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Seaside Cushions and Nautical Soft Furnishings


Beside the Seaside Cushions assorted, 50x50cm - 73368

Beside the Seaside Cushion

We first came across these nautical beach cushions at the world's most stylish wooden beach hut just off the beach overlooking Poole Bay. Or was it the Torquay Trade Fair? If you're looking for nautical design ideas then these beach themed cushions are embroidered with sea gulls, lighthouses and fishing buoys, are 100% cotton and have an ecru striped cover with embroidered text of everybody, except Cliff Richard's, favourite seaside song...."Oh I do like to be beside the sea side". The four Beside the Seaside themed cushions have the four rhymes so in to your old age you will never forget the last line as you stare yonder across the sea to the setting sun from your beach style nautical home! The price quoted is per seaside cushion including inner padding but should you wish to use your own standard size 50x50cm cushion interiors then we can offer free postage on all sets of four cushions. Great in any nautical living room!

£25 each
£95 for 4 cushions



Zander Fish Cushion 70cms - DGZANDER

Zander fish cushion


All our gloss finished polyester fish cushions have a multitude of uses and are very lifelike. Some of our customers even take them fishing with them.

They're famous too as they made an appearance in The Apprentice in November 2016 opposite our shop on Poole Quay. One of the tasks was to sell these exclusively at the Poole Quay Boat Show. Unfortunately the charming young man (who didn't win) got fired but we think it was more down to the fact that we were selling them cheaper in our shop. I suppose it was raining too.

Anyway, we digress, and these are very popular and have made good TV!  The fish of your choice is printed on both sides and yes, they have a multitude of uses. Although they are well stuffed cushions they are often bought just for décor and can brighten up a nautical room. A great present  for children too as are CE tested for children aged 3 upwards.

At 70 cms length the lesser spotted Zander cushion (in our waters! )

£18.95 each



Sea Bass Fish Cushion 70cms - DG56136

Sea bass fish cushion


All our gloss finished polyester fish cushions have a multitude of uses and are very lifelike.

At 70 cms length. we bring to you the sea bass cushion.

£17.95 each



Salmon Fish Cushion 85 cms - DG56134

Salmon fish cushion


At 85 cms in length we have the salmon fish cushion.

£19.99 each



Rainbow Trout Fish Cushion 60 cms - DG56126

Rainbw trout fish cushion


At 60 cms in length, ladies and gentlemen... .the rainbow trout fish cushion.

£14.95 each



Mini Trout Cushion 36 cms - DG56120


Here we have the 36 cms trout cushion at just £8.95

£8.95 each



Blue Seahorse Cushion 40 cms - DG56116


We even have a seahorse cushion, in blue at 40 cms high - best seller so far!

£8.95 each



Mini Clown Fish Cushion 36cms - DG56118


It's a mini clown fish cushion at 36 cms.

£8.95 each



Koi Carp Cushion 60 cms - DG56140


Koi Carp - 60 cms - you may need one of our nautical birds to go with this cushion?

£18.95 each



Cod Cushion 75cms - DG56130


And it's cod - everybody's favourite! These are 75 cms long. I could have managed that in one sitting in the good old days.

£17.95 each



Carp Cushion 60 cms - DG56129


Our carp cushion is 60 cms long.

£18.95 each



SEA Cushions - DG76429

SEA nautical themed cushions

TSEAcushions are vacuum packed and spelling what our website is all about... the sea. The overall size of the three display sea cushions standing next to one another is 60 cms in length and their height is 25 cms. We lose things in our shop, so we have sold these as a set of two as “AS” but promise you all three letters that make up these sea nautical cushions for the rather competitive price of just £14.95. These 'SEA' cushions are great in any nautical home in a nautically themed living room or to complete a nautical bedroom theme.

£14.95 for all three SEA cushions
£28 for 2 sets



Beach Cushion - DG6560

Beach Cushion


Cushions galore at Dorset Gifts - a lot of our designs are limited and only produced for a season or two to keep the range fresh and your beach themed home unique. This Beac Cushion, measuring 48 cms by 48 cms and made of cotton, all cushions come with inners. A must have nautical home accessory.

£14.95 each



Sailing Cushion - DG6561

Sailing Cushion


A Sailing Cushion in traditional shape and measuring 38 cms by 38 cms - made of cotton and delivered with inner fill.  New season line, this Saliing Cusionn is selling well and perfect for a nautically themed room.

£14.95 each



Cotton Nautical Throw Stripey Design - DG2100

Nautical themed bedding throw

Nautical cotton throw

Nautical stripey cotton throw

We have been asked to source quality cotton throws with a slight nautical feel to complement our range of furnishings in our online store. We think these nautical throws in cotton should work with our beach themed offerings and help add a nautical feel to bedrooms, beach huts or a nautical themed living room. These are reversible, come in shades of blue and white and have been woven entirely from soft cotton.

125 x 150 cms

£59 each
£99 for 2




Cotton Throw Reversible Star Design - DG2102

These cotton reversible throws are a quick and easy way to brighten up a dull room. They are reversible and available in two designs, navy and white and grey and white.

125 x 150 cms

£65 each
£120 for 2




Seaside Themed Nautical Cushion

Seaside Themed Nautical Cushion

Seaside Themed Cushion

Seaside Themed Cushion

Perhaps inspired by the beach huts and beautiful coastline of Dorset, we sell these nautical seaside beach cushions individually or discounted when purchasing three of any or mixed design. These seaside themed nautical cushions measure 45cm by 45cm and come with the inner cushion pads. Prettily embroidered and 100% cotton, they all have nautical stripes at the bottom and either "Coast", "Sea" or the attractive row of beach huts at the centre. "Coast" seems to sell best alone and they make for attractive soft furnishing when grouped together. These nautical sea themed cushions make a marvellous addition for a beach style decoration home decor theme or nautical living room. Other items in each picture sold elsewhere on Dorset Gifts. New red glass floats just back in!

£17.50 each
£33 for two
£50 for three