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Great Sellers of the Past

Over the last decade online and 20 years in the shop there have been some strong sellers which through no fault of their own have disappeared from production. Lest we forget we have grouped some of the best together for you and us to take a look at from time to time and either reminisce or go to lengths to source something similar in the future. If any of these are of interest it may be worth dropping us a line as only a quarter of our stock ever gets on to our websites.



Large White Wooden Nautical Mirror -  DG9086

Large nautical mirror

This large white wooden nautical mirror is part of our East 96 range and that's what it says on the tin or rather the mirror in the top left hand corner. This large white wooden nautically designed mirror measures 80 cms in height and 60 cms across, probably 3 cms deep and we try and pack to perfection. If indeed this is a style you like please don't hesitate to drop us an email for the rest of this range, not all of which we sell online. We have hooks on boards, wooden stools, wooden shelves, drawers and even trunks all indelibly stamped somewhere with a navigational nautical design. Fancy a bedside table  - we've got the look for you. But back to the mirror - this Large White Wooden Nautical Mirror is a handsome addition to any nautically themed bathroom or bedroom.

£69 each


Noughts and Crosses with Wooden Box - DG576

Noughts and Crosses with Wooden Box

Noughts and crosses with brass game pieces In a polished wooden box. An ideal gift or as decor in an office.

Height 5cm x Depth 13cm x Width 13cm.



African Queen Model Boat - DG11122

African Queen Model Boat

Our African Queen model boat is 20 cms and based on the one built of steel in the UK in 1912 and which saw service on the Victoria Nile. 

Close to our hearts here in Poole too as Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart shot parts of the film, The African Queen in Poole Harbour and on Poole Quay. We are even told our shop is in the film! Video not thrown in unfortunately!

This model of the African Queen boat would make a great gift for a film buff.

£9.95 each


Paddle Key Rack - DG7435

Paddle Key Rack

Paddle Key Rack

Our suppliers describe these as paddle coat racks but they're 40 cms long and 7 cms deep so we're going with paddle key racks - everything about these says "keys" and not "coats" but check the size and hang from the decorative paddle what you feel comfortable with. Our Paddle Key Rack is certainly a dainty nautical good selling seaside decor line (for keys).  

£9.95 each
£18 for 2


Set of five fish on spikes - DGZY156

Fish on spikes made of wood with many uses. We're starting a blog on all the uses these have been put to, do something nautically unique with them and surprise us.

28 x 16 x 2.5 cms

£8.99 for one set of five
£15 for two sets


Starfish Rustic Boat - DG8707

We call this our Starfish Boat in order to help us to identify this blue and white boat with a starfish in the sail. It is made of wood and is an impressive 32 cms high and 28 cms long.

£14.95 each
£27 for 2


Gold Turbo Borghese DG4067G

Gold Turbo Borghese Shell

Gold Turbo Borghese Shell

It rained when we wanted to take this picture of our stunning gold turbo borghese seashell. A very unusual look and if you're interested, this one was kept dry by being placed inside the lip of a specimen trumpet triton. Fantastic seashells and we only have a limited quantity - not one for your average shell shop and they'll make a special present to be kept for life. The shiny colour of the Gold Turbo Borghese makes them very eye-catching and these make great shop window display props.

7 to 8 cms

£8.99 each
£15 for 2



Metal Beach Wallhooks - DG8541

Metal Beach Wallhooks

Silver coloured metal coat hooks spelling out the word 'Beach' and measuring 26 cms by 22 cms. These metal beach wallhooks will bring a touch of class to any hallway or entrance.

£22.50 each
£40 for 2


Sand and Sea Storage Chests - DG15512

We are now selling our storage boxes in sets of two. We were selling these individually but Lisa kept sending the wrong size out so to increase customer satisfaction and for a more accurate outcome how about both of them? They are made of wood with pleasant nautical detail and the largest measures  25 cms by 15 cms and the not so large comes in at 18 cms by 10 cms . This is length and width. The pleasure boat is not too scale in the background so you wouldn't be able to park it in the larger one. If you are looking for seaside decoration ideas you'll find the latest look nautical décor here folks.

£19.95 for the set of two


White, Red and Blue Tall Yacht - DG6930

White, red and blue model yacht

At 82 cms in height these yachts have a simple but colourful look and are very different from those yachts we sell that are modelled on famous boats - a nice clean look with the red, blue and white hull and 68 cms in length. Something a little different in the way of yacht décor.

