one is non lighting up and one of our best sellers in the shop. Our shop on Poole Quay is open the best part of 330 days a year – always worth phoning us first if you are making a long journey as we are prone to opening a few hours later if the weather is particularly severe and we fancy a lie in.

£16.95 each



Rustic LED Lighthouse in Pastel Colours - DGL6987

Rustic LED lighthouse with sea themed décor – these are LED lighthouse and take AA batteries which are not supplied and measures 27 cms in height. 10 cms deep and 8 cms wide.

£24.95 each



Shoal of Fish Mango Wood Tray - DGS7434

Another design leading item from our suppliers and we seem to never have enough. Made from mango trees on the exterior with a decal enamelled inside design. Measures 39 cms in diameter and 2 cms deep.

£49 each



Mango Wood Mackerel Tray - DGS7436

Measures 39 cms in diameter and 2 cms deep – a feature item in any nautically themed room. The centre design is decal enamelled and the base is made from sustainable mango wood. Classic design in our opinion.

£49 each



Blue Shallow Crab Bowl in Mango Wood - DGS7430

Sustainable mango bowl – fast becoming the wood of choice due to the demand of mangoes and a life cycle of 15 years. Measures 20 cms in diameter, 10 cms deep with a decal enamelled interior.

£22.50 each



Mackerel Nut Mango Wood Bowl - DGS7281

Decal enamelled mango mackerel nut bowl measuring 10 cms wide and 7 cms high, weighing 140 grammes. Beautiful mango wood is best rubbed with olive or sunflower oil to maintain its integrity. The enamelled top with the beautiful finish just needs a wipe with a damp cloth or soapy water. A unique item with a unique mackerel design.

£9.95 each



Cromer Crab Mango Wooden Bowl - DGS7278

Another hip nautical crab on a mango wood base and making interesting and useful decoration for the seaside kitchen – that was a mouthful – the finish is decal enamel and best kept clean with a damp cloth. Measures 20 cms in diameter and 10 cms high, made of sustainable mango wood – we believe that mango wood could be more sustainable than bamboo but don’t quote us.

£19.95 each



Octopus Mango Wood Nut Bowl - DGS6843

Not necessarily for the use of nuts exclusively. We have an excellent new range of sustainable mango wood culinary plates, trays, bowls and nut dishes. 10 cms by 10 cms by 7 cms in height for these beautifully designed octopus bowls. The surround and base is mango – these trees can reach up to 130 feet in 20 years, that’s taller and faster than our son William. The mango tree was domesticated over 4000 years ago but we haven’t used any wood that old. A very sustainable wood. The bowls are decal enamelled and the usual superior finish our customers expect from Dorset Gifts.

£9.95 each



Five Paddles with Hooks - DGL8825

Measures 59 cms in height, 40 cms wide and 4 cms deep. Comes with 2 hooks on the front and wall fixings on the back. Rustic style beach themed decorative item – recommended by Dorset Gifts.

£24.95 each



Welcome Wooden Plank Style Sign - DGL8812

With a plank effect. Offering a nautical welcome. Measures 79 cms whopping long, 22 cms in height and approximately 3 cms deep. Fixings lined up on the back for you.

£19.95 each



Our New Relax Sign - DGL8822

We did very well with a Relax sign several years ago – we ran out, and it’s taken this long to get one back in to stock which we like as much. Measures a good 39 cms in length, 19 cms high and approximately 3 cms deep. Made of wood.

£13.50 each



Beach Wooden Sign - DGL8811

Quite a big Beach sign too and made of wood with rope with fixings on the back. Measures 48 cms in length, 18 cms high and approximately 5 cms deep.

£14.95 each



Whale Shell Décor in Wood - DGL8787

Measures 47 cms long, 29 cms high and 5 cms deep.

£24.95 each



Clock with Boat Decor - DGL6961

Measures 59 cms in height, with the clock at the top and 28 cms wide – 4 cms deep with fixings on the back. There’s a nook or cranny somewhere for this one. Made of wood.

£39.95 each



Life is Better Loo Roll Holder - DGL8792

Measures 28 cms in height, 9 cms wide and 18 cms deep. Made of wood. Loo roll probably not included.

£9.95 each



Wooden Trawler in Rope Hanging Frame - DGL6966

Measures 30 cms wide, 18 cms high and approximately 2 cms deep – these are of rustic effect and made of wood.

£17.95 each



Life is Better Rustic Trawler in Box Frame - DGL 6981

Rustic trawler in wooden whitewashed box. This lovely wall art with fixings on the back measures 26 cms in width, 18 cms in height and 4 cms deep. We like the blues and whites.

£17.95 each



Lighthouse Wall Décor on Wood - DGL6957

Measures 49 cms in height, 24 cms wide and 3 cms deep with a roped hanger – the slogan on this nautical wooden wall item refers to life being better on the beach although it seems to us that life looks pretty good on the lighthouse too.

£32.50 each



Seahorse Wall Décor in Blue and White - DGL6968

Wooden effect seahorse wall décor in blues and whites – quite a striking design measuring 45 cms in height, 30 cms wide and approximately 2 cms deep with fixings on the wall for hanging.

