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Beach Hut Style Bucket – 13 cms - DGKT5102

One of  two  tin buckets for sale in our shop and online. There have been some creative uses for these and this smaller one measures approximately 13 cms in height and diameter at the top.

£4.95 each



Beach Hut Tin Bucket 16 cms high - DGKT5103

A tin bucket measuring approximately 16 cms in height with a diameter across the top of 20 cms. Lots of uses for these, we have one use but are keeping it a secret. Colourful beach hut design right round the bucket and makes a nice beach themed garden ornament.

£7.95 each



Porcelain Trinket Box with Silver Anchor - DGS6258

Porcelain trinket box made suitably nautical by the inclusion of a silver anchor to lift the lid. The picture was taken on a stormy afternoon on Poole Quay and it was quite a challenge to get the picture illustrating the lid partly off the main body, in fact – it’s now somewhere in the depths of the harbour now. Measuring 8 cms in diameter and 9 cms to the top of the anchor, this makes a nice gift for a nautical home.

£5.95 each



Ceramic Tealight House - DGL5617

One of our larger nautical tea light ceramics and a lovely pastel blue colour – suitable of course for a tea light and for use inside ot outside. These ceramic seaside themed tea light houses remain very popular as nautical home decor items. Measurements 25 cms high, 16 cms wide and 10 cms deep.

£24.95 each



Pastel Seaside Cottage with Tea Light - DGL5609

Recommended nautical quayside ceramics and useful too as they can take a tea light for the new romantics out there. Unfortunately it’s against our religion to supply these but with the wooden and metal handle and the pastel ceramic cottage you’re going to look dashing walking out in to the garden or on to the balcony as the sun sets on those memorable Summer nights. Measures 26 cms in height, 17 cms in width and 10 cms wide.

£19.95 each



Rustic Seaside Cottages Wooden Plaque - DGL6985

Measures 20 cms in height, 20 cms in width, 4 cms deep. This wooden plaque shows a quayside home and a rather pretty lighthouse. There could well be the perfect place for this piece of seaside decor in your nautically themed bathroom or bedroom?

£17.95 each



Carved Smaller Wooden Seahorse - DGL7501xs

These hand carved wooden white seahorses have sold consistently for us for over 15 years now and remain very popular, especially the largest one. What we love about these is that they are not made in factories but by artisans in small workshops in Bali which are usually attached to their homesteads. It would be our wish to source all our merchandise this way and this is something we will work towards as we move, no doubt swiftly, in to the 2020s. Measures 30 cms in height and is a lovely nautically themed gift.

£12.95 each



Wooden Quay House Purbeck Style - DGL8160

Measures 18 cms by 8cms by 3 cms. Part of a very popular range we have in the shop. I just watched someone pick one of these off the shelf and offered me a tenner for it without a structural survey. What a bargain for under a fiver and finely crafted in wood.

£4.95 each



Two Quayside Cottages with Ladder - DGL8152

Just the two cottages on this wooden design but we like the height and the steepness of the quayside scene – part of the Purbeck range and measures 26 cms in height, 16 cms wide and 7 cms deep. Nice nautical home decor.

£19.95 each



Three Wooden Harbour Cottages - DGL8151

With a little ladder too going from the main house down to the water! Part of our Purbeck range and made in wood. Measures 26 cms in height, 23 cms wide and 7 cms deep.

£22.50 each



Quayside Purbeck Wooden Cottage - DGL8150

Part of our Purbeck range and comprises of a single cottage with a ladder down to a small yacht. Measures 25 cms in height, 14 cms wide and 7 cms deep. These are made of wood.

£14.95 each



Four Purbeck Quayside Houses with Decor - DGL8172

Four pastel coloured seaside houses made of and standing on wood. Measures 50 cms wide, 16 cms high and 5 cms deep. Part of our new Purbeck range.

£24.95 each



Five Purbeck Quay Cottages - DGL8168

Made in wood, measures 30 cms by 16 cms high and 8 cms deep. A collection of 5 quayside cottages – we have named these as part of the Purbeck range (a very pleasant part of Dorset) so you can group and more easily identify several items of this style.