Made of wood and with ropes instead of sails to create a unique and clean look.

£35 each



There's Always One Wall Art - DG3503

There's Always One Wall Art

There's Always One Wall Art

There's Always One Wall Art

Ain't that the truth! This will look good in a workplace with a sense of humour or as a snarky gift for someone you don't like!

26 x 52cms

£49.95 each



Purbeck Yacht with Striped Sail - DGZY176

Purbeck yacht in all the blues and standing 30 cms in height (all assembled).  Shabby look and a nice whitewashed hull - simple and  recommended.  Poole harbour as the background (opposite our  shop).

£11.95 each


WC Paper Roll Holder - DGZYC11

Beach themed Toilet roll holder - nautical bathroom accessory

Beach themed WC roll holder

The perfect accompaniment for ... our wooden WC sign which is from the same range. An excellent beach bath accessory if you are looking for a nautical design idea for a sea decor themed or coastal style bathroom. These wooden loo roll holders are quite substantial and have two hooks on the back for fixing to the wall. We're very keen on this nautical toilet roll holder for a nautical bathroom and although the location of the image picture (Poole Harbour) is unlikely to match the final location of your purchase ... we promise you'll be pleased!

10 ins long x 6 ins across x 1 ins deep



Punch and Judy Show in Tin and Wood - DG5003


Let's not under estimate the importance of politically incorrect Punch and Judy shows. You can now have one in the home! At approximately 15 cms by 11.5 cms they shouldn't take up too much room either.



Titanic Lifering

Titanic lifering for decoration

Our Titanic printed model liferings are 30 cms in diameter and they measure 35 cms from the top of the rope to the bottom of the canvas. These are made from cotton canvas mix, so most suitable as decoration for indoor use.

£9.95 each



Brown Wooden Oar with Hooks - DGNS34

Brown Wooden Nautical  Oar with Hooks

Brown Wooden Oar with Hooks

By popular demand, we now sell the decorative boat oars in a rustic brown and deep red and these measure 80 cms in length and can be wall hung. If you are looking for a nautical oar coat rack, this fits the bill. Not suitable for real maritime use!




Two Birds in Reeds - DG5001

Two Birds in Reeds


Here's a great nautical idea. On a light wood base and beautifully designed, two wading model birds by reeds. Measuring 15 cms in length and 12.5 cms in height these waders compliment the single wader we also sell at Dorset Gifts. Any questions, we are always here to help at 01202 285163 and chances are you can catch us every weekend as we have one of those bricks and mortar shops which are apparently going out of fashion.

£9.95 each



Wooden Seagull Bird Model - 15118

Wooden seagull bird model

Well, they cause havoc along some coastal areas of the South West. In Looe you could lose a giant Cornish pasty to one of these in a second. In posh Padstow we've seen herring gulls flying with chips and laughing raucously at the holiday makers below! It's fair to say that their normal diet has changed in some busy coastal areas from small fish and carrion to battered cod and chips. These highly intelligent and inquisitive birds are far better behaved here in Poole but still have their moments. Much better we say to have a couple of the wooden seagulls on a shelf behaving themselves a little further inland!

21 cms

£8.99 each
£17.00 for 2


Aqua Sand Blasted Fish - DG4856


Our sand blasted aqua hanging fish are robust and pretty enough for bathrooms. beach huts, nautical themes, but not for hanging from your car rear mirror ... please. 14 cms long and 4.5 cms high.

£3.95 each


Tugs on Driftwood with Kinetic Seagull - DGS3543

An unusual hard to source quirky nautical ornament. 21 cms in length, 15 cms in height, depth 4 cms. Those seagulls, being kinetic, move a little for effect on the rocky seas. A little different to our other boats on driftwood.

£11.95 each


Rocking Beach Huts - DG5009


Our rocking beach huts do what it says on the tin, if you want to fully utilise them. Shaped to rock, made of wood and hand painted in pastel colours with five beach huts, seagulls and a 5 cms wide distressed base. These are 22 cms long and 33 cms high. One to admire or rock - the stress beads of the beach hut world. 