£14.95 each



Delicate Seahorse Wall Art - DGS7447

Seahorse of a delicate look made of metal for wall hanging – the height is 49 cms and width is 31 cms with a depth of 2 cms. Classic colours and a cool design - we do well with the silver seahorses and our coloured one follows on from their success.

£35 each



Silver Grey Whale Wall Art to the Left - DGS7437

Silver grey wall art – it’s a winner, especially to the left for some reason. Actually we also have them doing a flip to the right and we can send you one of those instead but it might confuse things and your chances of getting the correct alternative would be significantly reduced. It may involve a phone call to the office, potentially an expletive over the phone and then the correct one arriving a couple of days later. If this is an option for you please order the one above and leave a note on your order that you really want one emerging from the sea with movement to the right – we will see what we can do. The wife just proof read this and she’s confused.

51cms x 20cms x 2 cms

£22.50 each



Ceramic Beach Hut Plate - DGL5615

A ceramic nautically themed beach hut plate – 24 cms high, 16 cms wide. Certainly large enough for a medium sized cod with chips.

£9.95 each



Ceramic Tealight House - DGL5617

One of our larger nautical tea light ceramics and a lovely pastel blue colour – suitable of course for a tea light and for use inside ot outside. These ceramic seaside themed tea light houses remain very popular. Measurements 25 cms high, 16 cms wide and 10 cms deep.

£24.95 each



Flying Resin Seagull - DGL6579

A seagull on the hunt and  in flight.  These are a great design made mainly of resin and an unusual swooping angle for sea bird lovers. Measures 24 cms in height and  15 cms across.  One of our best value sea birds.

£22.95 each



Driftwood Fish on Stand - DGL6600

We are having a purge at the moment on driftwood. This fish made of wood combined with driftwood is receiving favourable comments in the shop. Competitively priced and not too big for the bathroom. Measures 40 cms in height, 42 cms in width and 8 cms deep.

£22.50 each



Driftwood Hanging Fish Mobile - DGS6604

Some colour as well as driftwood to make this driftwwod hanger a particularly pretty nautical decoration. This is hung by the string attached at the top which is included in the measurements. Measures 39 cms in height, 10 cms wide and 7 cms deep.

£13.95 each



Driftwood Styled Fish on Stand - DGL6606

Our money is on this item being in our top ten sellers this year and unusual driftwood style on a base. Measures 31 cms in height, 31 cms in length and 6 cms deep. Take a look at our extensive driftwood range where we aim to sell the best style and certainly at the best price. We also often have one offs so if you are looking for something not on the shelf please drop us an email and we will send on images.

£19.95 each



Large Driftwood Boat on Stand - DGL6607

Another sturdy interesting driftwood boat crafted in artisan workshops in Indonesia and ideal seaside decor for the discerning purchaser on the look out for something unusual but not naff. Unusual nautical items can sometimes cross the slim border that takes us in to “naff” territory but you will be safe with these. Measures 45 cms in height, 30 cms width and 8 cms deep. Strangely enough it’s made of driftwood.

£22.50 each



Pastel Seaside Cottage with Tea Light - DGL5609

Recommended nautical quayside ceramics and useful too as they can take a tea light for the new romantics out there. Unfortunately it’s against our religion to supply these but with the wooden and metal handle and the pastel ceramic cottage you’re going to look dashing walking out in to the garden or on to the balcony as the sun sets on those memorable Summer nights. Measures 26 cms in height, 17 cms in width and 10 cms wide.

£19.95 each



Giant Driftwood Boat - DGL6612

We have sourced a quite unique driftwood boat which has been received very well in exchange for under £30. Quite a lot on these so a conversation piece as well as a worthy contender for the most prominent spare space in your room of choice. Rustic cloth sail and real driftwood – also a good traveller as of the many we have so far sold all have arrived in one piece. Measures 61 cms in height, 44 cms in width and 8 cms in depth.

£29.95 each



Driftwood Seahorse on Base - DGL6611

We are having a seahorse kind of season and this driftwood seahorse hasn’t seen the front door of a factory – we like to use the word “artisan” as a percentage of our customers might not know what this means and rightfully but for the wrong reason assume it is superior. So long as we get there in the end and these beautiful items are carefully put together and carved in family homes owned by artisans in remote parts of Bali. Measures 40 cms in height, 15 cms wide and 6 cms deep.

£19.95 each



Rustic Quayside Cottages Mirror - DGL6982

Rustic Quayside Cottage mirrors at a truly wesome price. Made of wood as all nautical treasures are and almost has a distressed look to it. Just the right size for the bathroom. Measures 34 cms in height, 34 cms width and 8 cms deep.

£49 each



Rustic Seaside Cottages Wooden Plaque - DGL6985

Measures 20 cms in height, 20 cms in width, 4 cms deep. This wooden plaque shows a quayside home and a rather pretty lighthouse. There could well be the perfect place for this in your nautically themed bathroom or bedroom?

£17.95 each



Rustic Quay Cottages with Hooks - DGL6986

Measures 60 cms in length, 23 cms in height and 4 cms deep, a coastal scene in wood with hooks and fixings on the back to hang. This has a painted wooden finish – we have several other hook combinations online so do please have a little surf and see what else we have on here.