£24.95 each



Three Purbeck Fishermen's Cottages on Wood - DGL8166

Part of our Purbeck range - having a driftwood style and a look like the Purbeck Isle, a little different. Measures 18 cms high, 14 cms wide and 5 cms deep.

£14.95 each



Silver Resin Fish - DG8802

Our silver resin fish stand upright on their own and are 18 cms long and 13 cms tall with a depth of about 5 cms. Anglers amongst you could perhaps inform us of the species of fish!  He's looking handsome though and with apologies he doesn't have any green sheen, that's the reflection of the trees behind us!  

£12.95 each
£25 for 2



Silver Resin Long-tailed Fish - DG8804

I'm quite sure that while snorkelling in the Maldives, I have been overtaken by one of these - and with both eyes fixed on me! Our resin silver long tailed fish measures 21 cms in length, 15 cms long and at £15.95 you can save the airfare.

£15.95 each


Resin Silver Starfish - DG 8805

What's more enchanting than a resin silver starfish  measuring 15 cms in diameter and 4 cms deep. Priced to sell at £6.99 or 2 for £12. One of these with a lobster?

£6.99 each
£12 for 2



Silver Resin Crab - DG8800

Our new range of resin silver sealife has sold out twice and we are trying hard to keep these in stock! The crab at a respectable 23 cms in length should have plenty of meat on it! He's 17 cms deep and 4 cms thick!

£17.95 each
£30 for 2




Silver Resin Bursa Bulba Shell - DG8809

Resin silver bursa bulba shells are chunky at 14 cms long, 10 cms high and quite deep at 8 cms. A compact medium sized resin silver sealife ornament. Can also be displayed lip down. Either way it's a nice seaside inspired ornament.

£14.50 each
£25 for 2



Porcelain and Metal Clam Shell - DGS6898

Silver metal clam

This silver metal and porcelain clam measures 10 cms in height, 9 cms deep and 9 cms wide. Atractive unusual design based on the design of a clam shell and made of porcelain. An elegant piece of seaside decor.

£8.95 each


Metal Conch Seashell - DG8502

Metal conch seashell

Probably not the best picture of these beautiful silver coloured metal conch shells but very much the look this year and we promise to add a few more pictures!  At 19 cms in length,  16 cms high and 12 cms deep, these metal conch seashells are a nice size for a side table or windosill. The metal conch seashells are limited in supply and these look rather nice displayed with the other metal seashells we have added to the site.

£35 each


Silver Metal Spinusus Shell - DG8503

Silver Metal Spinusus Shell

Silver coloured metal spinusus seashell and looks great alongside our metal conch shell  - these fast selling metal seashells come in some of the more interesting seashell patterns and this lovely item is 39 cms long. 18 cms high and 16 cms deep.  This silver metal spinusus shell is one for the bathroom or living room.  We will beat any price elsewhere and even have a chat with you about this Silver Metal Spinusus Shell give us a call on 01202 285163 seven days a week.

£22.50 each


Silver Metal Terebra Seashell - DG8504

Silver coloured metal, this is how we describe these as 16 years in retail and several years in internet retail means if we left the “coloured” part of the description out someone from trading standards will be ringing the bell. Very beautiful though (and silver coloured metal), terebras are one of our favourite seashells and attractive for display.

These are 50 cms long, 9 cms high and 5 cms deep and we won’t charge you too much in postage and packing to dispatch to your door. These look rather nice alongside our other (silver coloured) metal conch shells and spinusus shells.

£16.95 each


Silver Metal Clam - DG8505

Silver Metal Clam

Our silver coloured metal clams are representative of a seashell no longer being imported in to the UK so really, perhaps these are the best way to remember them, unless of course you scuba dive. They are very beautiful and a reminder of all things stunning in the deep blue sea.

Our silver metal clams measure 53 cms in length, are 35 cms deep and approximately 12 cms high.  Excellent for classic nautical décor and just under £100. We can display these Silver Metal Clams to touch and feel in our shop on Poole Quay, but always email first at to ensure we bring one down from "internet headquarters!"

