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Large Seashell Information

We buy large seashells from the two most reputable shell suppliers in the UK and are probably now their biggest clients. All our giant seashells for sale come with ecological certification and are sustainable. Scroll through our listings and it won't take you long to realise that most of these shells have been partially eaten first. And that's the way we want to keep it. Our best selling starfish are washed ashore and our children understand the importance of preservation as well as we do. Charitable donations through our shops are weighted towards the RNLI and marine conservation. We only sell online a small proportion of the large seashells we sell in our shops, so if we're too far to pop down and visit, please call Jamie on 01202 285163 or email at if you can't find what you're after but you know it's out there and want to purchase from a reputable shell supplier. We have large corporate accounts and frequently sell our shells wholesale to wedding parties, interior designers and high end shops for use in window displays. We also specialise in giving good prices for seahsells in bulk. As market leaders we promise to see you right with the best value shells and lowest price in the UK for shells!!!!


Frog Shell - Bursa Bulba

Frog Shell

Frog Shell - Bursa Bulba

Frog Shell - Bursa Bulba

Bursa Bulba Large Shell

The Frog Shell or Bursa Bulba is a relative of the trumpet triton but thicker and heavier. Frog Shells live in warm waters beneath the coral where they happily feed on marine worms. You'd be lucky to see a frog shell though as they blend in to their surroundings to become virtually invisible to the naked or marine worm eye! Why frogshell? Well, the chestnut and mid brown patterns on the shells do resemble the skin of some frogs. We find the mimimum 23 centimetere frog shell size the most popular for display purposes although we will happily quote you for larger sizes at . These really are one of the ocean's most beautiful creations and will look stunning in any room of your home.

Minimum 23cms

£25.00 each
£40.00 for 2

Also available in the smaller size of 15 to 20 cms

£14.95 each
£28 for 2


Murex Ramosus Sea Shell

Murex Ramosus Large Shell

Murex Ramosus sea shells are abundant in Indo Pacific Seas and are the "whitest" shells we sell and hence popular as features on wedding tables. The large size makes the Murex Ramosus certainly big enough to hold a tea light in the middle of the pink lip. The Murex Ramosos is also probably the shell we all remember most from seaside shell shops we would browse in as children. These are not completely white and have a pink colouring around the lip. Most murex are predatory tropical sea snails living amongst rocks and corals. In ancient times a purple dye was extracted from the snail's glands and used to colour royal robes. There are hundreds of species of murex but our ramosus shells remain the most sought after and we are offering these in two large sizes as well as a smaller version on our "shells" page.

Murex Ramosus 20 to 25 cms £19.50
Murex Ramosus 15 to 20 cms £9.50


Melon Shell or Indian Volute - DGSH61

Decorative Melon Shell - Indian Volute

Indian Volute Large Melon Shell

Melon Shells or Indian Volutes are mostly from South East Asia and are often collected for food by local fishermen, although these melon shells do also produce pearls. The fishermen will use these large melon shells for bailing water from their boats too. The decorative melon shells can be very large shells and the colourings are striking ranging from pale orange to a light yellow in parts, with the contrasting brown markings. These certainly stand out in any shell collection or display and are one of our most popular lines with customers looking for seashell gift ideas.

24 cms

£24.95 each
£40 for 2

These melon shells are also available at 15 to 18 cms size

£5.99 each
£10 for 2


Voluta Nobilis 15 to 18 cms - DG4354

Voluta Nobilis Shell

Voluta Nobilis

Voluta Nobilis

These charming hand picked voluta nobilis shells have beautiful shades of brown, tan and cream. They have an exceptional feel to them and nice weight making great stand alone decor. The Voluta Nobilis is a nice sized shell which warrants a pitch on the "large shell" page and one we hightly recommend.

£9.99 each
£16 for 2



Voluta Nobilis 13 to 15 cms

This shell is also available in a smaller size of 13 to 15 cms (5 to 6 inches).