£39.50 each



Rustic Mirror with Trawler - DGL6989

What a great look! – measures 80 cms in width, 40 cms in height and 5 cms deep. Large wooden mirror in pastel colours with that little trawler just adding something extra! Bedroom or bathroom?

£69 each



Porthole Rustic Fish Mirror - DGL6990

A great new look for nautical mirrors – there have not been too many interesting mirrors of late but this porthole style mirror has the look. Measures 60 cms in diameter and 5 cms deep.

£85 each



Wooden Rustic Lighthouses in Box Frame - DGL6999

Box framed nauticals art work in wood are a new look and one that is catching the eye of our repeat customers. We have several more of these in the shop so if you are looking at different designs drop us an e mail. Lighthouses are our forever gifts so probably best to put a lighthouse in there at least. Something a little different and measuring 22 cms in height and 22 cms in width with a 5 cms depth.

£19.95 each



Resin Seahorse on Pebble - DGL7629

Resin seahorses and starfish remain popular and make interesting home nauticalia – we must say too what a nicely designed blue seahorse on these pebbles. Well worth adding to the basket! Measures 7 cms by 5 cms diameter and a depth of 2 cms.

£3.50 each



Resin Carved Starfish on Pebble - DGL7630

Always great pick up items in our shop and resin starfish or seahorses on pebbles keep the customers happy and coming back! Measures 7 cms by 5 cms by 2 cms.

£3.50 each



LOVE Driftwood Sign - DGL7815

Measures 70 cms in length, 30 cms in height and 6 cms deep. It’s all you need……quite a whopper, a statement, it’s Balinese driftwood as theirs is a much nice texture than ours. It’s not been as badly battered by storm after storm.

£45 each



Paddle Side Table - DGL7858

Unique nautical decor, made of wood and perfect for a smaller space in a beach themed room. Measures 60 cms in height by 25 cms in depth and width.

£75 each



Capped Beach Girl in Blue - DGL8250

Made in resin, she measures 18 cms in height and approximately 6 cms wide. Sweet nautical decor when in the mood to add a dash of sealife to the window shelf. She does have a boyfriend up for sale at the same price.

£8.95 each



Capped Beach Boy in Blue - DGL8251

He’s getting ready to either dig a sand castle with an imaginary spade or dive in the deep end. Made in resin and measuring 18 cms in height and approximately 5 cms width.

£8.95 each



West Bay Yacht - DGL8813

Wooden West Bay yacht with a pretty cloth sail and a very accurate model of a boat that has never been sailed in – we love the colours and have usually sold at least one of these by 11 o’clock in the shop. Measures 16 cms in height, 10 cms width and 3 cms deep.

£6.95 each



Beach Fish Sign - DGL8814

Made of wood and measures 58 cms wide, 16 cms high and 3 cms deep. An alternative to other beach signs and a fair bit larger than most of them too. Pastel colours, tasty looking but definitely not edible.

£14.95 each



Wooden Fish Thermometer - DGL8815

Probably our largest and most unusual thermometer and this pastel coloured one replaces previous good sellers. Made of wood and measures 41 cms in height, 11 cms wide and 3 cms deep.

£9.95 each



Wooden Anchor Boat - DGL8817

Here’s something different on the wooden yacht front. Check out the anchor...! An unique yacht in subtle pastel colours but is it a yacht with an anchor or an anchor with a yacht? Measures 32 cms in height, 24 cms in width and 5 cms deep. We trade online but also have a lovely little shop on Poole Quay where many of our internet buyers end up once in a while. Pay us a visit and we might do a deal with you on one of our Marshfield Ice Creams!

£13.95 each



Lifering Clock in Wood - DGL8826

It’s 21 cms and not 41 cms. This does mean that it is smaller than the majority of our clocks and if you are looking for a larger clock please look at some of our others on this site. Clocks do occasionally find their way back to us in good time because they are indeed smaller than expected so this simple description should make you, the buyer, aware that it is 21 cms and not 41 cms. This is also not inches and is centimetres so this might be worth considering before adding this item to the shopping cart. The rope at the top is on this occasion not part of the diameter of the clock but for hanging to the nail or tack that you will have to whack in to the wall to create a sturdy lifetime fixing. We do love these 21 cms in diameter clocks. And once again, a wooden Welcome Aboard Clock measuring 21 cms in diameter and 4 cms in depth. Takes an AA battery to further improve your enjoyment of this 21 cms diameter clock (in a lifering). The lifering is not suitable for lifesaving occurences.

£17.95 each



Kimmeridge Yacht in Wood - DGL8827

Kimmeridge is a very small village on the coast of Dorset. We have never seen a yacht there, anywhere near there or actually anywhere along the Dorset Coast looking like this one and for this and no other reason we have decided to bestow the name “Kimmeridge” on this beautiful yacht as it’s one of our favourite and best selling yachts. Look at those beautiful colours! Measures 42 cms in height, 24 cms in length and 5 cms deep.

