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Driftwood Heart - DG7254

Driftwood Heart Wreath

Driftwood Heart
Driftwood Heart

Driftwood Heart

"Bill the Beachcomber lived a spiritual life selling driftwood by a cave on the Dorset coast", was how the children's book I was going to write would begin. But that's as far as I got and then we started selling our own driftwood hearts at half the price even Bill could ever have sold them on for! Driftwood, which is mainly the remains of trees which have found their way in to our seas during bad weather, or more rarely the remains of shipwrecked boats, is often collected along the south coast, but of course can originate from anywhere in the world bordering the ocean, so we've cut out the middleman and import ours directly which saves the buyer a considerable sum of money! Our 40 centimetre hanging wooden driftwood hearts are a fraction of the price of many we have seen for sale online. Each driftwood heart is of course unique and made from raw natural materials. The images show a typical 40 centimetre driftwood heart but please remember all colours and shapes may vary slightly. We can source driftwood hearts for you which have been assembled here in Dorset and which are more expensive but can be made to any size - for a quotation please contact - special prices for larger quantities also available. All our driftwood hearts have a flat back and concealed hook for hanging to a wall - these are a great nautical line for drfitwood decor in beachside homes or coastal interior as table decorations at a nautical themed wedding or a beach wedding.

40 cms widest max 39cms high
£39 each

30 cms widest max 30 cms high
£14.95 each


Driftwood Fish on Stand - DGL6600

We are having a purge at the moment on driftwood. This fish made of wood combined with driftwood is receiving favourable comments in the shop. Competitively priced and not too big for the bathroom. Measures 40 cms in height, 42 cms in width and 8 cms deep.

£22.50 each



Driftwood Hanging Fish Mobile - DGS6604

Some colour as well as driftwood to make this driftwwod hanger a particularly pretty nautical decoration. This is hung by the string attached at the top which is included in the measurements. Measures 39 cms in height, 10 cms wide and 7 cms deep.

£13.95 each



Driftwood Styled Fish on Stand - DGL6606

Our money is on this item being in our top ten sellers this year and unusual driftwood style on a base. Measures 31 cms in height, 31 cms in length and 6 cms deep. Take a look at our extensive driftwood range where we aim to sell the best style and certainly at the best price. We also often have one offs so if you are looking for something not on the shelf please drop us an email and we will send on images.

£19.95 each



Large Driftwood Boat on Stand - DGL6607

Another sturdy interesting driftwood boat crafted in artisan workshops in Indonesia and ideal seaside decor for the discerning purchaser on the look out for something unusual but not naff. Unusual nautical items can sometimes cross the slim border that takes us in to “naff” territory but you will be safe with these. Measures 45 cms in height, 30 cms width and 8 cms deep. Strangely enough it’s made of driftwood.

£22.50 each



Giant Driftwood Boat - DGL6612

We have sourced a quite unique driftwood boat which has been received very well in exchange for under £30. Quite a lot on these so a conversation piece as well as a worthy contender for the most prominent spare space in your room of choice. Rustic cloth sail and real driftwood – also a good traveller as of the many we have so far sold all have arrived in one piece. Measures 61 cms in height, 44 cms in width and 8 cms in depth. So if you are looking for a driftwood boat for sale, this might fit the bill.

£29.95 each



Driftwood Seahorse on Base - DGL6611

We are having a seahorse kind of season and this driftwood seahorse hasn’t seen the front door of a factory – we like to use the word “artisan” as a percentage of our customers might not know what this means and rightfully but for the wrong reason assume it is superior. So long as we get there in the end and these beautiful items are carefully put together and carved in family homes owned by artisans in remote parts of Bali. Measures 40 cms in height, 15 cms wide and 6 cms deep.

£19.95 each



LOVE Driftwood Sign - DGL7815

Measures 70 cms in length, 30 cms in height and 6 cms deep. It’s all you need……quite a whopper, a statement, it’s Balinese driftwood as theirs is a much nice texture than ours. It’s not been as badly battered by storm after storm. A nice driftwood gift for someone.

£45 each



Driftwood Fish Style - DGL6424

Driftwood Fish

Hanging fish on driftwood and a good size for a large fish… suitably nautical in any room. Measures 40 cms by 16 cms in height and 4 cms in depth. This is a nice rustic piece of driftwood wall art.