£4.99 each
£9 for 2


Polished Mexican Trocha Shell 10 to 13 cms - DG4065

Mexican Trocha Shell

Beautifully polished and carefully selected Mexican Trocha shells. We like to add "carefully selected" as you will no doubt be aware that shell colours, shape and quality varies. We pick our own shells when they arrive here in the UK and we pick the best then leave the rest. The rest turn up on other websites at higher prices. If we see seashells as good as ours for sale elsewhere we do normally give our suppliers a hard time and can verify this by pictures we have on file of their countenance after we have visited them. But back to Mexican Trochas, which are also known as Astrea Undosa. They have a lightly polished finish and great texture and can be found in Mexican waters and along the Californian coast. Grab one!

£8.99 each
£15 for 2


Lambis Chiragra - minimum 7 inches

Lambis Chiragra Large Shell

Lambis Chiragra Large Shell

Lambis Chiragra Large Shell

These Lambis Chiragra shells are popular with collectors and make great decorations around the home. They are shallow water nautical shells which feed off coral reefs in Indo Pacific waters and the flesh from the Lambis Chiragra snail is edible and used for food. They're aso known as spider conchs and interestingly the female has two shoulder "fingers" which are larger than the others while all the male "fingers" are about the same size. We don't take orders for male or females but we do take orders for one or two. The Lambis Chiragra is great as a shell decoration in a coastal design home or as shop window display props.

£8.99 each
£15 for 2


Green Turbo Borghese DG4067

These are also known as turban shells, because we are told they are the shape of turbans, and because the Latin genus is "turbo" which in Latin means "spinning top"!  There you have it, it's complicated is this shell naming process and always a good excuse for occasionally sending out the wrong items. Found in shallow and deep waters pretty much the world over but most common between the Polar and tropical regions. Green's a very popular colour this year, it will be next year too!

8 to 9 cms - £8.99 each
9 to 10 cms - £12.99 each


Gold Turbo Borghese DG4067G

It rained when we wanted to take this picture of our stunning gold turbo borghese seashell. A very unusual look and if you're interested, this one was kept dry by being placed inside the lip of a specimen trumpet triton. Fantastic seashells and we only have a limited quantity - not one for your average shell shop and they'll make a special present to be kept for life. The shiny colour makes them very eye-catching and these make great shop window display props.

7 to 8 cms

£8.99 each
£15 for 2



Syrinx Auranus (Australian Trumpet Sea Shell) 45 - 50 cms

Syrinx Auranus - Australian Trumpet Shell

Syrinx Auranus - Australian Trumpet Shell

The Syrinx Auranus is found in Northern Australian shallow waters, these range in colour from pale to bright yellow. They are also known as the Australian Trumpet Shell and are one of the largest shells you can find. My friend and shell guru, who has many a tale to tell about the use of seashells, tells me that the Aborigines used these giant shells for carrying water. He does a very good impersonation, and holds the thin end of the shell with its spiral body resting on his shoulder and walks around the warehouse shouting "drink, drink!" The huge lip of the Syrinx Auranus shell, which once would have held a huge meaty gastropod could certainly hold a pint or two of drink. All that aside, these large seashells are beautiful for nautical shell decoration or coastal interior designand are one of our most popular lines with customers looking for seashell gift ideas.

£85 each


The Syrinx Auranus is also available in a smaller size, 35 cms and up.

Available at a special price.

£39 each
£75 for 2


Left Handed Whelk - DG 4182 - 23 to 25 cms

Left Handed Whelk

Left Handed Whelk

Worldwide shells. The question is who would you fear most, an Aborigine with a heavy Australian trumpet shell on his shoulder or an Indian using a left handed whelk as his primary weapon? These left handed whelk shells are rare in India and considered sacred so he probably wouldn’t throw it at you. Not one of ours anyway, as they’re far too good quality. Left handed whelks have been around for 60 million years. They can grow up to a foot in length and had many other uses in the Indian subcontinent, where they’d be eaten and used as lamps too. A nice shell to look at and an interesting one to talk about too. Can be displayed sideways or standing up. These Left-handed Whelks make ideal window display shells or shell decoration.

