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Nautically themed wall hooks and coat hangers

Beach Hut Coat Hooks - DG43126

These beach hut coat hooks are 38 cms long with 4 hooks in pastel colours - we sell a few beach hut hooks and these have been strong sellers for a few years. At a great price too. £8.99 or 2 for £15

£8.99 each
£15 for 2




Beach Hut Coatrack- DGTY7381

This is a popular variation of our beach hut hook lines has two fixings on the back and painted in the three most popular colours - a pastel green, pink and blue. We sell lots of these In pairs as they measure nearly 40 cms in length and look great as a line of six huts.

26 cms from base to top. 4 cms deep.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Anchor Plaque Key Holder - DG4820


Anchor hook and the hook would work best for your keys. We have some quite lovely key hooks so do explore the page, but our anchor hook at 12 cms by 18 cms look good value for money!

£3.95 each



Wooden Sail Boat Key Plaque - DG4821


A whitewashed wooden hanging plaque with a pretty sailboat and useful hook thereon. Perfect for the boat keys? Measures 9 cms by 6 cms.

£2.95 each



White Whale with Hooks - DG5022

White Whale with Hooks


A unique addition for our nautical hooks and this whitewashed wooden whale looks the part we think.  40 cms long and 22 cms high - let the whale look after your coats!

£18.95 each



Nickel Plated Sailboat Hook - DG1990


These nickel plated sailboat hooks have been robustly made and 3 or 4 in a row would look great - 12 cms long so quite a feature if your coat isn't obscuring this nautical decorative and practical fitting.

£8.95 each



Metal Beach Wallhooks - DG8541

Metal Beach Wallhooks

Silver coloured metal coat hooks spelling out the word 'Beach' and measuring 26 cms by 22 cms. These metal beach wallhooks will bring a touch of class to any hallway or entrance.

£22.50 each
£40 for 2



Sandals Coat Rack - DG7249

Sandals Coat Rack

Sandals Coat Rack

 A different looking coat rack for the beach lover with swimwear....and a coat! 50 cms long and 20 cms in height this Sandals Coat Rack with its coloured flip-flops would look particulalry good in a beach hut.



Wooden Heart Hook Rack - DG6917

Wooden Heart Hook Rack

Our rustic wooden heart rack measures 57 cms across and from the top to the bottom of the hook is 29 cms - a new line and we're expecting plenty of orders shipmates. This wooden heart cut-out coat rack brings a touch of rustic charm.




Wooden Fish Coat Rack - DG7177


Wooden Fish Coat Rack

33 x 14.5 x 9 cm


£12.50 each


Fish Coat Rack - DG7174

Fish Coat Rack

50 x 21.5 x 9.5 cm


£13.50 each


Paddle Key Rack - DG7435

Paddle key rack

Paddle key rack


Our suppliers describe these as paddle coat racks but they're 40 cms long and 7 cms deep so we're going with key racks - everything about these says "keys" and not "coats" but check the size and hang from the paddle what you feel comfortable with. This paddle key rack is certainly a dainty nautical good selling line (for keys).  

£9.95 each
£18 for 2


Quayside Wall Hooks - 43122

Quayside Wall Hooks

A nice bright style and finish to these attractive wooden "one piece" Quayside Wall Hooks. These are a whopping 50cm in length so certainly make an impact and the pretty cottages and fishing boat create a scene that could claim to be several locations around the British Isles. Note the four ladders extending from the Quayside to the water's edge. These nautical wall hooks are a good seller for us and one that will brighten up the entrance to any coastal or nautically themed entrance hall. These look good alongside our "Welcome Aboard" liferings.

50 x 26 x 3cms

£15 each


Rustic Fish Wall Hook - DG15463

Rustic Fish Wall Hook

Rustic Fish Wall Hook

This rustic wooden fish hook with three hooks is hand painted in wood with real shells and nautically styled rope. Rustic sea blue, light blue and white set the theme and the hooks drop 5 cms beneath the wooden fish. Two hooks displayed on the back for hanging.

38 cms long x 18 cms high 

£7.99 each
£15 for 2



Ocean Design Coat Hook

Ocean Design Coat Hook

Ocean Design Coat Hook
Ocean Design Coat Hook


We think these are great colours on our unique wooden hand painted "Ocean" coat hooks - 3 strong sturdy hooks and the pictures show you the fittings on the back too. We like the yellow and blue background over the fish, which gives the fitting a nautical beach theme. These Ocean design coat hooks are 50 centimetres long and 23 centimetres from the top to the bottom of the hook. They're definitely spoiled with coats on!

£20.00 each
£38 for 2


Triple Lifering Coat Hook

Triple Lifering Coat Hook

Triple Lifering Coat Hook


In rustic blue and white, these lifering coat hooks are part of a range of rustic blue and white nautical home decoration lines you can browse and view throughout our site. These triple lifering coathooks look great in a beach style bedroom. Hang that hat!

50cms long x 14 cms high x 3cms deep

£14.99 each
£28 for 2


Rustic Blue Lifering Hook - DGZY60

Individual lifering hooks which measure approximately 11 cms in diameter and the rope at the top is the means to hang this from the wall. Nice adaptable feature and we tend to hear of customers using these above each other and hung from the wall for smaller or permanent items. Our triple lifering hooks are great seaside decor too. If you buy two of our triple lifering hooks (above) we’ll add two of these ones free, but only if you add a request when checking out.

£2.95 each
£5 for 2


Wooden Boat Shelf with Hooks - DG7409

Wooden Boat Shelf with Hooks

Wooden Boat Shelf with Hooks

Wooden Boat Shelf With Hooks

This wooden boat style shelf with hooks is a very popular item both online and in the shop. It looks great in any nautically themed hallway or kitchen. One of our recommended lines but tricky to photograph! These shelves have 4 hooks and measure 63 cms in length with the depth of approximately 38 cms so a dual purpose boat for storing and hanging! Not deep or long enough to interfere with the hallway and we have had customers placing one of these above the other, so a small discount for two. Makes a great boat shelf for toiletries in a nauitcal bathroom.

63 x 43 x 38 cm

£26.50 each
£49.00 for 2





Set of Three Fishing Boat Hooks - DG 15136

Set of Three Fishing Boat Hooks


We have been asked to source sets of fishing boat hooks and these three colours have been the most popular sellers in the shop, hence now available as a set of three for under £10. From the top of the mast to the bottom of the hook, these measure 16cms and have been hand painted in three lovely shades of red, yellow and blue. Each comes with a wall fastener on the back.

£9.95 for set of three OUT OF STOCK