£99 each
£180 for 2



Metal Salmon Bookends - DG8507

Metal Salmon Bookends

Not quirky, more classy - we like these silver coloured metal salmon bookends which are 24 cms long (each) and 12 cms high. These Metal Salmon Bookends are a nice nautical addition for those fish cook books in the kitchen!



Silver Metal Scallop Shell Dish - DG8558

 Silver Metal Scallop Shell Dish

These quite charming silver coloured metal scallop shell dishes are 38 cms long, 32 cms deep and approximately 12 cms high and make for excellent décor (with a practical use) for nautically themed homes. Get a Silver Metal Scallop Shell Dish - great nautical accessory for holding your bits and bobs!

£59 each


Silver Metal Nautilus Shell - DG8559

Silver Metal Nautilus Shell

Our silver coloured metal nautilus display shells have the look of the pearlised nautili with a little more weight and clearly these would be harder to break (therefore easier to post!) These Silver Metal Nautilus Shell are excellent nautical décor and part of our very popular range of silver metal seashells. Very much a current look and please email if there are any silver metal seashells you require but don’t see up here as we have new stock arriving every week.

25 cms long, 19 cms high and approximately 14 cms deep.

£45 each


Silver Coloured Metal Seahorse - DG8500

Metal Seahorse

Our metal seahorse is often sold in combination with our metal seashells and looks great if you are looking for an ornament with height. Classy and decorative, our metal seahorse is a winner.

10 x 6.5 x 28cms high

£19.50 each
£35 for 2




Metal Triton Shell - DG8515

Metal Triton Shell

This Metal Triton Shell is part of the heavier metal range rather than the resin silver range which is much lighter. Looking for an elegant addition to your decor? Then this metal Triton sea shell fits the bill.

13 x 13 x 38cm

£29 each



Blue Caravan Seaside Scene - DGS6929

Wooden ornament of a seaside scene with a blue vintage caravan and measuring 6.5 cms in height, 5.5 cms in width. Simple but striking touch of nauticalia for somewhere in a sea themed room.

£7.50 each



Seaside Campsite Wooden Scene - DGS6921

A healthy seaside camping scene made of wood and measuring 20 cms long, 8 cms high and 2.5 cms deep. Although not usually a frontline coastal scene we must say that behind every super beach there are plenty of these.

£19.95 each



Fishing from Beach Huts Wooden Scene - DGS6951

Fishing from beach huts, wooden scene to remind one of the seaside all year round. Made of wood and measuring 10 cms high, 6 cms wide and 2 cms deep so no problems with the window sill.

£8.95 each



Summer Festival Tent Scene - DGS7404

Some of the super festivals are of course staged on and around the south coast – a cool little wooden scene measuring 10 cms in height, 10 cms wide and about 5 cms deep. Please note the scene has one of those expensive glamping tents instead of the standard bell tent.

£9.95 each



Seaside with Caravan Scene - DGS7402

Wooden seaside scene with the pinkest of pink caravans and look at those fish filling the underwater vista. Made of wood and measures 8 cms high, 5.5cms wide and 3 cms deep. Cool nautical ornaments at Dorset Gifts – always a great display of these smaller niche seaside scenic ornaments on the shelves in our shop on Poole Quay.

£8.95 each



Resin Sputnik Urchin - DG7639

Probably one of our most picked up items in the shop and pleased to say not dropped too often. You can do what you choose with these although we display with the sputnik empty but you could put some dried flowers in or if your theme is “karma” perhaps pop a few of those incense things and use it as a holder. Not sure, but as we say, plenty of customers notice them! 18 cms diameter across the top and standing 10 cms high. Always carefully packed!

£12.50 each


Porcelain Urchin Trinket Box - DGS6263

Measuring 8 cms in height and 9 cms across, these are useful sea themed trinket or small storage items with lots of different uses and at a great price. A nice maritime themed gift.

£6.95 each


Ceramic Seagull Votive - DGS3112

Our seagull votive has many uses but probably best not to fill with water – perfect for dried sea themed objects we think! Measures 9 cms by 8 cms. Ceramic nautical decor.