£19.95 each



Rustic Gecko Pair Wall Art - DG6121

Rustic Gecko Pair Wall Art


Measures 52 cms by 25 cms. Geckos - usually found in warm climates but also in the UK and made of tin. Did you know that real ones can't blink? They also lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist. Not ours though, they just look cool as wall art, especially our rustic brown ones. A lovely piece of gecko wall art for any gecko fans out there!

£29.50 each


Welcome Aboard Clock with Nautical Centre - DGWE4

30 cms in diameter (to the canvas edg ) excluding the rope and takes one double AA battery. We like the inset map and nautical feel - it's actually a map of Europe and a happy edition to your nautical theme.

£9.95 each


Driftwood Lamp - DG7810

Driftwood lamp

Detail of Drfitwood lamp

With an overall height of 120 cms these beautiful driftwood lamps could be used as floor standing or on a raised base. Either way, the light creates beautiful colours on the wood as it reflects down to the base. The girth of these driftwood lamps is a maximum of 45 cms and we sell these in the large size as illustrated but also in a smaller size. These lights do not come with the shade illustrated as invariably the buyer will want to add their own shade, which is on a standard mounting. Great nautical or coastal style interior decor.

DG7810L Large 120 x 45 cms
£225 each
£400 for 2


DG7810S Small 50 x 23 x 20 cms
£120 each
£200 for 2


Distressed Heart with Anchor - DG4270


In wood, with the capacity to be hung and with an interesting metal anchor - this nautical distressed heart measures 31 cms in length and 20 cms wide.  Very pretty nautical décor.

£14.95 each


Silver Resin Plaice - DG 8807

In our range of resin silver sealife our plaice is the only item that can be wall hung with an area on the back large enough for a nail. It measures 33 cms long, 23 cms high and 5 cms thick. Looks shiny!

£18.95 each
£35 for 2


Beach Hut Coat Rack - DG7617


45.5 x 19 x 5 cms

£14.99 each


Large Brown Crab Wall Art - DG6128

Large Brown Crab Wall Art


Measures 45 cms by 36 cms and a whopping wall art crab for a special wall. Great nautical decor and chunky piece of art. A crab has to always figure somewhere in the nautical theme.

£59.95 each


Welcome Fish Sign - DG8704

A pretty nautical sign which doesn't actually do anything but just looks nice! We like it as it is, no need to put hooks or a thermometer on it, it's just a pleasing sign with a message measuring 39 cms in length and 13 cms in height and about the size of a sea bass for four but made of wood.

£7.99 each
£15 for 2


Lifering Mirror 50 cms - DG50MIRR

Wecome Aboard 50 cms Welcome Aboard mirror made from cotton canvas and to be hung from the rope surround for a real seaside seafaring look.

£19.95 each



Boat Tea Light Holder - DGZY79

Our boat tea light holder measures 14 cms (5 inches) in length and approximately 5 cms (2 inches) in height and depth with rustic blue and white colours, rope and seashell effect - these are made of resin although we do have requests for wooden ones which probably wouldn't be wise.

£4.99 each
£9 for 2



Rustic Five Hook Beach Sign Wall Hook  - DG15461 

Nice sturdy five hook "BEACH" hanger with one each of the letters on the hand painted wooden beach huts. Two hooks on the back and the overall theme is a rustic nautical white with blue details and lettering. We love 'em.

43 cms long x 18 cms high 

£9.99 each
£18 for 2


No Riff Raff Sign - DG3135

Distressed look signs available in a choice of blue, bare wood effect or red.

7.5cm x 7.5cm x 1cm

£3.99 each


Bathroom Sign in Wood - DGNS13

We took a look at our signs. We looked at what they said. The most poetic of our team, and the only one with an "A level" in English said, "you've got lots of signs saying lots of lovely things but if it's the bathroom you have to get to the point". So we found a sign with "bathroom" written on it in to add to the portfolio and can now sell these in the USA alongside the WC sign. They both have very different meanings depending upon what really happens once you close the door to the bathroom and neither have very much to do with having a bath.

They are made of a light wood, a wood that is light enough for us to send them to the USA where recipients can wash their hands, have a bath or even use the WC.  There's another cross-Atlantic meaning for "Rest Room" - we'll get on to this next - what you get on to in there has very little to do with resting. We'll probably do one of these in driftwood.

