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Mary Rose Bosun's Call - DG6552


A replica Bosun's Call from the Mary Rose. Just blown on it and the cat has done a runner. These come with a lovely little write up informing you that the Mary Rose was launched in Portsmouth in 1511 etc. Great price for an unusual maritime gift.

£9.95 each


Titanic Whistle - DG1912

Titanic whistle

The whistle that helped Titanic’s First Mate save 700 lives! This is an authentic replica of the Titanic whistle he used so dramatically in the film with Kate Winslet to call her rescuers. This is British made by Acme who supplied the White Star Line in 1912 and the original tooling has been used for this Titanic Whistle Model. Certificate of Authenticity used. The Titanic whistle is a great historic and nautical gift for the nauticalia enthusiast.

£19.50 each


Telescope with Leather Grip and Box - DG15634

Telescopewith leather grip in box

One of a few telescopes that we stock and this one is very attractive in that the extendable telescope has a nice leather grip and this comes with a wooden presentation box which measures 16.5 cms  across. The telescope extends a little longer. If you are looking for a nautically themed gift for the sailor on your life, this attractive telescope with a leather grip in a box fits the bill!



Telescope in Box (Leather Grip) - 40cm - DG15637

Telescope in a box with leather grip

Telescope in a box

Telescopes... can a nautically themed room be complete without one? Invented in Holland over 400 years ago this latter day telescope comes in a pretty wooden box and has a leather grip.

This telescope in a box with leather grip would make a great Xmas or birthday gift or as coastal office decor.



Rivet Lobster  - DG3859

Great detail on our metal rivet lobsters which are lovely displayed flat but customers do like to hang them from walls by their legs. You wouldn't want to paint it pink! We've sold a few of these recently for shop window displays!

Minimum 8 inches long by 5 inches wide.

£13.95 each
£25 for 2



Henry the Hermit Crab  - DG2250

Henry the Hermit crab

Henry the Hermit crab

Designed in hand painted wood (the shell) and tin (Henry himself), he certainly sits serenely in his wooden shell, but he's probably got his eye on a larger shell elsewhere along the shore! What an unusual nautical gift and fun talking point.

12cms high and 15 cms long. 

£15.95 each
£30.00 for 2



Simon the Seahorse - DG7946

A substantial metal seahorse with a mermaidy scaley pink and turquoise body measuring 54 cms in length and 25 cms at widest. He lies flat and has a hook on his back for convenience when hanging. Really for indoor land use!


£19.95 each



Colin the Crab - DG2564

His name's Colin, he's a crab, he's made of tin and he reckons your house would not be complete without him!

12cms by 12 cms. 

£10.95 each
£20.00 for 2



Percy's Dad - DG3076 

We all knew that Percy's dad was going to eventually make an appearance on the Dorset Gifts website. We didn't know where and we didn't know when, but this statuesque piece of nautical tin art has arrived on the Nautical Gifts Page and stands an impressive and proud 25 cms in height. He's 17 cms at his very very widest and 5 cms deep. Happiest when dancing (as pictured) - he enjoys watching mayonaisse being made in the kitchen.

£19.50 each
£35.00 for 2



Sammy The Seahorse - DG2856

We've been out searching attractive seahorse products and this one stands proud on a wooden base at a good 20 cms in height. We have some real Sammy Seahorses here on the Dorset coast (spiny seahorses). They arrive at Studland in Spring to breed and then leave in the Autumn. So Sammy is Sammy the Studland Seahorse really, or he could be. Numbers of the real ones are down sadly and some believe this is due to their natural habitat being eroded by boat anchors. We have limited numbers of Sammy though and he looks great out of water and in your coastal home.

Sammy's base is made of wood and Sammy himself is textured covered shaped tin.

20.5 x 7 x 5 cms


£8.99 each



Blue Metal Anchor Plaque - DG17465



Blue metal anchors - part of a lovely blue metal range to include metal fish and crabs . Our nautical ornament anchor, to be hung from the wall, measures 22 cms in height and is 16 cms maximum across.

£7.95 each


Blue Metal Sacha the Shark Plaque - DG17471



Our blue metal shark plaque - for the wall.  He measures 33 cms and is 11 cms high. He has hooks on the back and he'll look cool and menacing on display.

£9.95 each


Blue Metal Marlin Plaque - DG17474

Blue Metal Marlin Plaque


Don't be put off by what looks to be a bargain price! Our importers for thisBlue Marlin Metal Plaque have been coming to the market for over 50 years. For over fifteen years we have been joining them and these blue metal marlin plaques have been a good call for a touch of the nautical within us. It's stylish and very Key West without the surcharge.

£27.95 each


Henley Megaphone - DG2141

Henley Megaphone

They say Sir Francis Chichester never sailed without a Henley Megaphone, nor should any helmsman or sailing master! This gleaming brass loud-hailer's resonance is calculated to give optimum clarity and range, and is popular with Thames Rowing Club and other rowing clubs all over the Britsh Isles. The Henley Megaphone makes for a terrific nautical gift idea!

