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Nauitcally themed decorative hanging garlands and mobiles

Short Driftwood Garland - DG2277a

Driftwood Garland

Driftwood garlands are popular as decorative features in coastal style homes.

Measuring around 95cm in length

£8.99 each
£15 for 2



Driftwood Boats Garland  - DG2899

Driftwood Boats Garland

Driftwood Boats Garland

We think 110 cms is long enough for a driftwood boat style garland and this is one of our favourite nautical garlands, but please do take time to look at the rest. As you can see, the hull of each boat comprises of driftwood and this nautically inspired garland sets a maritime tone anywhere on our fair island! These are a great nautical decorating idea for kids.


£8.95 each


Mini Caravan Garland - DGS6954

100cms x 8cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£17.50 each


Puffin and Fish Garland - DGS6953

126cms x 8cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£17.50 each


Striped Wooden Floats Garland - DG7245

Wooden Floats Garland

Wooden Floats Garland

Our wooden fishing floats with numbers are in garland form so can be hung from both ends or one end.  The floats are big!!  25 cms long and about 8 cms deep and they stretch 140 cms when attached to the rope and from one end to the other.

140 x 25 x 8 cms

£27.50 each
£50 for 2




Tugs and Seagulls Garland  - DG2900

Tugs and Seagulls Garland


Tugs and Seagulls, fishing boats and seagulls, chips and seagulls....they go with each other together and apart and here they travel in harmony along another 110 cms of garland. Delicately hand painted.


We'll mix these with our other garlands marked MULTIBUY if you're taking advantage of the price of two. Just order any 2 and then let us know in the Special Request box at checkout which ones you want.

£14.95 each
£28 for 2



House and Seagull Garland - DG3495

House and Seagull Garland


1m length

£12.99 each
£25 for 2