£14.95 each


Ceramic Fish Vase - DGS3384

Ceramic fish vase checking in at 9 cms in height – it just might make the right splash in your home if we can get it to you in one piece. Dorset Gifts is mainly a nautically themed website created in the noughties before all the big boys jumped on the wagon (although quite a few have jumped off now) – we won’t knowingly be beaten on price so buy it off us and see if it’s cheaper anywhere else afterwards!

£14.95 each


Wooden Duo of Whales - DG6159

Wooden duo of whales model

Our hand carved wooden duo of whales are excellent nautical wall décor and unusual too as certainly not to be found up and down any high street. These are designed by a small UK team who have high standards and are very easy to deal with!!  The Wooden Duo of Whales is a recommended product for all whale lovers.

25 cms by 16 cms by 36 cms.

£32.50 each


Duo of Blue Whales - DG5752

Duo of Blue Whales

Majestic blue whales as wall art. Not as big as the real thing but you wouldn’t want it to be! This Duo of Blue Whales is made of distressed reclaimed tin and excellent coastal themed art. Measures 33 cms in length, 21 cms in height and 7 cms off the wall.

£23.50 each


Beach Driftwood Pieces - DG7813

Beach driftwood pieces

Beach driftwood pieces for all kinds of work and these come in nice chunks - the smaller being about 3 inches and thicker and the longer pieces measuring in at around 6 inches but they're thinner. A great assortment of beach driftwood pieces for all kinds of uses and nicely dried so quite light - ten pieces will weigh just over 100 grammes. We'll take requests for certain sizes of beach drfitwood pieces but we'll usually selll a cross section and good varied assortment. Craft makers tend to like the smaller pieces as out on the Dorset coast it's easier to come across larger driftwood. I have a story about once taking my kayak over to Brownsea Island and finding all manner of beautiful driftwood so I filled the hull and paddled the mile or so back to Poole Quay but didn't quite get through the shipping lane upright - much easier just adding driftwood to your cart!

£0.60 for 1 piece
£5.50 for 10 pieces
£10.00 for 20 pieces



Decorative Mopani Wood

Decorative mopani wood

Mopani Wood

Decorative Mopani wood
One kilo mopani pieces are about 30 cms long

Mopane Wood


Real mopani (or mopane) driftwood originates from the northern parts of Southern Africa and is found nowhere else in the world. It is one of Africa's heaviest timbers and is sometimes even used for building houses, but here in the UK the wood is increasingly being used for interior and exterior decorative reasons as drfitwood decor.

Over the last year we have had more and more enquiries from interior designers and even other retailers to buy mopani wood for display and "stand alone" decor. Mopani wood is a completely natural product and no two pieces are the same. They do of course vary in size and a smaller piece measuring several inches is likely to weigh around a kilo. Large pieces, of decorative mopane wood like the images shown are likely to weigh six or seven kilos and can be up to 20 to 24 inches in height and 18 inches in diameter.

For larger orders our prices will be below wholesale and the most competitive in the UK. Contact us with your requirements.

We hand pick the very best from large stock quantities but if there are particularly shapes you think you require please add a note in the shopping cart check out. The outdoor images are of a perfect piece which can be used as a feature in any room of the home and which jewellers and other corporate buyers have been buying for display purposes.

Please enter the weight you require below but bear in mind the smallest pieces will weigh about a kilo and be several inches long.

Oh and by the way... the nautical connection is tropical fish, because they absolutely love this stuff in their fish tanks (without the jewellery or Rolex watches though). Mopani wood is often used in aquariums because it doesn't decompose as quickly as other woods. Mopani wood for aquariums direct from Dorset Gifts!

If you have any questions about sizes or quantity (we have these large and small) please give Jamie a call on 07711 247762.

£6.99 per kilo

Weight of piece required:

Mopani Wood
Mopane Wood


Nautical Boat Calendar Block - DG7170

Very popular line around Christmas time but useful the whole year round.

19 cms high and 10 cms wide - this boat calendar is made of wood and a great nautical gift for under a tenner! Very nice detail too and good for a nautical item display.