£19.95 each



Driftwood Christmas Tree - DGL7810

Measuring 100 cms in height. We also have these at 150 cms for £250 pounds – and 200 cms at £350. If you are interested in white washed driftwood Christmas trees we have these in the same sizes and same prices.

£150 each



Driftwood mobile - DG7366

Driftwood Mobile


This driftwood mobile gives a beachcomber feel to any living space and looks great in an outdoor gazebo or summerhouse, in fact as the years have passed we have consistently sold to nautical nautical bars, restaurants and beach houses who are looking for driftwood for sale.

This image is if a 100 cms garland and the individual pieces of driftwood are about 2 cms thick and many of them are 10 cms long. Great to break down and use for craft work too!!

50 cms £7.99
100 cms £9.99
150 cms £13.99
200 cms £16.99




Beach Driftwood Pieces - DG7813

Beach Driftwood Pieces

Beach driftwood pieces for all kinds of work and these come in nice chunks - the smaller being about 3 inches and thicker and the longer pieces measuring in at around 6 inches but they're thinner. A great assortment for all kinds of uses and nicely dried so quite light - ten pieces will weigh just over 100 grammes. We'll take requests for certain sizes but we'll usually selll a cross section and good varied assortment. Craft makers tend to like the smaller pieces as out on the Dorset coast it's easier to come across larger driftwood. I have a story about once taking my kayak over to Brownsea Island and finding all manner of beautiful driftwood so I filled the hull and paddled the mile or so back to Poole Quay but didn't quite get through the shipping lane upright - much easier just adding driftwood to your cart!

£0.60 for 1 piece
£5.50 for 10 pieces
£10.00 for 20 pieces



Whitewashed Driftwood Pieces - DG4209

Our driftwood effect whitewashed wooden pieces have a multitude of uses and are another winner for nautical decor - pieces range in size from 1 to 3 inches.

£0.50 for 1 piece
£4.50 for 10 pieces



Coloured Fish on Driftwood Hanger - DK4294

Driftwood fish hanger

This driftwood hanging features coloured fish on a driftwood hanger measuring 20 cms in length and 10 cms wide. Unique nautical décor and can probably be hung anywhere indoors!


£9.95 each



Pod of Blue Whales on Driftwood - DGS6195

Our pod of blue whales on a driftwood hanger measure 15 cms wide by 14 cms in height to the top of the rope. Simple but very effective driftwood wall art to add a little sparkle to a sea themed space.

£9.95 each



Swimming Whales on Driftwood - DGS7321

A pretty group of wooden whales measuring 30 cms in height and 26 cms wide. The depth of this decorative driftwood ornament is 6 cms.

£13.95 each



Driftwood Heart on Plywood Base 20cms - DG7251

Driftwood heart wall art

A heart shaped base with white and pale blue driftwood pieces for a lovely rustic look. This driftwood heart is a nice piece of driftwood wall decor and would look good indoors or as a piece of outdoor driftwood wall art in a gazebo or summerhouse.

£10 each
£18 for 2



Whitewashed Driftwood Heart 20cms - DG7251S

Whitewashed driftwood heart

Our white driftwood hearts come in three sizes. £10 gets you one which is 20 cms in height. We go up to 30 cms. Real driftwood but white washed for effect and a de rigeur piece for any driftwood themed room.

£10 each
£18 for 2



Whitewashed Driftwood Heart 25cms - DG7251M

Drift wood heart

We sell these whitewashed driftwood hearts in three sizes - for £15 you get one  25 cms in height. These have fixings on the back and are of course made from real driftwood pieces.

£15 each
£26 for 2



Whitewashed Driftwood Heart 30cms - DG7251L

Large driftwood heart - whitewashed

£25 invested on the Dorset Gifts website, plus a little postage, will find a whitewashed 30 cms in height driftwood heart dispatched by Royal Mail and delivered by a jolly postman to your door. He might not be jolly. These large driftwood hearts have fixings on the back and are not to be mistaken with our natural driftwood hearts which also sell well. Drfitwood wall decor for your home.

£25 each
£45 for 2



A Seagull Meeting on Driftwood - DG4999

A Seagull Meeting on Driftwood - driftwood wall art gift.


A meeting of seagulls, a seagull gathering, a seagull mob - but they are engaging as we have pointed them towards each other and they are set on a rather nice little slab of reclaimed wood (driftwood in the olden days). 26 cms long and about 6 cms in height so a reasonably sized meeting going on here. A nice driftwood wall art gift.