£9.95 each



Large Blue and Mainly White Boat Shelves - DGL8828

Measures 134 cms in height, 56 cms in width and a depth of 20 cms – these are all maximum sizings. In this size apart from the base there will be 2 shelves. We don’t think these will ever go out of style on the basis that we have been selling them successfully for nearly 15 years.

£149 each



Largest Blue/White Boat Shelves 163 cms - DGL8829

We have always done well with our boat bookcases, which are rarely used for books but as a nautical decoration. Our rustic Balinese type boats on show on this page have always been our best sellers but we have added these with three shelves and perhaps a “cleaner” or should we say “straighter” look. They do have quite a different feel to our others and as a new item we expect these to sell very well. Largest boat shelves in this style and measuring 163 cms in height, 68 cms in width and 23 cms in depth.

£195 each



Ceramic Whale Jug

A novel idea, this useful piece of crockery is going to stand out in the beach hut. A perfect addition perhaps if you are looking to compete with the Joneses in the hut next door! Measures 22cms by 18 cms by 10 cms and is of course ceramic.

£14.95 each



Ceramic Navy Blue Tea Light Lighthouse - DGL5686

Classic useful nautical design and a pretty item for the garden or beach cottage in the Summer. Tea lights can be slid in to the bottom and you’re off. Measures 25 cms in height, 11cms in width and depth.

£14.95 each



Nautical Small Decorative Chair - DGL6390

Measures 40 cms in height by 25 cms in depth and width. More for decorative purposes of the nautical style than for sitting on – due to its’ size perhaps more than most will realise this but worth mentioning. Sea styled colurs and very beachy. Maybe a good idea to purchase one of our stuffed puffer fish for the seat?

£29.95 each



Anchor Cushion - DGL6563

Delightful anchor design cushion for your boat or beach hut.

Measuring 35 cms by 35 cms.

£14.95 each



Mermaid Cushion - DGL6564

It’s time indeed to introduce more mermaid items so we are kicking off with a cushion at an enticing price! Measures 35 cms by 35 cms.

£12.50 each



Rustic Bridport Trawler in Blues - DGL6581a

Our preferred trawler in this size. Many of you may have heard of the infamous Brixham trawleres but we’re in Dorset so ours sound similar. It’s in the blues and measures 16 cms by 14 cms by 2 cms. These are hand painted so please look out for any minor blemishes in the paintwork which will make your trawler of the Bridport variety completely unique... under a tenner.

£9.95 each



Wooden Classic J Class Yacht - DGL6589

Our preferred boat in this size category and measures 68 cms in height, 52 cms in length and 8 cms deep, perfect for window sills, perhaps perfect for mantle pieces too. Our favourite in this size and showing J Class credentials with a blue and white hull and sleek clean white sails. The hull is already assembled and on dispatch we place the sails on the top of the hull so they require fixing. This should only take about 15 minutes to assemble with a coffee break. We will always price match if you have found a boat of the same quality at the same price.

£59 each



Rustic Greek Sailing Yacht - DGL6587

Our preferred boat in this price category and we call this our Greek yacht as I saw one quite similar to this off the coast of Corfu about 35 years ago. Interesting sail configuration and off white hull with a red line. Unfortunately we couldn't source a sailor having a swig of ouzo from the stern – that’s how I remembered it! Measures 42 cms in height, 30 cms in width and 6 cms deep.

£25 each



Atlantic Classic Yacht - DGL6588

Highly recommended. A beautifully styled model yacht which comes with the hull and base fixed and ready – you merely have to set up the sails. Beautifully crafted hull in a natural teak and maroon red colour. If looking for a display yacht with the height being around 60 cms this is our choice. Measures 62 cms in height, 42 cms in length and 8 cms deep – these have a beautifully coloured hull in teak and deep red.

£39 each



Rustic Trawler with Sail in Circular Mirror - DGL6980

Wooden mirror with the nautical look inside the mirror and on this piece showing as a sailed tug boat. Measures 24 cms in diameter and 3 cms in depth. Hooks on the back to make life easy when hanging and not so big that you’ll lose half the plaster in your bathroom.

£22.50 each



Carved Smaller Wooden Seahorse - DGL7501xs

These hand carved wooden white seahorses have sold consistently for us for over 15 years now and remain very popular, especially the largest one. What we love about these is that they are not made in factories but by artisans in small workshops in Bali which are usually attached to their homesteads. It would be our wish to source all our merchandise this way and this is something we will work towards as we move, no doubt swiftly, in to the 2020s. Measures 30 cms in height.

£12.95 each



Titanic Clock - DGL7778

We have several clocks, some in liferings, some in wood and this Titanic clock is made of MDF taking one AA battery to operate. Measures 20 cms by 20 cms and 4 cms deep.

£8.95 each



Glass and Metal Fish Wall Art - DGL7842

It’s a very tropical look and light so ever so easy to hang with the brackets on her back. This is suitable for the garden but like all metal wall art is really best for indoor use which will prolong her days a little longer. Measures 51 cms by 34 cms.

£17.95 each



Beach Hut Calendar - DGL6349

Measures 20 cms long, 12 cms high and 10 cms deep.