£9.95 each


White and Blue Paddle Coat Rack - DG7754

Paddle Coat Rack

Oar Paddle Coat Rack

Paddle Coat Rack


These rather nice boat paddle or oar coatracks have three strong hooks and the perfect nautical look and means to hang some seafaring attire. End to end they measure 115 cms and the paddle at its widest is approximately 15 cms. Two hooks on each end of the oar coatrack require a couple of nails to make hanging this lovely decorative item as simple as can be. The paddle coatracks are one of our best selling nautical accessory lines this year and as well as being decorative, they make a good nautical dispaly item. We have these in white and blue paddle coatracks in slightly larger sizes too - so please email for a size and a quote.

115 cms long by 15 cms at their widest.

£19.50 each
£35 for 2


Wooden Basket with Fish - DG55956

With a roped handle and pastel blue and whites (plus the fish) and measuring 23 cms across and about the same in height, this nautical basket has many uses not least as a nautical spare toilet roll holder and a perfect accessory in the nautical themed bathroom.

£15.95 each
£30 for 2


White Decorative Wooden Seahorse

White Decorative Wooden Seahorse

Decorative Wooden Seahorse

Our white wooden decorative seahorses are all handcarved and painted in white and make charming displays for those awkward corners of a beach style nautical home or nautical interior. We sell these white decorative wooden seahorses in three sizes. At 60 centimetres the white decorative wooden seahorse listed as small is quite substantial but they "grow" right up to 100 centimetres. This is a new line for us this year selling fast in our shops. The mosaic design is currently just selling in our shops but please email us if you are interested in this design and we can check stock and prices for you.

60cms high £19.99
80cms high £29.50
100cms high £39.99



Nautical Knot Door Stop - DG7255

Nautical Knot Door Stop

Nautical Knot Doorstop

We sell some interesting nautical door stop products on our site and this is one of the best. Our nautical knot door stop! Incidentally, a nautical knot in speed terms is equal to 1.15 land miles per hour. This information could be useful to you one day, but these of course are the other type of knots and we'd say are essential nautical decor for any sea themed home. They weigh over a kilo apiece so are an object perhaps not to consider if your wife/husband throws things at you, but on a serious note look classy and fitting in any beachy home - most poular destinations are bathrooms and living rooms! Attractive maritime rope effect on this nautical rope doorstop which would be good in a nautical item display.

14 cms high extending to 30cms at top of the rope.

£16.95 each
£30 for 2



Decorative Lobster Pots

Decorative lobster pots

Decorative Lobster Pots

Decorative Lobster Pots

Decorative Lobster Pots

Ever been in a nautical pub or nautical restaurant in the West Country? If so you will be sure to have seen these decorative lobster pots adorning the walls and ceilings of said establishments. But they are not only for pubs and restaurants, these decorative lobster pots look equally good in any nautically themed home or shop window display. So if you are looking for nautical window display ideas, these fit the bill. We've also sold a number of these as nautical props for theatre.

19 ins Large £24.99
12 ins Medium £18.99
9 ins Small £13.99




Bone China T Light Sea Urchin - DG1959

Bone china sea urchin

Well, we sell real sputnik sea urchins, alfonso sea urchins and many more... so when we came across these real bone china sea urchin t-lights and admired not only the seaside "glow" but also the size and beachy look of these, we knew we had to sell them. You just need to take the top off and place  a t-light inside in the little dish. It will out-shine any real sputnik sea urchin in its vicinity. These nautical t lights stand an impressive 9 cms high and 9 cms in diameter and make for a pretty marine decoration.

£17.50 each
£34 for 2



Nice Plaice Seaside Ornament - DGS6223

Unique nautical décor with fish and some quayside houses. This measures 19cms in length, 15 cms in height and 3 cms depth.




Rocking Harbour Homes - DG5007


These rocking products are going to be a good seller this year and the harbour homes, which are made of wood, rock at 20 cms long and 14 cms high - if you've got one of these seaside inspired ornaments on the beach table chances are your friends and enemies will ask you where it's from - fancy being our agent?