£27.50 each




Orange Melongena - DG8693

Orange Melongena

Orange Melongena Shell

These beautiful lightly polished Orange Melongena shells are not orange but the brown pattern does try to trick the eye - beautiful unusual feature shell approximately 4 inches long.

£7.99 each




Bullmouth Helmet - Cameo Sea Shell

Bullmouth Helmet

Bullmouth Helmet - Cameo Sea Shell

Bullmouth Helmet  Large Shell

Bullmouth Helmet

Our picture shows these beautifully thick large bulmouth helmet seashells lying "lip down" and also "lip facing". The jury's out with us as to how these display best - we probably prefer the large broad lip showing as you get the contrast of the rustic reddish brown around the lip against the more subtle chestnut browns and lighter colours on the main body of the shell. The Bullmouth Helmet Cameo shell is another Indo Pacific shell which is also referred to as a red helmet. If you are looking for a great shell decoration or display shell the Bullmouth Helmet fits the bill..

5 to 6 inches

£9.99 each
£18 for 2



Voluta Shell with Dolphin

Voluta Shell with Dolphin

These polished voluta nobilis have a light carving of  dolphins on the outside of the seashell making them very decorative and a great gift. The carving is on the back of the seashell so it can also be displayed with the opening showing and the dolphin hidden on the back. Quite unique!

Minimum 4 inches

£5.99 each
£10 for 2


Nautilus Shell - Natural

Nautilus Natural  Large Shell

Nautilus Natural

Nautilus shell natural


The Nautilus shell is from the Nautilidae family and a distant relative of the Octopus, you're looking at one of the Ocean's most fascinating shells which hasn't changed very much in 450 million years. The Nautilus Shell is a smooth perfectly proportioned shell which has fascinated scientists for centuries and is found living in colonies in Indo-Pacific waters. You're unlikely to ever witness a Nautilus Shell on a "swim through" as they inhabit depths of between 100 and 300 metres, usually feeding off shrimp and small fish on the deep slopes of coral reefs. The nautilus shell is a symbol of beauty and certainly the most majestic of shells which are considered "living fossils". A nautilus can live up to 20 years. A large shell you will keep forever and these nautilus shells make perfect shell gifts. We hold several of these in stock at any one time and will always hand pick the best from our collection. If you require prior images or larger Nautilus Natural shells please email us at

18 to 20cms

£32.50 each
£60.00 for 2

We currently have a limited supply of smaller natural nautilus shells.

Minimum 13 cms

Price £23.50 each

Natural Nautilus minimum 15 cms

Price £28.50 each


Nautilus Shell - Pearlized

Nautilus shell - Pearlized Large Shell

Nautilus shell - Pearlized Large Shell

Nautilus - Pearlized

Pearlized Nautilus shell

Our wonderful Nautilus shells are described in detail above and these pearlized Nautilus shells have had their outer layer removed to show the "mother of pearl" inner layer. Nautilus is from the Greek word for "sailor" and these pearlised nautilus shells are so perfectly proportioned that they have become symbols of symmetry.

15 centimetres minimum

£33.50 each
£60 for 2

We have a limited supply of smaller pearlized nautilus shells.

Minimum 13 cms

Price £26.50 each


Queen Helmet

Queen Helmet Large Shell

Queen Helmet Large Shell

Queen Helmet Large Shell

Our large Queen Helmet shells (or more technically Cassis Cornuta) measure 9 to 10 inches in height or length depending which way you wish to display them. We're beginning to see these Queen Helmet Shells placed "lip down" as this really shows the beautiful colours on the back of the shell although as a feature shell we think they're at their best standing at full height, as photographed in our main image. The Queen Helmet shell you purchase will be picked by hand as the best one in its' size from our current collection. If you require pictures before purchasing we can forward these to you but rest assured it will be handpicked as the best on the shelf! We do have larger shells in stock so please email us at if you require an even bigger feauture shell. Our price, as always, will be market leading!