£12.50 each



Turquoise Ship's Wheel - DGL 6374

Turquoise wooden ships wheel – as requested, and now added to our website with pleasure. Measures 43 cms in diameter and 3 cms deep with a fixing on the back.

£16.95 each



Driftwood Fish Style - DGL6424

Hanging fish on driftwood and a good size for a large fish… suitably nautical in any room. Measures 40 cms by 16 cms in height and 4 cms in depth.

£19.95 each



Posing Nicely Three Beach Ladies - DGL8316

Measuring 15 cms by 9 cms and sold in sets of three.




Beach Couple on Jet Ski - DGL8326

Ceramic nautical novelty with a couple of sun tanned jet skiers setting off for a meander. Measures 10 cms in length, 8 cms in height and 6 cms deep.




Lighthouse Clock - DGL8430

A clock with a lighthouse… made of MDF – nice and light and easy to hang with a fixing on the back. Lighthouse Clock at 20 cms by 20 cms and 4 cms deep.

£7.95 each



Mermaids This Way Sign - DGL7458

Measures 40 cms long, 20 centimetres high and 3 cms deep.

£11.95 each



Hand Carved Kingfisher - DGANDKI

Beautifully carved, in fact hand carved and hand painted by our selected few. Standing on a wooden base too and 25 cms high, 13 cms deep and 7 cms wide. Such brightly coloured birds and seen darting around river banks – if you are lucky.

£19.95 each



Driftwood Christmas Tree - DGL7810

Measuring 100 cms in height. We also have these at 150 cms for £250 pounds – and 200 cms at £350. If you are interested in white washed driftwood Christmas trees we have these in the same sizes and same prices.

£150 each



Goldie Oldie Ex-Pat Beachies - DGL8325

Slightly older beachies more than likely living out their dreams and measuring 10 cms in height by 7 cms wide and 7 cms deep.




Blue Lighthouse with LED Lights - DGL8794

Measuring an impressive 40 cms in height and in blues. These just take one of those little AA batteries and hey presto or captain… a cracking little light up lighthouse for that window sill facing the harbour. 14 cms wide and deep.

£19.95 each



Tall Wooden Red Lighthouse Lamp - DGL7906

At 154 cms – it’s a lighthouse and you will be needing a big area for this beauty in traditional reds. Other measurements are 42 cms by 42 cms and it runs off a socket so you will need electricity running in to your house if you want the lighthouse on. It comes with a smashing shade.

£149 each



Wooden Ships Wheel in Mid Blue - DGL8773

Larger wooden ships wheel in mid blue and whites. Measures 62 cms in diameter with 5 cms depth and a fixing on the back. Attractive nautical décor and we do have some excellent items to support this.

£24.50 each



Ship's Anchor in Pale Blues and Whites - DGL8774

Nicely decorated and hand painted wooden anchor most certainly and recommended for nautical decoration. Measures 61 cms in height, approximate 61 cms across and 5 cms deep with a fixing on the back.

£22.50 each



On Holiday Wooden Sign - DGL7486

On Holiday wooden sign measuring 60 cms by 40 cms with a fixing on the back. A very useful sign to take on holiday with you if you haven’t had a vacation for a long time or sometimes have problems deciding the best option in unfamiliar surroundings.

£12.50 each



Home is Where Your Anchor Drops Apron - DGL6572

Cloth printed apron measuring 75 cms by 75 cms and suitable as a his or hers item. Looks best when cooking fish.

£12.50 each



Tortoiseshell Effect Pen Shell Disc - DGL4002T

Each measures minimum 5 cms and unique crafting sea shell.

£5.95 each



Natural Tumbled Abalone Pieces - DGL4006NAT

500 grammes of natural tumbled abalone pieces most probably for craft work.

£7.95 each



Natural Rough Abalone Pieces 500 grammes - DGL4006R

Ideal for craftwork.

£7.95 each



White Pebbles 2 kilos - DGL4304

2 kilo bag of white pebbles

£5.95 each



Bag of Sea Glass Nuggets - DGL4344

A one kilo bag of glass nuggets.

£5.95 each



Flat Scallop - DGL4032

Flat scallop measuring a minimum of 10 cms. The price is for one scallop and not the pair. Very decorative with unusual colours.

£2.95 each



Wooden Beach Hut Hooks - DGL8165

Wooden beach huts as hooks in a popular pastel seaside style. Measures 30 cms in length by 18 cms high and 3 cms deep.

£14.95 each



Wooden Lighthouse Design - DGL8163

Not so small wooden lighthouse in blues. Measures 26 cms in height, 14 cms across and 9 cms deep.

£14.95 each



Wooden Ship on Stand with Fish - DGL8162

New style wooden ship with bunting above and a fish below. Measures 30 cms in height, 13 cms wide and 4 cms deep.

£9.95 each



Faux Driftwood Yacht - DGL8157

Faux driftwood boat and a new look! Measures 28 cms in height, 22 cms wide and 5 cms deep. We have a limited amount of these as a new design which has had a lot of interest.

£14.95 each



Wooden Quay House Purbeck Style - DGL8160

Measures 18 cms by 8cms by 3 cms. Part of a very popular range we have in the shop. I just watched someone pick one of these off the shelf and offered me a tenner for it without a structural survey. What a bargain for under a fiver and finely crafted in wood.