Houses and Fish Nautical Ornament - DG4992


With the fish down deep, the ladder in place and the seaside houses (the one on the right looks like our shop!) this really is one of our favourite little ornaments. Made of wood and unique. 11 cms high and 6 cms wide.




Steep Hill and Buoys on Wooden Block - DG4994


And it is a steep hill too so the various buoys hanging over the edge are a good nauitcal display idea - made of wood and quite unique - not to be easily found elsewhere! Approximately 10 cms high and 10 cms long - that's a 1 in 2 hill!




Wooden Ship's Propellor Model - DG7536

Wooden Ship's Propellor

Another interesting nautically themed line, a rustic brown coloured wooden ship's propellor which sells well alongside our wooden ship's wheel. These wooden propellor models have been made from a nice heavy hardwood and are suitable to be hung from walls and hung from walls only. As with our nautical ship's wheel we recommend this is only used for decorative purposes and never to propel a boat... not even in the direst of circumstances, thousands of miles from land in a tropical storm. If your boat develops a propellor fault please may we refer you to your motorboating handbook and the RNLI "Things to do when..." leaflet. Please leave this wooden ship's propellor model on the wall. A very popular addition to the decor of nautical themed pubs and restaurants or any nautical interior.

43cms across

£24.95 each


Sailor Pair - 56110

Sailor Pair

Novelty sailor ornaments in a funky design to place on our boat book cases or to scatter around seaside bathrooms. Perfect little gifts for the sailor in your family. Hand painted in a popular blue and at a nice price so why not add these nautical characters to your order!

7.5 cms and 12 cms in height


Decorative Sailor Pair


Sailaway Nautical Bunting - DG6515


Nautical bunting

Seaside bunting


It took me half my life to work out what bunting actually was. I always knew it was a certain attacking move in American baseball and something to do with rabbits but never knew just how popular and pretty nautical bunting could be! Not easy to take photos of though so we apologise for the images but feel displayed this way you get a better feel for the detail of the seaside themed polyester flags which measure 18 cms in depth along a length of approximately 260 centimetres. This nautical bunting will add a generously sized dash of decoration to a nautical home, sea themed occasion, beach side wedding or anywhere where nautical decor is called for. Please e mail us for new styles which we are sourcing and selling in our shop. We won’t be beaten on price either for bulk orders of bunting. Just request a quote.

260 x 18 cms

£9.99 each



Red Ensign Flags

Nautical Red Ensign Flags


Red Ensign flags or “red dusters” date right back to the 17th Century and were flown by the Royal Navy and more latterly British Merchantmen. These are made from high quality rot-resistant polyester. We have a great-value printed range as well as the heavy duty sewn versions. These are supplied in individual blister packs with euroslots. The best in nautical decor as well as more practical sailing reasons, they also add a patriotic touch to any conservatory or garden.


3/4 yard (68 cms by 34 cms) £27.99 each or 2 for £50

1 yard (90 x 45 cms) £29.99 each or 2 for £50

1 and a quarter yard (114cms by 56 cms) £39.99 each or 2 for £75

1 and a half yard (137 cms by 68 cms) £44.99 each or 2 for £ 85

2 yards (183 by 91 cms) £64.99 each or 2 for £120


Size and Quantity:


1/2 yard (45cms by 22cms) £6.99 each

3/4 yard (68cms by 34cms) £8.99 each

1 yard (90cms by 45cms) £10.99 each

1 1/4 yard (114cms x 56cms) £15.99 each

1 and a half yard (137cms x 68cms) £20.99 each





Sounds of the Sea Metal Mermaid - DG8600

These beautifully sculptured metal mermaids have been received well, as mermaids usually are and she is certainly divine, measuring 50 cms high and 26 cms  across with a depth of 21 cms.  Although we know mermaids are usually solitary if you want to catch two there's a small discount.

£99 each
£180 for 2


Our Diving Mermaid - DG8675 

A beautiful giant metal ornament on a stand of  a diving mermaid - a unique piece made of metal and standing 117 cms high, 40 cms at its widest and 65 cms deep. We have several more images to add so please email us at if you would like these sent to you.