25cms long

£6.99 each


Welcome to The Funny Farm Sign - DG3433

14 x 47.5cms

£8.99 each


Nautical Coastal Metal Signs DGSM7

We sometimes have these signs in wood but have had several requests for metal coastal signs and these have been selling well in the shop. These measure 20 cms by 20 cms (8 inches by 8 inches) and have 2 hooks on the back to making hanging reasonably simple. Other nautical metal signs also available but these are especially popular as nautical decor for restaurants.

£7.99 each
£25 for 4



Union Jack Boat Wall Art DGFL3

Union Jack Boat wall art

We have sourced some great nautical wall art. Approximately 50 cms top to bottom and 60 cms at its widest. These have two Union Jack cloth sails and are otherwise made of metal. As the sails are made of cloth we'd recommend as interior nautical decor (with a patriotic twist). Rings visible to use as hangers.

£29 each
£50 for 2





Dinghy with Red and Blue Sails - DG75142

A whopping 19 cms high and 16 cms across and we're selling at a special price to clear - how about one of these stylish wooden dinghies for £2.95 or 2 for £5?

19 cms x 16 cms

£2.95 each
£5 for 2


White Yacht - DGZYC19

Simple white shabby chic New England size yachts approximately 16 cms in height. Pretty table decor. Please email us if you require a quote for these in large quantities.

16 cms high

£3.99 each
£7 for 2


Pair of Resin Yachts with Sails - DG11197



These are sold in pairs as each is slightly different and these are a nice size at 12 cms in height. Made of resin, although they do have a wooden look to them. The price is for two!

£8.95 for the pair

Narbonne Blue Boat - DG4944



Narbonne Blue funky wooden boat and part of a range - please email us at for all the new designs. These are 20 cms high and 11 xms wide - a new look!



Naive Style Boat - 62625

Naive Style Model Boat

This decoartive model boat has a wood hull and metal sail, with red stars on the sail.
12.5 x 13.5 x 3cm

£5.99 each
£10 for 2


Silver Resin Trumpet Triton - DG8808

Designed to look like one of the worlds most beautiful seashells - the trumpet triton. It's impressive in size at 28 cms long, 10 cms high and 8 cms deep - could be used as the feature shell if displayed with the tonna and the murex resin shell. This shell is popular with florists looking for an unusal item to display flower arrangements in. So if you are looking for shop window display ideas, these would be a good choice.

£18.95 each
£35 for 2


Quayside Wall Hooks - 43122

Quayside Wall Hooks

A nice bright style and finish to these attractive wooden "one piece" Quayside Wall Hooks. These are a whopping 50cm in length so certainly make an impact and the pretty cottages and fishing boat create a scene that could claim to be several locations around the British Isles. Note the four ladders extending from the Quayside to the water's edge. These nautical wall hooks are a good seller for us and one that will brighten up the entrance to any coastal or nautically themed entrance hall. These look good alongside our "Welcome Aboard" liferings.

50 x 26 x 3cms

£15 each


Bottle Shell Garland - DGFT2

Please excuse the swan that took great interest in the noise the shells made touching the glass on this unique chime. Measuring 20 inches top to bottom and comprising of driftwood pieces, Philippine seashells and half a glass bottle in blue or green - excellent as completely unique nautical decor for outside or indoors.

Available in blue or green.

£4.95 each


Fossilstone Nine Hole Candle Holder ON32

Fossilstone Nine Hole Candle Holder

A larger candle holder similar to the three hole version above and again made of limestone from the foothills of the Himalayas, with shells and fish fossilized inside. If by now you're starting to wonder what fish and sea shells were doing at the foothills of the Himalayas (as we did) we have it on very good authority that the foothills were once part of the sea bed....some trivia to impress your guests or future husband/wife as you slowly light all nine Tea Lights by the fire.

Fossilstone Nine Hole Candle Holder £22.50


Red and Cream Model Yacht DGZY21

Red and Cream Model Yacht

A stylish model wooden yacht with a fixed base and minimal assembly work! Approximatey 42 cms in height and 35 cms long, these have an unique distressed red hull with a whitewashed simple deck and then bright old style sails with a "Nautical Living" stamp on the sail in blue. This wooden model boat is a little different!

35 cms long x 42 cms high x 5 cms wide.

£19.50 each


Wooden Sail Boat with Blue/Red Hull - DG7411

We like the colours and we like the funky look - we are seeing a lot of these "different" nautical boats on offer and this has a particularly colourful look to it and interesting shaped hull.  31 cms long and 26 cms high - one for the window sill?