£4.95 each



Shoal of Wooden Fish - DGL8153

These beautiful fish are swimming to the right, entirely made of wood and only hand crafted to improve your nautical theme. We have these in blue also but swimming the other way! Measures 38 cms long by 18 cms and 6 cms deep – a new product selling very well.

£14.95 each



Two Quayside Cottages with Ladder - DGL8152

Just the two cottages on this wooden design but we like the height and the steepness of the quayside scene – part of the Purbeck range and measures 26 cms in height, 16 cms wide and 7 cms deep.

£19.95 each



Three Wooden Harbour Cottages - DGL8151

With a little ladder too going from the main house down to the water! Part of our Purbeck range and made in wood. Measures 26 cms in height, 23 cms wide and 7 cms deep.

£22.50 each



Quayside Purbeck Wooden Cottage - DGL8150

Part of our Purbeck range and comprises of a single cottage with a ladder down to a small yacht. Measures 25 cms in height, 14 cms wide and 7 cms deep. These are made of wood.

£14.95 each



Wooden Tug Boat - DGL8173

Measures 58 cms long, 20 cms high and 3 cms deep. And of course, like all tug boats were, this one is made of wood. A quirky design and certainly big enough to make a nautical statement!

£14.95 each



Four Purbeck Quayside Houses with Decor - DGL8172

Four pastel coloured seaside houses made of and standing on wood. Measures 50 cms wide, 16 cms high and 5 cms deep. Part of our new Purbeck range.

£24.95 each



Blue Left Swimming Fish - DGL8171

Swimming to the left these fish in shades of blue come completely fixed on a wooden base. Measures 58 cms long so by no means small and most likely to be the feature nautical purchase in their new home. 20 cms high and 3 cms deep.

£14.95 each



Five Purbeck Quay Cottages - DGL8168

Made in wood, measures 30 cms by 16 cms high and 8 cms deep. A collection of 5 quayside cottages – we have named these as part of the Purbeck range (a very pleasant part of Dorset) so you can group and more easily identify several items of this style.

£24.95 each



Three Purbeck Fishermen's Cottages on Wood - DGL8166

Part of our Purbeck range - having a driftwood style and a look like the Purbeck Isle, a little different. Measures 18 cms high, 14 cms wide and 5 cms deep.

£14.95 each



Blue and White Large Lighthouse - DGL7057LB

Large attractive wooden lighthouse made of woodand measuring 50 cms in height and 15 cms in width and depth. White with some additions in deep blue.

£19.95 each



Blue Caravan Seaside Scene - DGS6929

Wooden ornament of a seaside scene with a blue vintage caravan and measuring 6.5 cms in height, 5.5 cms in width. Simple but striking touch of nauticalia for somewhere in a sea themed room.

£7.50 each



Seaside Campsite Wooden Scene - DGS6921

A healthy seaside camping scene made of wood and measuring 20 cms long, 8 cms high and 2.5 cms deep. Although not usually a frontline coastal scene we must say that behind every super beach there are plenty of these.

£19.95 each



Fishing from Beach Huts Wooden Scene - DGS6951

Fishing from beach huts, wooden scene to remind one of the seaside all year round. Made of wood and measuring 10 cms high, 6 cms wide and 2 cms deep so no problems with the window sill.

£8.95 each



Summer Festival Tent Scene - DGS7404

Some of the super festivals are of course staged on and around the south coast – a cool little wooden scene measuring 10 cms in height, 10 cms wide and about 5 cms deep. Please note the scene has one of those expensive glamping tents instead of the standard bell tent.

£9.95 each



Seaside with Caravan Scene - DGS7402

Wooden seaside scene with the pinkest of pink caravans and look at those fish filling the underwater vista. Made of wood and measures 8 cms high, 5.5cms wide and 3 cms deep. Cool nautical ornaments at Dorset Gifts – always a great display of these smaller niche seaside scenic ornaments on the shelves in our shop on Poole Quay.

£8.95 each



Leonard the Lobster Wall Art - DGS6871

Leonard in all his glory now as wall art and measuring 34 cms high. 19 cms wide and 12 cms deep. Wall mountings on the back and designed to be shown on the wall. Made of wood and metal.

£29.50 each



Rolly Wave Wall Art - DGS7364

Wave wall art measuring 44 cms wide, and 41 cms high with a depth of 3 cms. One for the surfers out there. These have brackets on the back to hang from.

£32.50 each



Ring a Fish Wall Art - DGS7365

Ring a Fish wall art in silver measuring 34 cms in diameter and the depth is 3 cms. Attractive and unusual wall art that our most excellent suppliers specialise in. If you’re not sure if you like this one then you probably do.

£39 each



Silver Coloured Nautilus Wall Art - DGS7366

Take a look at our wall art, there’s something for nearly everyone and these recently added silver coloured nautilus wall art measure 22 cms wide and a couple of centimetres in depth for the largest with the 2 others smaller as represented in the picture. Great nautical wall art to stand out and make the difference.

