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A family run business trading in Dorset since 1982

Dorset Foods

Traditional foods from Dorset including Dorset Knob biscuits, Dorset Honey and premium quality West Country Fudge


West Country Fudge - 170 grammes bag

Gourmet Clotted Cream West Country Fudge

We have been selling handmade West Country Fudge since 1982 on Poole Quay, in fact Dorset Gifts is sometimes referred to as the Fudge Shop by our octogenarian customers (and upwards). And of course, fudge fits very well in to our retail offering as we have probably sold a million boxes and bars of fudge over the years. A rough estimate!

We have had some great suppliers from farms deep in the West Country, including Bristows which was founded in 1932 and for a time we produced our own. We are currently mainly buying from the West Country's oldest producer of fudge. They have been supplied butter and cream from local farms for almost 100 years.

We are keeping the offering quite simple so why not add a 170 grammes bag of West Country fudge to your nautical order?

All our fudge is handmade and hand cut into cubes.

£3.50 each




West Country Fudge - 2.5kg Container

West Country Fudge in various flavours including Clotted Cream Fudge, Vanilla Fudge, Belgian Chocolate Fudge, Butter Fudge, Chocolate and Caramel Fudge, Rum and Raisin Fudge, Stem Ginger Fudge, Caramel and Sea Salt Fudge

Frequently in the Summer we will get customers asking if they can buy one of our 2.5 kilos containers of fudge.

We are now retailing these in several flavours. Our favourite combination with fudge is a great cup of coffee, one of our 2.5 kilo tubs will accompany a lot of coffee and goes down very well at seaside weddings or large gatherings!

For larger or wholesale enquiries please give us a call on 01202 285163. All our fudge is handmade and hand cut into cubes.

West Country Fudge is available in a range of flavours:

Clotted Cream Fudge
Vanilla Fudge
Belgian Chocolate Fudge
Butter Fudge
Chocolate and Caramel Fudge
Rum and Raisin Fudge
Stem Ginger Fudge
Caramel and Sea Salt Fudge

£27.50 each





Dorset Tea Caddy - DGDORSTEA

Dorset Tea Caddy

We sell lots of these Dorset Tea Caddies in our shop alongside all the nauticalia, country fudge, seaside essentials and of course ice cream. It’s a great takeaway present for under a fiver and of course this attractive tin  is of a Dorset scene with yachts in the sea (we got nautical!)  250 grammes of blended black tea bags in a reusable tin  Dorset tea caddy  measuring approximately 20 cms in width and 15 cms in height.

£4.95 each OUT OF STOCK


Dorset Knob Biscuit Tin - DGMOORESKN

Dorset Knob Tin

Dorset Knob has been on our mind for more than a decade and in the past we have sold hampers of Dorset products. We are selling a few of our classic food items but only if they come in a reusable tin and something we think those nautically minded might enjoy as an accompaniment on their or someone else’s boat.  Moores Dorset Knob Biscuits are usually accompanied with a wry smile, laughter or a blush when purchasing in our shop. These Dorset Knob biscuits do sell very well. They do what is says on the tin — “Superior double baked savoury biscuits, made to the original Moores family recipe in the heart of Dorset and enjoyed throughout the world”. Moores have been established since 1880, that’s more than a hundred years longer than us but on to the biscuits – originally made from dough left over from a mornings bread production – most buyers now enjoy these with some mature cheese and back in the day they were eaten with sugar and hot tea poured on to them. 400 grammes in weight and the average weight of each knob is 10 grammes. That’s the biscuits done but what a superb tin!!! Something to keep in the kitchen for many years to come. Approx 20 cms high and 15 cms wide/deep.

£15.95 each


Dorset Sea Salt - DGDS1

Dorset Sea Salt

Dorset Sea Salt is hand harvested along the Jurassic coast specifically in the Portland area - it's a quality product made using traditional methods.  We are selling 125 grammes jars of Natural Dorset Sea Salt at £4.95  and Chilli Salt,  Garlic Salt and Tomato, Olive and Basil for £6.50.

Natural Sea Salt - £4.95
Chilli Salt - £6.50
Garlic Salt - £6.50
Tomato, Olive and Basil - £6.50



Moores Luxury Fruit Cake with Brandy - DGT50

Moores Luxury Fruit Cake with Brandy

The company of S.Moores was established in 1880 and is purveyor of the finest fruit cake in Dorset  combined with a forever tin measuring 18 cms in diameter and containing approximately 1200 grammes of the legendary Moores Luxury Fruit Ccake with Brandy. We like to think you would get 12 servings  from the tin and each serving if you were inclined to be a team player and only take 100 grammes will amount to 400 calories - that's how good it is. If you have 13 at your dinner party perhaps the last person to finish dinner could instead have the iconic empty tin. Allergy advice and other nutritional facts on the bottom of the tin.

£17.95 each


Moores Tropical Fruit Cake with Rum - DGT40

Moores Tropical Fruit Cake with Rum

Do you like ginger, papaya, pineapple, dates, figs, mango, orange, coconut and a splash of rum? We thought so - this Moores Tropical Fruit Cake with Rum is presented in one of the iconic Moores tins, a company that established themselves near the coastline of Dorset while Queen Victoria was relatively young and rum would have been smuggled in to the country by salty sea dogs. Weighs approximately 100 grammes with the tin. The tin is 18 cms in diameter. Ingredients and allergy advice on the tin.

£17.95 each


Moores Blue Logo Biscuit Selection - DGT52

Moores Blue Logo Biscuit Selection

The traditional iconic Moores Logo - Established in Dorset in 1880 - with 400 grammes of scrumptious biscuits split in to 4 flavours.  Dorset ginger,  butter crunch, chocolate chip and walnut crunch.  A lovely tin which will gracefully adorn any kitchen. The top of the tin measures 20 cms  by 20 cms.  I've got through half of these doing the write up. All nutrional values on the tin.

£13.95 each


Dorset Fishing Boat Tin Biscuit Selection - DGT58

Dorset Fishing Boat Tin Biscuit Selection

Beautifully packed in a tin biscuit box with striking artwork by Lynette Merry. We have always been of the opinion that Moores' biscuits set them apart anyway but their packaging is quite stunning. On to the biscuits - these tins contain three packs which are barley and oat crumble, lemon and stem ginger and double chocolate chip, 150 grammes of each and allergy advice on the tins. A great little add on to your nautical shopping and these tins aren't going to be discarded once the biscuits have been devoured.

£13.95 each


Dorset Honey - DGHONEY

Dorset Honey

Our honey originates from the Purbeck area of the Jurassic coast where long mild Summers  help the bees forage for nectar and small patchwork farms surrounded by gorse Heaths are perfect for local production.

The hives are all around us and this is the purest of honeys.

Jars weigh 370 grammes - the presentation matches the taste!

Dorset Clear - £6.95
Dorset Set - £ 6.95
Heather Honey (from extended heathlands) - £7.95