£13.50 each


Rebecca The Shore Bird - DGSJ4290

Rebecca The Shore Bird

Rebecca The Shore Bird

Beautifully carved is our Rebecca and we wouldn't swap her for any of her peers! She's looking back, as all the best wading birds do! Rebecca The Shore Bird - she's an attractive addition to any home!



Three Chunky Wooden Seabirds - DG4888


We have some exceptionally beautiful and unusual hand carved wooden seabird items and these chunky creatures stand happily on their own bases -  the tallest of the three measuring 30 cms to give some perspective. Do check out some of our avocets who have been carefully carved too. Please note the price is for all three - they come as friends!

£35 each


Wading Avocets on Wooden Base - DG4835


These beautiful avocets are hand carved and painted on a wooden base and deserving of the best window sill or shelf in the house. Sized at 37 cms in length and 23 cms at their highest (about 10 cms deep), we would certainly recommend but be sure to look at our other avocets and new birds  being added every month. Can't see what you need? We'll have it - give Jamie a call on 01202 285163.

£24.95 each


Great Tit Model Bird - DG7564

If you're looking for a great tit model then you've come to the right place. I dread to think what this product name is doing to our search result rankings!

11.5 x 5 x 16 cms



Tern Bird Model - DG7584S

Tern model bird

15 x 7 x 21 cms



Willy the Wall Crab - DG3417

Willy is an impressively sized wall decoration. He'll either cause your visitors to gasp with admiration or scare the bejesus out of them. A very modern piece of nautical decor which makes an unique nautical gift.

58cm x 32cm

£49 each


Hungry Big Fish Wall Art - DG5757

Hungry Big Fish Wall Art


These are cool, mouths wide open and three on the wall art. Made from reclaimed distressed wood. Measures 42 cms long, 11 cms high and the depth off the wall is 7 cms. Very unlikely that your neighbours will have one and probably only because they have never visited Dorset Gifts online. We are being supplied more of these than other retailers who aspire to our collection, so if we are being beaten on price please let us know and we will apologise.

£18.95 each


White Whale with Hooks - DG5022

White Whale with Hooks


A unique addition for our nautical hooks and this whitewashed wooden whale looks the part we think.  40 cms long and 22 cms high - let the whale look after your coats!

£18.95 each


Rustic Blue and White Money Boxes - DG 15419

Beach Hut Money Box

Beach Hut Money Box  with Pelican

14 cms

£7.99 each
£15.00 for 2


Beach Hut Money Box


Art Glass Yacht - DGP62410

Art Glass yachts with beautiful colurings and standing 18 cms in height and 12 cms wide, the depth is approximately 5 cms. Very attractive nautical colouring in the right position - we have taken a moody pictire of this item but shows the colours admirably.

£25 each


Metal Seabird - DG 7218

Our Captain metal seabird is of inquisitive style and we think that two of these looking equally inquisitive but not completely in the same direction would be a bargain for your bathroom at £10.

8 x 8 x 11cms

£5.95 each
£10 for 2


Wooden Decorative Anchor

Wooden Decorative Anchor

Wooden Decorative Anchor

These wooden decorative anchors are part of the range which includes the best selling Rustic Effect Lighthouse and have similar netting and shellcraft as surface decorations. The blue and white colour has been popular this year and these wooden decorative anchors can be hung from the rope at the top. Ideal for a nautical interior, beach style home or as an anchor gift! These anchors measure 10.5 inches in height, 6 inches in width and are approximately one inch deep weighing just 160 grammes.

£8.99 each
£15 for 2


Paddle Steamer

Model Paddle Steamer

Paddle steamers are ships or boats driven by a steam engine using one or more paddle wheels. The last sea going paddle steamer is often to be seen crusising along the Dorset Coast so we thought it would be a nice idea to include one on our website. Few others now remain in existence and the one we sell here online is a more similar to the paddle steamers once to have cruised the great rivers of the United States. A very nice display boat.




Driftwood Hanging Wooden Fish - DGSJ5024

Driftwood Hanging Wooden Fish


We particularly like the style of this hanging fish in driftwood, or have we got to call this reclaimed wood now? How about a hanging fish in reclaimed driftwood at 25 cms long and 13 cms in height.