£39 for the three pieces



Starfish Hook Nikel Plated - DGS1987

Starfish nikel plated hook measuring 11 cms in height, 5.5 cms in width and 3 cms in depth. One of our most popular hooks.

£9.95 each



Double Wooden Fish Hooks - DGS7457

Nothing like a wooden double fish hook and measuring almost a foot – 29 cms – in height with the width measuring 12 cms and a depth of 4 cms. Weighs 140 grammes. These have fixings on the back.

£14.95 each



No Riff Raff Except Seagulls - DGS6955

We have had riff raff signs in before but these wooden ones with seagulls are a little bigger at 20 cms in height and 7 cms in width. Always raise a smile in the shop. It is actually a medieval French term referring to the plundering of bodies on the battlefield.

£8.95 each



School of Sardines Trivet - DGS6176

Our range of trivets has been enhanced by the addition of the school of sardines trivet measuring 28 cms in height and 20 cms in width. The depth is approximately 2 cms and these are made of silver coloured metal.

£14.95 each



High Seas Sailboat - DGS6906

Our high seas sailboat stands 12 cms in height, 10 cms wide, the depth is approximately 5 cms. A quirky nautical addition to the bathroom perhaps.

£7.95 each



Diving Penguins on Hanger - DGS7413

£7.95 each



Wading Sanderlings - DGS6225

We like the way the oystercatcher seems to be sending the sanderlings on their way, perhaps back to the Arctic. Width 30 cms, height 7 cms and depth 1.5 cms. 29 grammes in weight.

£17.95 each



Seagull and West Country Pasty - DGS5865

The seagull steals the pasty - a dinky little hanger measuring 8 cms in height and 5 cms in width. The pasty is for decorative uses and is not to be eaten – these disclaimers are now part and parcel of internet retail. Inexpensive quirky nautical décor.

£3.95 each



A Seagull's Lunch - DGS6904

It’s not but this could quite easily be a scene outside our shop – and things are not getting better on a dietary level with our resident seagulls. Made of wood, 10 cms wide and 7 cms high with a depth of 4 cms – cute unique nautical ornament.

£8.95 each



Swooping Seagulls on Wood - DGS7411

Swooping seagulls on wood measuring 14 cms in height and 10 cms wide. The depth of this popular item is 4 cms. We have these on display in our shop on Poole Quay most of the time so if you are in Dorset pop in to view, if you spend over 30 quid apparently you get free ice creams. While eating the ice creams you are likely to be serenaded by plenty of real seagulls.

£13.50 each



Silver Metal Fish on Short Wooden Base - DGS5762

A variation of our larger silver fish ornament and this one measures 19 cms in width with a height of 13 cms. Always a strong seller in our shop – pretty sea themed item.

£14.95 each



Mounted School of Anchovies - DGS6184

Not all anchovies are the same colour, especially when swimming against the tide or when purchased from Dorset Gifts – measuring 7 cms in height and 15 cms wide and all made of tin then fixed to a piece of driftwood – no two are the same.

£14.95 each



Silver Tin Starfish Wall Art - DGS6858

Sea Stars or Starfish make excellent sea themed wall décor and our silver metal starfish measure 50 cms in width and 42 cms in height. Weighing under 100 grammes if it did fall off the wall it shouldn’t cause too much damage but its lightness makes it nice and easy to fix on the wall with brackets on the back.

£27.95 each



Jurassic Jellyfish Smack - DGS6875

A smack of jellyfish, the smack number three, these are the silver metal and wooden types of smack and if you’re wondering about the name…..have you ever come in contact with one. 55 cms high and 14 cms wide is the largest in the middle and the smaller smacks proportionally smaller as seen in the wonderful picture. Metal ziggy zaggy hooks on the back of each.

£59 each



Silver Coloured Box Jellyfish - DGS6874

Unique nautical décor – this box jellyfish – in a silver colour– shouldn’t give anyone a sting. She hangs from high at 49 cms and is 12 cms wide with a depth of 7 cms. Wall art extraordinaire with ziggy zaggy metal hook on the back to secure on a wall (or groyne).

£22.50 each



Follow The Leader Wooden Fish in Swirl - DGS6877

We have our swirl fish in metal and our wooden fish happily swimming in a line but sell most of the wooden swirl fish measuring 45 cms in height and 40 cms in width – a nautical statement produced in wood and nice and easy to hang.

£69 each



Follow The Leader Wooden Fish Wall Art - DGS6876

Wooden sea themed wall art with blue fish measuring 53 cms in length and 20 cms in height. About 8 cms deep with hooks on the back so very easy to hang.

£49 each



Twin Seahorses Wall Art in a Silver Colour - DGS6883

A variation on a theme but one of our best sellers and two seahorses together joined and measuring 40 cms in height and 18 cms wide. Small loop hooks on the back and light enough to only need a very small nail, tack, pin to fix – another reason why we like them!

£15.95 each



Happy Fish Wall Art in a Silver Colour - DGS6946

Looking to the left and measuring 43 cms in length and 50 cms in height – these are coloured silver and are a contemporary piece of wall art, of which we supply many styles not easily found on t’internet or indeed in shops – unless you are in one of those beautiful little towns or seaside villages in Cornwall – where you could source them, but they may cost more.