£8.95 each



Six Puffins with Driftwood Groynes - DG4323


The driftwood has been shaped as groynes behind the six puffins making this 14 cms long nautical ornament a charming addition to the sea themed home. The height is about 10 cms - a pretty hand painted item.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Flock of Puffins on Driftwood

To avoid confusion we have titled these a flock of puffins - they are of course on driftwood.  Puffins have always been entertainment and are also known as the clowns of the sea, in fact the collective name is more correctly a "circus"  of puffins. Or indeed a colony! So we hope you are not confused but happy in the knowledge that the flock stands on a chunk of driftwood measuring approximately 18 cms in length and the height is near on 10 cms.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Five Seagulls on Driftwood - DG4304


Five Seagulls on a driftwood groyne and measuring 14 cms long and approximately 11 cms in height. One of our favourite seagull products.


£9.95 each



Flying Seagulls on Driftwood - DG4990


Flying Seagulls on this rather nice piece of reclaimed driftwood. They are at that point where they have stolen a chip or messed someone's shirt - flight!  16 cms long and 14 cms high. A nice piece of driftwood for your home.


£11.95 each



Large Blue School of Fish on Driftwood - DG5105


A full 30 cms of driftwood based fish to really brighten up a nautically decorated area of home - these are approximately 7 cms in height with lots of fish - look best when eating haddock or plaice (with a dry white of course). These would also make a good addition as a piece of driftwood in your office.


£14.95 each



Gulls Only Sign - DG5005


Our "Gulls Only" sign is unique, new and a little exclusive, especially if you're a cormorant. Measures 17 cms in height and width.

£8.95 each



Driftwood Hanger with Seahorse - DG55992

From the top of the driftwood to the bottom of the seahorse is approximately 25 cms and with the rope about 40 cms. Driftwood, pebbles and a 14 cms hand carved seahorse make this a unique good value driftwood decor item.

£6.99 each
£12 for 2



Seagulls on Driftwood Groyne - DG4302

Here's a nice decorative addition to your nautical themed home. In fact, without wanting to devalue this item I must add that when we first had them delivered, my wife immediately placed one of these on the cistern of our downstairs loo!! With little metal seagulls and driftwood groynes this measures 55 cms in length and 13.5 cms in height (about 5 cms deep).

£19.95 each
£35 for 2



Driftwood Hanging Fish - DG6340

Driftwood fish


Our driftwood hanging fish are fairly tricky to photograph - much better seen in the flesh or the driftwood in this case, and they measure a substantial 50 cms from the top of the string to the fish's tail. We quite like seeing this hanging in the kitchen!

£16.50 each
£30 for 2



Driftwood Heart Mirror - DG7816


Driftwood Heart Mirror

This heart shaped mirror comes with a driftwood frame, ideal for a beach themed bedroom. If you are looking for a driftwood mirror, this one's a winner.



£49 each


Driftwood Wall Star - DG3388

Drfitwood decorative wall star

Our handmade “stars” are made of nice chunks of dreamy driftwood and perfect for wall hanging (there's a fix on the back), leaning or even lying flat. Limited supply on these at this price, shipmates so this is really a “while stock lasts” price for this piece of large driftwood wall art.

40cm x 40cm by 5cm deep

£12.95 each
£25 for 2




Driftwood Towel Rail - DG3173

Driftwood towel rail


This driftwood towel rail measures 75 cms in length and 40 cms across - an interesting feature for the bathroom and this comes with four carefully selected driftwood rungs. Whether you use this with towels, other clothes or for decor, we're sure you'll love it!

£19.50 each



Driftwood candle holder (20cms) - DG7814

Driftwood candle holder

20 cms in height and not the best of pictures for such a classy item but we remain extremely busy making sure our prices beat all the rest so sometimes struggle with the camera. Ethically produced by a bloke named Bob in Bali.

20 cms

£9.99 each
£18 for 2




Driftwood candle holder (30 cms) - DG7814

Driftwood candle holder

Not the best of pictures for such a classy item but we remain extremely busy making sure our prices beat all the rest so sometimes struggle with the camera. Ethically produced by a bloke named Bob in Bali.

30 cms

£12.99 each
£25 for 2




Large driftwood boat - DG7367

Driftwood Boat

38 x 30 x 9 cms



Hanging driftwood boat - DG7365

Driftwood boat

20 x 25 cms

£8.99 each
£15 for 2