31 cms long

£52.50 each


Wooden Ship's Wheel - DG7335

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship Wheel

Heard the one about the pirate who walks in to a bar with a wooden ship's wheel attached to the front of his trousers? The barman says to the pirate..."What's the ship's wheel for?" and the pirate replies "I haven't got a clue but it's driving me nuts". Well we have now decided to sell these Wooden ship's wheels at Dorset Gifts just so that you can break the ice, crack the joke and not get a laugh too. These wooden ship's wheels are a substantial 62 centimetres in circumference and don't come polished like our others but with a natural rustic look. Great as nautical wall decor and a must if you are looking for nautical design ideas but not recommended as a spare ship's wheel on your boat! These ships wheels make great marine gifts but are for decorative purposes only!

62 cms across

£42.50 each
£80 for 2




Cloisonne Starfish - DG18606

Cloisonne Starfish

Cloisonne Starfish
Cloisonne Starfish

These beautiful enamelled cloisonne starfish are a popular nautically themed gift. The image shows the starfish closed and also opened. We sell real starfish, we sell wooden starfish, we sell starfish pictures, we sell starfish gifts so we thought we'd bolt on cloisonne starfish to our ever increasing product range. A nice nautical ornament.

3 cms high x 9 cms long



Larger HMS Victory - Ship in a Dimple Bottle - DG15205

HMS Victory - ship in bottle



A ship in a bottle! It's the HMS Victory in a dimple bottle. It's 15 cms long so one of our largest.





Table Telescope - DGBAT807

Table telescope


This table telescope comes with an attractive small tripod stand so that you can place it on a table by the window to watch the ships come in. The table telescope also has an antique look accentuated by the attractive lens cover.

27cms x 25cms



Fleet Review Telescope - DG7166

Fleet review telescope

The ultimate feature window piece for any home with a nautical setting. In the early 1900s grand clifftop and seaside homes would of course have been considered incomplete without an impressive brass and wooden telescope on the balcony to view the ships sailing past. You can still pick the antique ones up, but they have become very expensive collectors’ pieces. More often than not in the beachside homes you will perhaps occasionally see our reproductions which have been specially made by a former colonial manufacturer who still produces them for his home market. These Fleet Review telescopes are of course popular and sought after due to the elegant styling and the fact that this is a functional item, magnifying 25 times with an object lens of 45 mm. Focusing is by finger-tip twist control, from about 40 yeards to infinity. The sheesham wood tripod, which is similar in appearance and feel to teak, has solid brass fittings and is height adjustable on each leg to compensate for uneven surfaces. The brass barrel length is 1 metre and the tripod height adjustable from approximately 110 to 180 centimtres. Time to watch the ships sail past?

£650 each


Metal Fishermen - DG8642

A good catch.

18.5 x 15 x 13 cm


£18.50 each


Metal Mermaid Door Knocker - DG8622

We're big fans of knockers here at Dorset Gifts and this Mermaid and ship's wheel is a fine example.

15.5 x 12 x 6.5 cm


£9.95 each


Metal Boat Race - DG8602

22 x 23.5 x 17.4 cm


£29 each


Set of Two Mini-tankards in Wooden Presentation Box - DG 15658

Mini-tankards in Wooden Presentation Box

Tankards in Wooden Presentation Box

These mini-tankards in a box are a very popular nautical gift. These brass mini tankards are presented in a natural wooden box and should, in our opinion, only be filled with the Captain's spiced Navy rum! A maritime nautical feature for the office desk or home mantlepiece. These little tankards probably hold about 125 ml of fluids each.




Set of Two Whisky Shots in a Presentation Box - DG15663 

Whisky Shot glasses in a Presentation Box

Whisky Shots in a Presentation Box

To complement our mini tankards, these brass whisky shot glasses come in a high quality presentation wooden box and could quite probably also be used for drinking rum! These whisky shot glasses make a great maritime gift for the sailor in your life.




Harbour Master Telescope - DG7165

Harbour Master telescope

Harbourmaster telescope

This Harbour Master telescope is a smaller version of the Fleet Review telescope above which would give a maritime themed touch to a desk or table. The Harbour Master telescope has twelve times magnification with a 3cms object lens and the barrel is approximately 45 cms long fully extended. The tripod adjusts from 42 to 62 centimtres.

£149 each OUT OF STOCK


Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Our wooden ships' wheels are made to a traditional style and of solid timber. They make a great nautically decorative item or maritime gift. These wooden ships wheels are of course decorative and not to be used for serious seagoing pursuits! Measurements are from spoke tip to tip and the brass centre hub looks as good on the wall as it does in the picture. They are available in a variety of different sizes.

30 cms diameter DG15605
£29 each


41 cms diameter DG15603
£39 each


56 cms diameter DG 15604
£49 each