£24.95 each



Pod of Blue Whales on Driftwood - DGS6195

Our pod of blue whales on a driftwood hanger measure 15 cms wide by 14 cms in height to the top of the rope. Simple but very effective blue sea art to add a little sparkle to a sea themed space.

£9.95 each



Swimming Whales on Driftwood - DGS7321

A pretty group of wooden whales measuring 30 cms in height and 26 cms wide. The depth is 6 cms.

£13.95 each



The Wooden Blue Whale - DGS6864

Our beautiful blue whale is 31 cms long and 25 cms high with a depth of approximately 8 cms. More pictures to follow. Stock limited as only one run of the production of these. Any questions we can always be texted at 07711247762 where we should reply expeditiously.

£23.50 each



A Pod of Dolphins - DGS7310

A wooden pod of dolphins approx. 31 cms in height and 21 cms wide. The depth is approximately 5 cms with nicely shaped and coloured dolphins in full leap.

£15.95 each



Moby Whale in Wood - DGS7337

A wooden free standing Moby whale measuring a healthy 30 cms in length and 16 cms in height. A distinct style of carving gives our Moby a becoming look to grace the mantelpiece or window sill of the most exposed and salt water sprayed seaside cottage.

£19.95 each



Nice Plaice Seaside Ornament - DGS6223

Unique nautical décor with fish and some quayside houses. This measures 19cms in length, 15 cms in height and 3 cms depth.




Porcelain Urchin Trinket Box - DGS6263

Measuring 8 cms in height and 9 cms across, these are useful sea themed trinket or small storage items with lots of different uses and at a great price.

£6.95 each


Resin Sputnik Urchin - DG7639

Probably one of our most picked up items in the shop and pleased to say not dropped too often. You can do what you choose with these although we display with the sputnik empty but you could put some dried flowers in or if your theme is “karma” perhaps pop a few of those incense things and use it as a holder. Not sure, but as we say, plenty of customers notice them! 18 cms diameter across the top and standing 10 cms high. Always carefully packed!

£12.50 each


Ceramic Seagull Votive - DGS3112

Our seagull votive has many uses but probably best not to fill with water – perfect for dried sea themed objects we think! Measures 9 cms by 8 cms. Ceramic nautical decor.

£14.95 each


Ceramic Fish Vase - DGS3384

Ceramic fish vase checking in at 9 cms in height – it just might make the right splash in your home if we can get it to you in one piece. Dorset Gifts is mainly a nautically themed website created in the noughties before all the big boys jumped on the wagon (although quite a few have jumped off now) – we won’t knowingly be beaten on price so buy it off us and see if it’s cheaper anywhere else afterwards!

£14.95 each


Pastel Beach Hut Storage Box with Floats - DG8752

Beach hut storage boxes now sell a lot better than beach hut money boxes. Us nautical types perhaps hoard rather than save. We like these and their rustic carefree look in shades of blue with floats on the front door attached to hemped rope. These open from a hinged top and measure 19 cms in height, 14 cms at the widest and 11 cms deep. For hoarders, the inside of the box measures 12 cms by 3 cms.

£9.95 each



Silver Coloured Sailboat Flotilla - DGS6869

Height 41 cms, width 29 cms, depth 11 cms


£59 each


Sailing the Seas - DGS6937

Height 12 cms, width 7 cms.


£11.95 each


Brittany Tug Boat - DGS7331

Our tug boat isn’t really from Brittany and we mention this as a disclaimer as we wouldn’t want any of our lovely customers to take a ferry to this beautiful part of the world expecting a harbour full of them. You can see them in our shop in Poole though – unless of course we have run out of stock. On the shelf they measure 30 cms in length and 22cms in height so big enough not to have to ask the sales assistant where they are. Pick up a stick of rock too or if buying online mention a stick of rock and I’m sure we can add a stick with Poole written through – for customers outside the UK this is just not particularly funny British seaside humour.

£15.95 each


Swimming Shoal of Wooden Fish - DGS7356

Swimming shoal of fish as decorative nautical wall art measuring 25 cms in length and 16 cms in height. Wooden with hooks on the back and multi coloured - contemporary art with an alternative seaside look.



Tin Sailboat with Fish - DGS4899

On a pebble with 3 silver metal fish and a yacht above – Height 17 cms and width just 10 cms at widest making this item perfect for a specific smaller location.

£11.95 each


Porthole Mirror with Shelf - DGS7303

Wooden mirror with shelf displaying a nautical scene and measuring 35 cms in diameter with hook on the back.

£35 each


Walk the Plank Mirror - DGS7338

It’s a big one - 68 cms by 68 cms and these rustic plank mirrors looking very much part of the ship will lend some nautical ambience to a sea themed home. Hook on the back.

£69 each


Whale Mirror in Wood - DGS7355

Hand carved and decorated wooden whale mirror in pastel colours with a distressed look measuring 60 cms in length and 36 cms in height. Hooks on the back and about 1.5 cms deep. We send all mirrors by Royal Mail Business Services – we find them most reliable with anything glass.

£24.95 each