9 to 10 inches high

£29 each
£50 for 2

Also available in a smaller size, 10 to 15 cms, 4 to 6 inches

£9.99 each
£18 for 2


Giant Spider Conch

Giant Spider Conch

Giant Spider Conch  Large Shell

The Giant Spider Conch is more infamously known as Lambis Truncata and sometimes referred to as the 7 finger shell, although they don't always have seven fingers, but always more than two fingers, to make it a sea themed decoration you can feel comfortable displaying! These Giant Spider Conch Shells are a whopping 25 to 30 centimetres and larger ones always available on request at . You can create a great feature with one this size though and these large sea snail shells have always been a top selling line in our shop. They look good with a few of the smaller lambis chiraga scattered around them and these can be seen on our other shell page. A wonderful feature or collectible shell!

25 to 30cms

Reduced from £25 to £14.95

£14.95 each
£25 for 2


Large Trumpet Triton

Large Trumpet Triton

Trumpet Triton Large Shell

Trumpet Triton

Trumpet Triton

Trumpet Triton

Trumpet Triton

Tritons - named after the Greek God Triton who was the son of Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Trumpet Tritons can grow as large as 20 inches although a 12 to 14 inch specimen is a very impressive size for these shells, to be found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide. Adult trumpet tritons are predators and will feed off molluscs as well as starfish, including the "crown of thorns starfish" which is poisonous and known to proliferate and destroy coral reef. We feel we have provided enough information for you to buy one of these Large Trumpet Tritons for use as a dinner party conversation piece and then present it to the most beautiful or interesting woman (or man) at the table! Suffice to say, these probably are the most spectacular and sought after large shells you can buy and you can email us for a best price on even larger Trumpet Tritons at . We can also supply images of the exact Trumpet Triton we will send, if you so wish. We believe these tritons could also become restricted over the next few years in which case the price is likely to go up. Go on! one of the world's most beautiful shells.

30 to 35 cms long

£69 each
£120 for 2


Pearlized Troca - DGSH54

Pearlized Troca Shell

Pearlized Troca Large Shell

These are stunning larger specimens of our pearlized trocas and really are the most beautiful shells. A stand alone feature shell the pearlized trocha will create an amazing display with smaller pearlized trocas (on our shells page) or with sputnik urchins.


£20.00 each
£35.00 for 2


Polished River Mussel Shell - DGSH58

Polished River Mussel Shell

These paired and polished river mussel shells are stunning bathroom features - light, smooth and perfect for any colour theme at home as they quite simply have a silvery shine to them and are a great size to display on their own or with smaller mussel shells or pearlised trochas.

16 to 18cms

£6.99 each
£10 for 2


Abalone Shells 15cms and up - QT4070

Abalone Shells

These abalone shells are also known as ear shells and of oval shape with an iridescent inside surface. These strong abalone shells are mainly found in the cold waters of the Southern Hemisphere and will enliven your bathroom, making a superb soap dish or "stand alone" decoration.

£6.99 each
£12 for 2

Please e-mail for bulk discounts



Seashell Hire

Do you have a nautical / sea themed event or wedding coming up soon? We offer a seashell hire service where, if your order is likely to be in excess of £400, we can quote a weekly hire rate which  will make a superb seashell display affordable.

We have dealt with many events companies and wedding organisers over the years and see the trends before each wedding season. We stock up on the best lines but can offer great advice and an enticing hire rate if you need seashells in bulk.

Please email Jamie or Lisa on or send a text to 07711 247762 for rates on large packs of seashells or advice on nautical event themes. Seashell hire is strictly limited to retail value of £400 and terms and conditions apply.