£8.95 each


Rustic Cream Yacht with Red Base - DGZY120

Rustic cream and red model yacht

This model sailboat is proving to be popular not only as home decor but also wedding table decor as these are nicely sized at 15 cms height - 6 inches - and we like them as the sail has a faded print and the red base adds a little something different.

15 cms high

£2.95 each
£5 for two


Liner with Seagulls - DG 3490

Naive style ship with flying seagulls above. Available in three different colours:

Light Blue
Dark Blue

12 x 16 x 3.1cms

£4.99 each
£9.00 for two

If you would like to order two items of different colours, choose '2 items' in the Amount box, add to your shopping basket and let us know in the Special Request box on the next page, which colours you would actually like us to send you.


Set of Three Ceramic Fish Dishes - DG78061

Here we have three ceramic fish dishes, the largest for the best fisherman is 20 cms,  next down is the runner up at 15 cms and at 11 cms we have the one that nearly got away or should have been sent back to the kiln. Very pretty as a set - not too fussy!

£14.95 each


Black and White Canvas Beach Scenes - DG7283

20 x 20 x 1.5cm

£9.95 for the set of four


Beachy Cushion with Rope Handle - DG55467

Beachy Cushion with Rope Handle

Beachy nautical cushion with roped handle and seaside colours. A good nautical decor idea.

50cms long x 25 cms high

£11.50 each
£20 for 2


Nautical Soap Dispenser

Nautical Liquid Soap Dispenser

This nautical liquid soap dispenser is part of our best selling nautical bathroom design sealife range and sells at a fraction of the price that you would find them for sale at in retail bricks and mortars shops (of which we have two!!). Liven up your nautical bathroom with this nautical design soap dispenser - the quintessential bathroom seaside accessory.

7 inches high and 3 inches diameter





Sealife Toothbrush Holder with Lid

Nautical Toothbrush Holder

The third essential addition to our nautical bathroom range which will add that nautical design "je ne sais quoi" to your coastal bathroom.

5 inches high x 3 inches wide





Beach Huts Draught Excluder/Door Stopper - DG6417

Beach Huts Draught Excluder

Beach Hut door stopper

Beach Hut door stopper

Beach Huts Draught Excluder

This pretty cotton row of pastel coloured beach huts with detailed feature stitching should be long and high enough to keep all those sea breezes at bay. These pictures were taken outside our shop on Poole Quay and the pictures help you get the best view of the colours, although the beach huts didn't stop the stiff breezes by the edge of the harbour - best they do their work inside!

83 centimetres long and approx 13 centimetres high

£27.50 each
£50 for 2



Smiley Puffin Bird Model - DG3072

Smiley Puffin bird model

20cm x 20cm x 8cm



Titanic 1912 Ship's Bell

Titanic 1912 Ship's Bell

Titanic Ships Bell



These nautical brass ship's bells have Titanic 1912 engraved on the front. The ship's bell comes with a bracket and screws and is complete with bell rope for ringing. A good quality line which is approximately 3.5 inches diameter and about 6 inches from the bottom of the bell to the top of the bracket. A great nautical gift idea for any collector of Titanic nauticalia.

£17.50 each
£32 for 2





Beach Clock DGSM5

An inexpensive, sea themed, beautifully coloured and detailed clock. We see seahorses, yachts, starfish and more on the wood effect clock face which is economically powered by one of those double A batteries again, which we can not unfortunately supply. Great for the beach hut!!

29 cms diameter

£8.99 each
£16 for 2




Ship's Propellor Clock DGW9735

Ship's Propellor Clock

Ship's Propellor Clock

These measure an impressive 65 cms in diameter and are made of distressed metal with the hanging hook on the back by the top propellor. Just takes a double AA battery which is not included for logistical reasons. The clock face "New York" has a faded rusty look to it too and the overall effect is impressive. Best recent question - how fast does the propellor turn?

65 cms diameter

£59 each OUT OF STOCK


Ship's Wheel Clock DGZY157

Ship's Wheel Clock

Here by public demand! This comes with a Quartz clock which requires one double AA battery. We don't supply the battery and this has more to do with Royal Mail telling us off than our purse strings - great clocks though made of wood and measuring 35 by 35 cms centimetres with netting, seashell and a wooden starfish!   

35 cms diameter

£19.95 each OUT OF STOCK


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