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Resin Coral, Faux Coral and Shells made of Resin

Ever since we started selling natural shells, we have had the environmentally friendly policy of not trading in natural coral in order to protect this endangered product. We do not deal with companies who bribe corrupt officials in the source countries to change manifests to make it appear that the coral is old stock from before restrictions on its sale and movement were introduced.

We do appreciate however that there is a demand for naturally beautiful coral and so we aim to meet this demand by purchasing replica resin coral in designs based on actual coral pieces. These are reasonably priced, convincingly natural looking and can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums unlike real coral which is only suitable for marine aquariums.

When our importer first  displayed our lovely resin faux coral at a West Country trade show he was nearly lynched as it's so beautiful some customers thought it was the real thing. There were a few stand offs and he replaced the word "resin" with "fake" as in that part of the West Country "resin" is a word more popularly associated with a class 2 drug.

This artificial resin coral is extremely lifelike and exceptionally beautiful and we also have the resin clam which looks stunning either way up. It's also a great accompaniment around real seashells and as standalone nautical decor.

This realistic artificial coral is going to be a winner this year for truly unique nautical decor and wedding displays. Endless uses in fact!

We also have resin seashells including clam shells, resin starfish, resin fish and a selection of other resin shells on this page.


Fire Resin Coral - DGL7699

Fire Resin Coral is pictured on the right

Called fire or flame coral and these are big pieces measuring  36 cms high, 32 cms wide and 9 cms deep. Excellent centrepiece  to display seashells or smaller resin corals around.

£24.95 each



Resin Lace Coral - DG7693L

Resin Lace Coral

If you are looking for faux white coral, you'll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful example.

26.5 x 8 x 23 cms

£17.99 each
£35 for 2



Resin Lace Coral - DG7693S

Resin Lace faux coral

This beautiful faux resin coral is so realistic, you won't be able to tell it apart from the real thing.

19 x 7 x 17.5cms

£8.99 each


Resin Brush Coral - DG7696L

Resin Brush Faux  Coral

Resin brush coral is the quintessential coral shape that people usually associate with coral in the ocean. Our resin brush coral will look great in a nautically themed room or in your fishtank with no damage to the fragile eco-system.

30 x 19 x 16cms

£24.99 each
£40 for 2



Resin Brush Coral - DG7696S




15 x 10.5 x 13cms

£12.99 each
£25 for 2




Resin Brush Coral - DGPMP


12.5 x 7.5cms

£10.99 each
£20 for 2



Faux Sea Fruit Coral in Resin - DGL7636

Fruits of the Sea resin coral in a shade of white one of the rarer types of resin coral we have sourced and this is limited in supply. Measures  22 cms across and 17 cms high with a layered look to it. We have an excellent range of artifical sea resin coral, well worth a browse not only for a land lubber but also your tropical fish.

£17.95 each


Resin Clam Shell in White - DGL7635

Resin Clam Shell

Clams are winners in resin and can be displayed as in the main picture or in the gallery picture to your nautical taste. These resin faux clam shells measure 16 cms in width and 11 cms in depth standing at a height of 7 cms. We like these as nautical seashell display amongst real seashells and of course these can be displayed in aquariums and gardens too.  Other larger resin clam shells are for sale on our e commerce site too.

£11.95 each


Tin Seafan Coral - DGS7910

7cms x 35cms x 32cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£29.95 each


Large Fan Sea Coral - DGS7868

9cms x 43cms x 41cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£35 each


Silver Resin Fish and Sealife


Resin Silver Starfish - DG 8805

What's more enchanting than a resin silver starfish  measuring 15 cms in diameter and 4 cms deep. One of these with a lobster?

£7.99 each
£13 for 2



Resin Clam Shell - DG7695

Resin Clam Shell

Resin clamshell

Clam shell made of resin.

31 x 26 x 10cms

£27.95 each
£50 for 2



Resin Sputnik Urchin - DG7639

Probably one of our most picked up items in the shop and pleased to say not dropped too often. You can do what you choose with these although we display with the sputnik empty but you could put some dried flowers in or if your theme is “karma” perhaps pop a few of those incense things and use it as a holder. Not sure, but as we say, plenty of customers notice them! 18 cms diameter across the top and standing 10 cms high. Always carefully packed!

£12.50 each


Large White Resin Starfish - DG7697

Large white resin starfish

These are the largest resin starfish we sell and extremely lifelike – they are quite often purchased alongside our resin coral and measure a healthy 30 cms in diameter. Great nautical décor for inside or outside the house.

£9.95 each



Three Turquoise Resin Starfish - DG8728T

Resin starfish measuring 18 cms across and tied together with a piece of rope. We sell these here in turquoise but look out for our listing of deep blue ones too. These will survive in the garden or in the bathroom as nautically themed decor. Also very popular for nautically themed weddings.



Three Deep Blue Resin Starfish - DG8728B

Listed too in turquoise and of course in the popular deep blue here too and measuring 18 cms across being sold in a bunch of three. Great nautical decor for the home, bathroom or for nautically themed occasions. A realistic colour too.



Resin Cats Paw Coral - DG7694S

Resin Cats Paw Coral


15 x 13 x 7.5cms

£8.99 each
£15 for 2



Resin Cats Paw Coral - DG7694L

Resin Cats Paw Faux  Coral

This resin Cats Paw Coral is proving to be a real winner with people looking for realistic fake coral to decorate a bathroom or nautically themed room. This Cats Paw Coral in resin is one of our best seling fake coral lines and makes a lovely faux coral for aquariums.

24 x 20 x 11cms

£14.99 each
£25 for 2




Silver Resin Fish - DG8802

Our silver resin fish stand upright on their own and are 18 cms long and 13 cms tall with a depth of about 5 cms. Anglers amongst you could perhaps inform us of the species of fish!  He's looking handsome though and with apologies he doesn't have any green sheen, that's the reflection of the trees behind us!  

£12.95 each
£25 for 2