 Wooden Boat Candle Holder - DG7199

Wooden Boat Candle Holder

This Wooden Boat Candle Holder is nearly two feet long so perfect as a table centrepiece and these wooden and roped wooden candle holders measure 58 cms in length, and approximately 9 cms in depth and height with all the tea light holders sitting comfortably in the boat!



  Capstan Double Tealight Holder - DG11213

Our capstan double tea light holders are made of resin in a very nautical blue with rope and anchor and a great little helper for some nautical ambience. One of our favourite nautical themed tea lights.



 Turquoise Wire Fish Tea Light Holder- DG52794

Turquoise and green wired pot tealight with swimming fish and made in to a 10 cms high tealight holder. Unique nautical sea themed decor.



 Ceramic Blue and White Tea Light Lighthouse - DG52851

Ceramic blue and white lifering lighthouse which sets that nautical look both inside and out. Great for outside bars, bathrooms, well just about anywhere - even on the beach. Tea lights not included because they are really cheap in bulk! It's a whopping 26 cms tall and probably our best seller in lighthouses with the new sea themed cool colours!



 Rope Hanging Fish Thermometer - DG8726

Feel and measure the heat along the body of our pastel fish. It's 38 cms from the end of the fish to the top of the rope and approximately 11.5 cms at its widest.



Giant Bunch of Hanging Fish - DG6333

Our giant bunch of hanging fish. They come in different sizes but the largest measurement from the top of the rope is 70 cms by 20 cms across and approximately 20 cms deep. They are of course white and an impact feature for nautical display.

£19.95 each
£35 for 2


Handcarved Wooden Buddha - DG7247

These are available in brown or white and we think they are the best carved wooden Buddha heads for the money!

25cms - £19.95 each
40 cms - £23.50 each






 Crab Tea Light Holder - DG7845 

And the tea light folks is behind the glass giving a wonderful lighting effect to the crab which has been hand made from glass and metal.

56 cms high and 35 cms at widest



Glass and Metal Seahorse Tea Light Holder - DG7850

Another popular glass and metal tea light holder, this time featuring a seahorse with the tea light holder directly behind the glass.

£12.95 each
£20 for 2


Nautical Decorative Light Pulls

Fish Nautical Light Pull - DG1129
Fish length is 5.5cm on a length of cord

Spiral Shell Nautical Light Pull - DG1135
Shell 10cm

Single Fish Nautical Light Pull - DG1137
This heavy weight fish pull is a class act It lifts any bathroom, get rid of those nasty plastic things!
11cm long plus cord

Sea Horse Nautical Light Pull - DG1986
Height 8cm

£8.99 each
£18.00 for two

If you would like to order two items of different design, choose '2 items' in the Amount box, add to your shopping basket and let us know in the Special Request box on the next page, which design you would actually like us to send you.





Ceramic free standing signs - Set of four - DG7263

Ceramic beach themed self standing signs

20 x 20 x 1.5 cms



Bone China Shell Votive - DG1953

Decorative shell in bone china. Ideal for keeping small items or just for decorative purposes.

10 x 7 cms


£17.95 each


Decorative Fish Bucket - DG3830

This pretty bucket with fish cutouts would be great as a desk-tidy or to hold a small plant pot. Not recommended for keeping Joey, your goldfish though.


10 x 9.5 x 9cms


£7.99 each


Hammock - DG7505


Nautical hammock

This nautically inspired hammock is perfect for stringing between two trees or other stable objects in your garden. Ideal for relaxing outdoors during the three sunny days which traditionally make up the British summer.

92 x 210 cm


£49 each


Silver Resin Lobster - DG8806

Super sized for a classic nautically themed decoration at 36 cms long,  8 cms high and 15 cms wide. One of our best sellers this year.

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Distressed Wooden Heart - DG3061

Distressed look wooden heart outdoor decoration

Distressed look wooden heart which makes a great outdoor garden decoration or a coastal decoration for the house.

The rustic look of this distressed wooden heart fits in well with a shabby chic style of decor.

31cm x 20cm x 1cm

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