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Nautilus Pendant - DGNP50

Nautilus Pendant
Nautilus Pendant in White

Nautilus Pendant in Black
Nautilus Pendant in Black

Nautilus Pendant in Blue
Nautilus Pendant in Blue

Our very real, rare and beautiful nautilus pendants are handmade and consist of a genuine nautilus shell 50mm in length surrounded by a 925 sterling silver mount.

These nautilus pendants are truly unique pieces of seashell jewellery.

This nautilus pendant is quite stunning, eye-catching jewellery in real silver with a real nautilus shell and nice nautical gift for the woman in your life.

According to the papers, shell based jewellery is in vogue, so don't get left behind!

Available In white, black, blue and natural.

£19.95 each without chain



Nautilus Pendant
Pearlised Nautilus Pendant


Nautilus Pendant - DGNP40

Nautilus Pendant
Pearlised Nautilus Pendant

Like our larger pendants above, these necklaces are made from a real nautilus shell but are slightly smaller in size, coming in at 40mm in length and 35mm width.

These too have a 925 sterling silver mount.

Available In pearlised and natural.

£15 each without chain





Ammonite Pendant - DGPK240

Nautical pendants aside we have some attractive ammonite pendants too, measuring approximately 4 cms in length with chain and presentation box. The ammonites are from Madagascar and have been sliced and polished to show the crystal filled internal chambers. In life, millions of years ago, these chambers would have contained gas to keep the creatures buoyant in the water. A nice nautical gift for women.


£8.95 each



Four Beach Style Necklaces

Sea themed shell necklaces

Beach themed necklaces - some for boys and some for girls and with seashells or a seaside look. These are great as stocking fillers and we will send four of our best sellers - not necessarily identical to the ones pictured but certainly current styles.


£9.95 for four necklaces



Four Beach Style Bracelets

Sea themed shell bracelets

Standard sized beach style bracelets and all four or four very similar at a bargain price of £7.99.


£7.99 for four bracelets